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  1. Just in time to see it. That didnt look right. Hope it's a fake.
  2. And they list the D11 at €349 instead of €449
  3. Damn, I actually bought mine on may 31st. I guess no free set for me :-(
  4. sales are live in Europe
  5. now also on the lego store:
  6. Actually now I see that Dimaks already posted a rumour like this almost 2 weeks ago.
  7. found the 42111 on presale. It is named "The fast and the Furious" and comes out in may 2020.
  8. are the prizes offered in this Mindstorms contest maybe a sign for things to come to Control+? Voice control would be kinda cool...
  9. Found this on youtube. It has a whopping 100 cilinder pieces to dig up.
  10. Cool, I will see it IRL. Very nice design sir!
  11. Keep in mind that those prices are excluding taxes. Including taxes it's more than the Lego price. Delivery dates are odd though...
  12. Absolute awesomeness! How many parts did you use? And do you consider making instructions?
  13. Yup, it is. And I stand corrected. Dark Yellow is what they called it, if I am not mistaken. Is it? I happen to be building the 42096 Porsche today an I noticed that the yellow of the cilinder heads an crank shaft end pieces are a darker yellow than normally. Might it be the same as the "new" technic color?
  14. Snorrowitz

    Reversing gearbox

    Maybe you can get some inspiration from the system JKBrickworks demonstrates in this video:
  15. I seriously thought someone was trying to pull an April fools joke, but this piece is actually for sale....
  16. It seems pretty obvious to me that one hub in the superstructure controls the 3 articulations of the arm (3 pairs of XL LAs) and the opening of the bucket (1 pair of small LAs). The second hub is most likely to be in the undercarriage driving the 2 tracks and for slewing. Since Lego has never done a subtracter And subtracters are difficult to execute I suspect direct drive (or with some reduction) on the tracks.
  17. Trying to read about the 42100, but it seems that most of this topic is about the Control+ system. Maybe it's time for a dedicated control+ topic?
  18. Got this baby for Christmas and although it is an awesome set I think it needs improvement. My plans with this model are as follows: Fully motorize all functions: Drive, of course keep the 4WD 3 mode steering outriggers: ultimately 2 stages, lets how we can get this done super structure rotation boom height boom length winch Add a three stage boom Increased range for the boom metal hook independed suspension Claas tires I started by motorizing the super structure and enhancing the boom with an Efferman inspired 3 stage boom. I realize I'm not the first one to have done this, but I didn't see it on this forum yet. The boom is now 6 panels long. I'm not shure if it is maybe one panel too long. It seems that some real life cranes have similar proportions. This is what it looks like in transport mode: And fully erect: I was happily surprised that the LA's were able to lift this super heavy boom (albeit only in retracted state). Due to the limited range of the LA's the maximum height is now 120cm. I'm planning on using the Firgelli actuators to increase the range. Next year we may possibly do this with the new long LA's from the 42100. This should get the hook up to 150cm. Also note that the hook is modified with the metal hook. There are now 4 large motors in the super structure that which are powered by a Buwizz unit. Making this part RC was surprisingly easy. Removing the gear boxes gives plenty of room for the motors and Buwizz. the 3th motor is vertically placed right behind the Buwizz, directly underneath the worm gear, while the 4th motor is deeper inside. I'll continue modding this set, starting with the Firgelli actuators. I feel than the easy part is done. Motorizing and adding suspension to the under carriage will need a lot more modding. I feel the under carriage. Will also need to have some improved stiffness, since it is bending quite a lot already. I'm wondering if more people are modding this model. Ideas and input are very welcome. To be continued....
  19. Wait, this massive crane is under 4000 Pieces? Why can't TLG create something this epic, with that amount of parts?
  20. I had the absolute pleasure to see this monster of a build in real life and in action today! What a supurb machine. The photos on this forum do it no justice. This thing is absolutely massive and looks awesome! Keep up the good work!
  21. Anyone by any change working on a new version with a compact gearbox with the new Chiron orange wave selector?