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  1. Revolver_Aage

    4563 - locomotive working periodically!?

    Hey again I realized that the sides of the tracks are very important to clean as well - #feelingstupid. Now everything seems a-okay! Thanks Sed6, you saves me alot of work, time and money :-) all the best
  2. Revolver_Aage

    4563 - locomotive working periodically!?

    Hey Sed6 Thanks man! Boy did they need cleaning! I've only had time to clean 10 pieces of straight track for now, but it seems to be working. Both locomotives starts and drives fine - even at low settings on the control. The 4563 locomotive has always had a bit of a mind of its own, even with clean tracks. Hence, it drove satisfyingly for a while on the clean tracks, then suddenly stopped and wouldn't go. I fiddled with the controls for a bit, trying to adjust the connectors and such. And ZOOOM! it went of - highest speed. Heh, it's working fine now. I'll keep cleaning and testing and return if I continue to have problems. All the best
  3. Hi all First time poster, long time LEGO-lover! Hope you all are good :-) I recently did a major clean-up in my storage-room and found a bunch of my old LEGO's. Bliss!! Among all the wonderful bricks I found my old 4563 Train set. I set it all up... and it didn't work. Then it suddenly did. And then it didn't. When it WAS working, it seemed only to go when the control (4548) was set to full speed. And the speed was very inconsistent - slowing down/speeding up very sporadically. Maybe corners was especially slow (?). the other locomotive I have (4551) didn't go at all. I tried different lengths of track, but then remembered that the train could usually get going even though the ends were not connected. So here's the question(s): 1: Does anyone know of this problem and how to fix it? 2: Would it be easier to upgrade the "engine" to some of the new RC-stuff? 2.1: Are there any good guides out there for that? Any comments, help and suggestions will be highly appreciated! Revolver_Aage