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  1. I was thinking about a thread a while back talking about how this website/forum could be improved, and it got me thinking about the name - Eurobricks. Does anyone know why it's called Eurobricks? Do people from outside Europe ever think this sounds off-putting for you, like it's not meant for you or something? Like, if I saw a new website called Americanbricks, I might think twice about joining in with that site. Lastly; if you could change the name, what would you pick?
  2. Hi, with Lego revealing the Disney CMF series 2 the other day, what do you all think about the minifigure below and could that be our lot for Castle this year? The accessories are of interest to me, so I'll be stocking up on those.
  3. leafan

    Wolfpack MOCs?

    Your pack brothers hear you! Check this out:
  4. Welcome Destier! You may recognise me as AdmiralCuriousDog from Ideas. I'm glad that you've taken my suggestion to come here. I've been thinking on how we can build up and coalesce the Historical fans, and I think that asking talented moccers like yourself, as well as supporting YouTube channels like @Marghals Bricks of Imagination channel will really help to make our voices heard. Not just with Castle either, but other overlooked themes like Pirates, too. BTW this post was turned into the Ideas support thread after I posted about your Brachiosaurus, so hopefully you've gained at least some support from here.
  5. EDIT: I have turned this topic into a place where we, as Historical fans, can efficiently gather and support projects in these themes in Lego Ideas; so please feel free to add any that you find and I will amend this original post. If you like any of the projects listed, please consider supporting them over on Lego Ideas. Have you all seen these? Thoughts? Ending Soon (URGENT VOTES NEEDED): Keyhole Castle by PeterPanMann. Medieval House by oms5134. Nearly There (Needs more votes): Medieval Blacksmith by Namirob. Aging Entries (Needs a boost): Black Falcon's Fortress by @Mark of Falworth. Medieval Inn by DominikQN. Medieval Village - Road Construction by oms5134 Olivia’s Get-Away by PeetersKevin @Perterz The Knights' Expedition by papat08. The Sheriff of Nottingham by Snowboarder68. Robin Hood and his Merry Men by Snowboarder68. Nordic Homestead by SirValiantDog. The Tower by Witz Bricks. New Entries: Trolls's Siege Brachiosaurus by Destier. I love it myself. Looks like the same guy has also done a couple of smaller Castle/Dino sets: Trolls's Assault Triceratops by Destier. Trolls's Warchief Raptor Rider by Destier. Medieval Castle by mmathews2197. Classic Castle by DERBOOR. Medieval Market Street by TheLordOfBricks. Medieval Knight House by Namirob.
  6. Here's a nice set to build out the Vikings theme... Nordic Homestead by SirValiantDog: And also, The Tower by Witz Bricks:
  7. According to the following, Lego will be releasing some Overwatch sets in future. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180522005658/en/ What do you think? Blizzard Entertainment, who own Overwatch, also own World of Warcraft and I have been wanting WoW Lego for a long time.
  8. Hi, I saw this article over on Brickfanatics yesterday about a press release stating that Lego would release a Batman 80th Anniversary set to celebrate. I couldn't see a topic already covering this but apologies if it's already common knowledge. Here's the quote from the Warner Bros press release source: “Global partners such as LEGO, Mattel and Funko will release exclusive Batman 80th anniversary products throughout the year.”
  9. Hi all, due to the good reception that I got from my Castle/Historical Ideas support thread, I've decided to maintain one for Pirates too. The idea is that this thread can be a place to come to find out about current Lego Ideas entries and give them our support in an efficient manner, from the community that loves Pirates the most. Ending Soon (URGENT VOTES NEEDED): Pirate Hideout by nohancut. Soldiers Outpost by Brickboy8102. Frigate by szandrisx. Imperial Mastership by pick0212. Pirate's Island by Campistron1984. Imperial Mastership by pick0212. Nearly There (Needs more votes): None yet - Please help get the others there. I will update as things change. Aging Entries (Needs a boost): Black Water Lily by Staslegomaster. Royal Flag Ship by DarthYin. Caribbean Clipper by Babyteeth. Soldiers Outpost by Spinx125. The Poseidon's Glory by javierlegos82. Spanish Galleon Warship by Babyteeth. New Entries:  Imperial Outpost by nohancut. Pirate Barque by Sebeus.
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    Lego Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    There's a new ship on the sea's o'Lego maties. Y'arrr. Pirate Barque by Sebeus:
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    Hi, I´m new here

    Welcome to Eurobricks, and back to Lego.
  12. leafan

    I am Back!! :)

    Welcome back, and nice to e-meet you.
  13. Hi, I wondered if any of you had seen this article from 21st February 2019 over on the Mirror website: "Lego washes up on UK beach 20 years after 5million pieces spill from cargo ship" Apparently, Tracey Williams, who regularly collects the Lego, has a Facebook Group on the subject, called Lego Lost at Sea. Also, here's their Twitter account. I thought it was an interesting article and made me want to go down to Cornwall to hunt for lost Lego Castle parts. They must be saved!
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    Lego Is Washed Up

    Naturally. Interesting non-the-less.
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    Batman 80th Anniversary set

    There's a little speculation in the article that I linked. Here's a quote:
  16. leafan

    Out of the dark age?

    First of all, welcome back to Lego, Astral Brick! And to Eurobricks! It sounds like you really had a love for Lego and I'm pleased to see that you've found it again. I say dive in and build that Transformer you dreamed of as a kid. When you've nailed the technique and look, maybe consider posting it as an idea on Lego Ideas. If you reach 10k support, Lego will review and consider making it into a set. Then, you get a small percentage of the profits from that set. Anyway, I hope to see you around here often.
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    I just got what seems to be a very dirty, but complete 6991 Monorail Transport Base for £31 (amongst other sets). I'm so thrilled that I felt the need to tell someone and you guys 'n' gals are the only people I know that might care. I've never owned a monorail before - could this be the start of a space city on a moon made from cheese? The answer is clearly yes.
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    It ain't easy bein' cheesy!
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    You're hurting me Henry lol
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    Wow you're lucky to have this. I don't and it goes for a small fortune these days.
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    This was so tough between 6046 Hemlock Stronghold and 10193 Medieval Market Village. I went with 10193 because there's just so much more to it and one thing that Castle lacks is everyday life buildings. @Marghal @Henry Bricklider ?
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    Lego Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Found another worthy contender: Pirate's Island by Campistron1984. Also, this beaut: Imperial Mastership by pick0212.
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    How about you, @Henry Bricklider @Marghal?
  24. Found a couple more; both by Snowboarder68... The Sheriff of Nottingham: Robin Hood and his Merry Men:
  25. leafan


    I have to go with 10039/6074 Black Falcon's Fortress on this one. I've recently brought King Leo's Castle but it's a little more generic than the classic Black Falcon's Fortress. If Black Falcon's Fortress was in Game of Thrones, you know it'd be the Dreadfort. "Our blades are sharp".