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    MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    Those are some good-looking crossbows with a lot of character, thank for sharing! But otherwise, no, I would actually prefer to build a non-functional crossbow. Form over function.
  2. Mac Daddy

    [MOC] Troddon, the Poor and Disadvantaged

    Dang, that's a crisp-looking MOC! This is a seriously cool Skakdi MOC. The color blocking is impeccable- I didn' realize the Mata feet came in metallic blue. The head is amazing. I'm trying to wrap my head around how you got all of the teeth pieces in there, and I'd be seriously interested in seeing a breakdown of the head. The restraints look great and go miles for giving him some character. I do have one questions though- what did he ever do to merit such an enormous ball and chain?
  3. Mac Daddy

    MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    Yeah, as long as it doesn't get too big. The blaster piece is on the big end of the spectrum for what I'm trying to build. It does look good, but like I said above it's a little big for my purposes. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  4. Mac Daddy

    MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    Hey gang! I'm currently looking to MOC a crossbow for a constraction figure- but I'm having a hard time getting the creative juices flowing. I've been looking around for good examples of brick-built crossbows, but all the ones I've found are just...crappy. Any suggestions/cool MOCs you can point me to? Thanks!
  5. Mac Daddy

    [MOC] Solis

    Dang, lucky dog! That thing looks crisp.
  6. Mac Daddy

    [MOC] Solis

    Nice MOC. Like Kalhiki, I thoroughly enjoy the consistent vent aesthetic. Is the Matatu custom painted?
  7. Mac Daddy

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    75525 Base Malbus. Strangely enough, I think it's my favorite construction figure so far.
  8. Does the piece only come in black ATM?
  9. Mac Daddy

    Identifying Minifigures

    I'll help with some of the easier ones: First from the left: This guy is a mashup of various parts from Ninjago Stone Army minifigures. Third from left- Sakaaran from the Guardians of the Galaxy sets. Third from right- Winzar from Legends of China.
  10. Mac Daddy

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Do yourself a favor- stick with Batman and Robin
  11. Mac Daddy

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Finally got around to seeing Black Panther. Incredible.
  12. Mac Daddy

    Contest: Lester's Big Adventure!

    Where has this contest been my whole life?!? It's a shame I'm separated from my Lego collection until April 28, otherwise I definitely would have made an entry. In any case, I can't wait to see other user's entries to the contest.
  13. Mac Daddy

    Action Figure Forum Discussion

    Thanks y'all- I tried both methods for kicks and they both checked out. Thank you!
  14. Mac Daddy

    Action Figure Forum Discussion

    I've got a question that doesn't merit a new thread (IMO): Is there a way to remove the translucent eye parts from Mata heads??
  15. Mac Daddy

    [MOC] Imperial Outpost On Jakku

    +1 on the "five lines" thing. At first glance I thought this was some sort of post-apoc MOC with a fallen highway. Other than that, I like this a lot, you've got some great vibes going here.
  16. Huh. I'd never thought of that- a cloth piece would be really cool for that set. IMO, a brick built curtain would just be an eyesore unless TLG went all in with tiles (which I don't see happening). Here's hoping, at least.
  17. Mac Daddy

    What to do with stud shooters

    I have a special box that I throw my more-or-less "useless" pieces in. Stud shooters end up in there. I keep them because they might have use some day (I've seen some pretty cool MOCs that use them) and I'm not too hot about throwing away Lego pieces.
  18. Mac Daddy

    21314 TRON: Legacy Revealed

    Easy buy for me as an Ideas and Tron fan. Love it!
  19. Mac Daddy

    Adding a Banner Image to Profile Page

    This If nothing else, that big gray box is not too hot.
  20. Mac Daddy

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    75166 First Order Speeder battle pack- snagged some TLJ-mouth stormtroopers.
  21. Mac Daddy

    What did you buy today?

    75529 Elite Praetorian Guard
  22. Mac Daddy

    What are you listening to?

    The Smiths- Meat is Murder
  23. Wait, what's this 4chan rumor? I don't remember hearing about it.
  24. I don't think it will be DJ, since he's already been released as a retail exclusive. If it was him, I think a lot of people would get heated (myself included).