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  1. GrandDukeofKumquats

    [MOC] Hogwarts Castle: The Clock Tower

    Whoah. so much detail! I'll never have the budget or skill to do something even close to this. Hats off to you.
  2. There was also only 2 sets in that wave. With 3 sets, this wave would have a better chance of getting the movie's "secondary suit".
  3. Depends on if there's anything else you want to get, LEGO or otherwise. If you have other sources of income, you could save up with that. But if that isn't an option, and you want nothing else, go for it.
  4. GrandDukeofKumquats

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    First rule of leak club: Do not tell anyone about leak club. Second rule of leak club: Do not tell anyone about leak club. Third rule of leak club: Do not elaborate on leaked info until closer to the release date. It creates a hype cycle, and annoys people with no patience.
  5. GrandDukeofKumquats

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    So basically, if anyone complains about people purchasing these pre-release... Blame Canada.
  6. What if they are the villains we were thinking of, but they stole the team name of those other guys? I read a few articles, and the cast members say nothing beyond vague descriptions. The rest seems to be speculation.
  7. Also, Mysterio. SQUEEEEEEEE!!!! Sounds cool.
  8. Whoops. In my defence, Brickset treats it like a different part, and with the new print it is kinda hard to see the connection. Also, the butter knife was a new part? Now that was a waste. Thanos would be the most sensible decision. He's the big bad of the MCU, he needs new parts sorely, and no other characters in Endgame need new moulds as much. Aside from Thanos, the only new moulds I could see are a new mask/hood for Ronin, a new helmet for Rescue (depending on how different she and Iron Man are), maybe new hair for Captain Marvel's masked variant and maybe a revamped Rocket head with no shoulders. Although some unseen characters could need plenty of new moulds (please be alive Korg, pleaaaase).
  9. Warning: Speculation imminent. I do honestly think that this wave will be better that IW's. I looked through the IW wave, and I counted 7 new parts: the 4-arm neck bracket, Groot's head, Dr Strange's hairpiece, Proxima's hairpiece, Cull Obsidian, the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Stones. While all of those parts were nice, it also stole slots from other potential parts and prints. If this wave follows a similar template, it should be a lot easier part/budget-wise. All existing characters have the parts available to make them work. Cap and Iron Man should follow the template of their previous figs, Pepper's rescue armour could use recoloured Iron Man parts, Ant-Man could use his older body with the Firefly helmet, Hulk can just use his MCU body in new colours, Ronin would be made of regular printed minifig parts with a hood, and the Quantum Realm variants could have torso/legs that are uniform across all figs. The only exception would be Thanos, who I feel needs new parts. As for other parts, the Gauntlet and Stones already exist, so those can just be reused for a new Thanos figure. So for the Endgame wave, I think the budget will be more evenly spread out.
  10. GrandDukeofKumquats

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    This Green Lantern looks really cool, if a bit specific. I'd pick it up if it's a CMF.
  11. GrandDukeofKumquats

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Since they're shape shifters, I wouldn't be surprised if they also did variants in the middle of changing form, or maybe ones with more exaggerated features too!
  12. GrandDukeofKumquats

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    I saw some other images, and it seems like the cockpit rotates. If so, that is seriously cool.
  13. With the Juniors branding, the sets were marketed as seperate from other themes, with the huge logo in the top left corner, and the theme it's based on in the bottom right. With this new branding, they are advertised as part of the theme, and the logo is less obvious and easier to ignore.
  14. I agree with and love this entire response. Even if we are disappointed sometimes, with the amazing quality of LEGO as it is, nothing is really bad. The worst thing that a modern LEGO set can be is a glorified parts pack, and if we don't like something, it doesn't mean that someone else thinks the same. Besides, we can always go out of our way to improve it. There are those, and these sets have neat figs sometimes, but Bricklink isn't really an option for me. Honestly, it's not the parts that bugged me, but the branding. For the target audience, it works, but for older buyers, it makes them (well, me) feel strange buying the set. For that, I've only gotten 2 Juniors sets: the Mater set (because it was the last one in store, on clearance and I had no other Cars sets) and the Elastigirl rooftop chase (because the build actually looked pretty normal for Juniors, and the fact that its Incredibles). With the 4+ brand, the sets are part of the themes they're based on, turning the sets from "kiddy version of (insert theme)", to "(insert theme) but with young-kid-friendly builds" without changing the style or spirit in the slightest.
  15. The way I see it, there are no bad minifigures. Only inaccurate, under-detailed ones. Even if details are left off, they are still playable, customizable and designed in a way that isn't truly ugly. This Captain Marvel is bland, but it's only really missing boots and nothing else important is left off. We may deserve better, but imagine living in a world where all LEGO made were Galidor sets, or they ended up bankrupt, and sold their assets to MEGABLOX. We can complain, but in the end, we're lucky to have LEGO Marvel. But the Juniors theme also had huge, overly specific pieces that could barely be reused outside the context provided. It was never for us.