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  1. thanks for your answers! I will try dev mode.
  2. I have encountered the problem that LDD wont let me place some bricks because they would be inside other bricks just a little bit (less than a millimeter). Since I dont want to rebuild my whole creation (more than 8k bricks) I search for a way to increase the tolerance for brick placement. I already took a look on the code but it seems like it is way to much for searching trough it. Could anyone help me with my problem?
  3. Pobblebonk

    [LDD MOC] Liberty/La Liberté - 1st rate ship of the line

    Hey, I'm currently trying to build a ship of the line out of lego by myself, but I'm unable to find a way to build the back of the ship. Since yours looks very smooth, coult you give me any tips how to build it?