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  1. Hello. Just got a bunch of Mars Mission Sets. Checking to see if anyone want to discuss the sets, moc's, thoughts, whatever. Had a alternate thread but was more galaxy squad vs Mars Mission. Realize this is a older theme so not sure AFOL interests. Wish we had an current theme but what are you gona do?
  2. LegoDW

    [MOC] [WIP] Doom train for Spooktober 2022

    You know, you should put this on Lego Ideas. Think a lot of AFOL would like something like this. Not sure where you are on piece count, but adding 2 coaches/cars would be a nice touch. One could be a simple flat car (low piece count) with some scary mini figs.
  3. LegoDW

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Feel TLG has offered us a good starting point with this years offering. Plan on adding a little more depth to the buildings to expand the interior scenes. Did this with the train station, added to the coffee shop area...came out well. Hopefully can add a color sensor and powered up hub to the tram, sensor allows for automation. Glad TLG kept pricing at $100 US.
  4. LegoDW

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I hope its a good set this year. Penguin colony with snowmen?
  5. Little late on this tread but here are a few thoughts Add to your collection slowly, get sets you like, whatever your favorite set is today TLG will offer something better in the future. Don't overpay for old sets, avoid resellers whenever possible, get your spouse interested in an alternate expensive hobby so your not alone, start looking for good places to hide Lego this stuff piles up quickly. Avoid that yard sale $5 baggie of used bricks you will never use them, invest in a good storage system for these bricks as you didn't take this advice (no one does). Welcome to the hobby.
  6. My Lego store has a box by the checkout for discounted sets. Mostly damaged boxes and such. Have seen discontinued sets in there also.
  7. LegoDW

    New Hogwarts Express

    Set is $500 US so bar is set fairly high. Like the overall look of the set. Engine looks great. Tender larger then expected. Passenger car (coach) good. Would look better with a second passenger car. Station build looks not too complex, easy to expand. Seams like a large brick count for the track and ballast. Hard to get used to a 10 wide train, is that close to actual "G" scale? Overall looks good, think I am going to pass as not sure will work for my city layout. Will be fun to watch AFOLs motorize this and run in their cities. Maybe they will change my mind ;).
  8. LegoDW

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    Nothing is more frustrating then waiting for the cool GWP set to finally be available, going on line or to the store on day one and its sold out. What a bummer! It would be nice if TLG would allow VIP's who missed the GWP during the defined dates of its offering to be sent the set at a later date. I would be ok if if they mandated the VIP had to purchase an additional $35 worth of product for free shipping on the GWP (both shipped at a later date). I would even be ok if the set came in a plan box (if they ran out of boxes....they never run out of bricks). That way everybody wins.
  9. LegoDW

    A New Smoke (Steam) Generator

    I was just about to suggest adding coloring to your water supply to aid in seeing the smoke effect, after watching your video see you have already thought of this. Adding sound and steam effects into your build is a great effort and your results look fantastic. Very well done!
  10. LegoDW

    [MOC][IDEAS 5k] Zoo

    Very happy your moc is going so well. Glad others can see all the work you put into this. Clearing a space out now in my city as sure you'll hit 10K in no time and will be selected!
  11. Agree with you, like JANG's older videos better. That said, the AFOL community must like his new stuff better as he is still making a living at it. Aware he does a have a dedicated channel for MOC's and his city layout but rarely does he provide updates. Again, as this is his means for a making a living the community as a whole must not be that interested in these.
  12. LegoDW

    Building a small modular railroad layout

    Ok, as you are planning on adding buildings (assuming roads also) think MISL plates are your best option. Have concerns your wood MDF will eventually warp. Aware MILS will be expensive, but think you will like the flexibly of this option. , I
  13. LegoDW

    Building a small modular railroad layout

    See your issue, 36 to 40 MILS plates would be expensive. Also to get adhesion to your MDF would need to permanently mount your base places. You mentioned wanting to add buildings also. If it were me, think I would abandon ballasting the tracks and just set them directly on the floor. Would start build buildings on your baseplates that would accommodate track on them or on the floor. You would need a bookcase for shelf to store your baseplates with buildings, move them to the floor when you wanted to play with your trains. Really hard to have a non permanent layout. Lego track are great for setting up on the floor, playing with them for a bit, and then putting everything way. What you have done does look great!
  14. LegoDW

    [IDEAS] Railroad Signal Box [need support]

    Supported! Hope they pick it, would look good on my railroad.
  15. LegoDW

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Recall some Lego box art detailing a swing ride in the back ground. Don't recall which set it was used on (think a few years back). Hope we get one someday.
  16. LegoDW

    Boutique Hotel Mod

    Are the curved flesh colored pieced available? I did something similar and had to use lt gray. Checked on B&P and couldn't find any flesh colored bricks. Your Moc looks good. Suggest you complete the roof railing on all 4 sides. That is what I am planning.
  17. LegoDW

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yes, the 3rd floor is a brick shorter then the 2nd which is shorter then the ground floor. I believe it was designed this way to give prospective. I plan on adding another brick to the height of the 3rd floor, don't like the doors coming right the the tiles, need another brick between them to look right in my opinion. Overall like the set, not a fan of the new the flesh colored bricks. Sure it will grow on me after a while.
  18. LegoDW

    Illuminated MOD of the Lego 10297 Boutique Hotel

    Finished the build. Overall like the set much better. Do plan on adding one more brick in height for the 3rd floor to match the 2nd. Also will be adding some more detail to the roof, the Dome looks great, the snake railing needs a little bit more. Having fun deciding where to place in my city. Changing it around till I find its new home.
  19. LegoDW

    Illuminated MOD of the Lego 10297 Boutique Hotel

    I have completed the ground and second floors. Still trying to get used to the flesh color bricks. Glad they did something different for this Modular, kind of wish they went with a different new color thou. Looking forward to building the third floor and roof. Sand Green is a great color and glad part of this build. The second dome looks great on your moc!
  20. LegoDW

    [MOC][IDEAS 5k] Zoo

    Not sure how close you are to 4000 pieces, if not over suggest you list on Lego Ideas. Feel this would get a lot of support and typically TLG does not offer zoo's so good chance they would select this set.
  21. LegoDW

    Illuminated MOD of the Lego 10297 Boutique Hotel

    Just watched your video on this MOC. It looks great. Wish TLG has done something similar, 1.5 baseplates for the 15 year anniversary set. Sure you had a lot of left over nugget and sand green bricks, are you going to make a second building moc from them?
  22. LegoDW

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Was expecting the Lego store GWP 40258 to be offered 1/1/22. See no store calendar for Jan 2022 also. Must be a lack of supply thing. Hope they still offer it sometime this year in the US.
  23. LegoDW

    Sets to start with robotics?

    Sounds like a good project. Post some pictures when you are done. I have only used a Raspberry pi for controlling LED pixels, RGB. No experience with motion control.
  24. Cool idea, will have to check it out.
  25. LegoDW

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yes December gwp were a little light. I did like the Santa's front yard, IMO would have preferred a new molded Reindeer. It would go with the one from the Elf House set (I own) better. Can order a few from Lego Replacement Pieces