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  1. Ganto

    Pikotu Beetle [BIONICLE MOC]

    Thanks so much! I'm actually not a fan of those sites. So I don't, unfortunately. I will be opening up a Discord chat and a patreon for my art soon, though. Lots of things I want to do in the next 6 months. There's no rubber band. I've been trying to steer away from the elastics after a drastic function failure with another one of my MOCs.
  2. Ganto

    Pikotu Beetle [BIONICLE MOC]

    Sadly I don't have a video. I do, however have confirmation that it works. Unfortunately I can only show a function if it's powered by locomotion and not gears. Thank you so much! It's tough sticking to limited parts, but it gives me a nice challenge and gives it that nice look I like. I've always loved function over form.
  3. Pikotu Beetles are small, hungry insectoid rahi found in the dampest places of Le-Wahi. They are most numerous in the Lake Pala area just south of the Tren Krom break, and the Fau Swamp near Kini-Nui. They eat spongy vegetation such as vines and leaves, and love the humid, fresh water areas they live near. Some have a ram-like protrusion from their head, others have a large, horn-like claw. They use these for defense against predators such as brakas and hoi turtles. Click the image for HQ boxart. Full render "Male" (Blue) Full render "Female" (Black) Full render back view (closed) Full render back view (open) Comments and critique welcome. This larger MOC uses parts from pre-2004, some color exceptions were made. The MOC itself has a unique function to unleash it's wings as you lift the elytra. The gear function is fairly simple, and isn't very ergonomic. I originally wanted to make a button feature, but everything collided with the head. The two separate models have almost the same number of parts, the blue one having a single extra piece. I think these are some of my favorite MOCs I've done, even if the function isn't very ergonomic. I hope you enjoy this MOC and the future MOCs I create.
  4. Ganto

    Krikuva Mantis [BIONICLE MOC]

    Thanks, friends. New one is going up soon. Making some fancy boxart because it's kewl.
  5. Ganto

    [MOC] The Flying Saucer

    Absolutely adorable. I love how the legs fold in. Great work.
  6. Ganto

    [MOC] Cafe Havana (modular)

    What a colorful flair on a modular piece! I absolutely love the feeling I get looking at this set. It makes me want to jump in and grab something to drink, and then just enjoy the atmosphere outside. Also, those tennis rackets being used as woven chair backings is just stunningly genius.
  7. Ganto

    [MOC] Wedding Hall (10211 Alternative build)

    WOW. I love the little clock at the top. I'm a big fan of alt models, so seeing that people like you make alt models for such large sets such as the modular buildings and making something like this is truly impressive. Amazing work.
  8. Ganto

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    I can finally make my roller coaster tycoon dreams a reality. Praise LEGO for these wonderful modern track pieces.
  9. Ganto

    [MOC] 2018 Supercar

    What a beautiful piston engine. The entire thing looks very sleek and smooth, and the incorporated mechanisms such as steering made me smile. I love car builds like this, packing in as much detail as possible in the functions, making it as close to the real thing as possible. Love it.
  10. The Krikuva Mantis is a small, stealthy insect rahi with powerful arms that snatch up prey. They hobble along vines and branches in Le-Wahi's vast jungle, searching for easy prey. Friendly to larger creatures such as matoran, but if threatened, they'll lash out. They shed their armor to brighter colors as they live their lives, from dark greens to vibrant blues or even bright pinks. Click the image for HQ boxart. Full render Green Full render Blue Full render back view GIF of function Comments and critique welcome. This larger MOC uses parts from pre-2004, some color exceptions were made. The MOC itself has a unique function to bring out it's arms and snatch away masks from Toa and other small objects. This is all done from the back gear. This model was also going to have a function where the elytra in the back unfold as wings, but I felt it would make the MOC rickety and awkward to hold. I do, however, have a MOC coming up that uses the design I intended. Masks are supposed to go over the colored heads for eyes. The masks would be clear-cast resin Rau masks, and with the colored heads, it would look like glossy bug eyes. I hope you enjoy this MOC and the future MOCs I create.
  11. Ganto

    Motma Lizard [BIONICLE MOC]

    Thank you so much! I thought this would be a good introductory piece to my work. I've always loved sets with functions, and I feel it's important to any MOC I make to express how important functions are to a set. I base my ideas around a function, and the rest just comes in. Thanks for your feedback, and stay tuned!
  12. Ganto

    Hello! My name is Ganto!

    Thanks so much!
  13. The Motma Lizard, a speedy lizard found in Po-Wahi's canyons and straights. They can reach a speed of 2.3 kio an hour, an impressive rate for a medium-sized rahi. On occasion they can be seen in damp caves resting, but they prefer being out in the heat of the desert. Click the image for HQ boxart. Full render Red Full render Tropical Full render side view Comments and critique welcome. This is a relatively small MOC, and contains parts only from pre-2004. The MOC itself does have a function, however, it is very simple. When rolling it across the ground using the wheels on it's front and back segment, the arms move up and down to visually express movement. I hope you enjoy the first of many of my MOCs.
  14. Hey, y'all. I'm Ganto. I've been a fan of LEGO for around 15 years. I'm a big fan of the BIONICLE line. I also enjoy Creator and Technic. I used to make comics on BZPower under the alias "Loganto the Le-Matoran." After 6 years of refinement, my alias and original character, Ganto, has a full backstory, finalized element, and some semblance on originality that isn't outlandish in nature. I'll probably post the full story, if you're interested, in a post of my own original art or something of the sort. Lately I have been making MOCs of 2001-esque BIONICLE creatures, also known as Rahi. I've also been trying some new sprite based comics based on 2005 BZPower comics. I'll probably post those things here if I get a chance. I'm also very active on Discord. If you'd like my handle, PM me. I look forward to browsing these forums, and I hope you enjoy my contributions.