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  1. jnce

    [MOC] Tree of Life

    Thank you guys, check out the comparasion with the long-leg Monkey King Warrior Mech.
  2. jnce

    [MOC] Tree of Life

    Hello everyone, I am glad to introduce my latest MOC - Tree of Life. A giant Ent from World of Warcraft. During designing and building process, I refer a lot with some LEGO big mechs and animals building method, to make sure good stabilization as well as movable on arms and legs. Including movement of shoulders, elbows, artifices and hips, knees, ankles, fingers and toes, to let the whole model can make different gestures. I used most of green, light, dark and sand green to make upper body's tree and leaf's shape, as well as the huge beard. Not only normal LEGO plant parts, but also some other category green parts like minifig accessory and weapon. If you watch closely enough, you will find some funny parts I used to make effect. Check out the forest shape on the back of the tree, I also made leafs and vines on ankles and artifices, without interfering their movement. Another angle of the model, details on the shoulder part. In case someone you don't know what Tree of Life is in the original design, I put an image from the game for reference. Hope you like it and happy building.
  3. Hello everyone, It's been a while since the TV series Star Wars - The Book of Boba Fett revealed and finished it's first season. I cannot say it's a fantastic Star Wars show to me, at least not as good as The Mandalorian. But I am still glad to make and introduce this battle scene in Mos Espa in last episode. Ideally I want to restore the moment of Boba Fett and Din Djarin fighting together towards one of the two war machines, besides Mos Espa, in Tatooine. In case someone who didn't watch the episode, I take the screenshot from original show for reference. Take a closer look of the main character, the Scorpenek Annihilator Droid. It's my very first time to make this kind of war machine, I am glad of the result, finally find a proper way to build it's legs with plenty of movable joints, make sure it can make kind of crawl movement and stable enough in the mean time. Another challenge part is the weapon on top of the head, I use Tread part 3873 to make the bullet chain, connected by Pneumatic T piece at each end. With the ball joint at the bottom of the machine guns, they are able to move with different angles. I also use a lot of slope parts to build a damaged Mos Espa's front gate and wall, make sure the whole stand is big enough to hold the machine. The war droid is a little bit over-sized with Lego minifigs, but it is still okay to put them together. Hope you like it, let's look forward to see the new story of Boba fett and Mandalorian. May the forth be with you (even though it's one day past)!
  4. Hello everyone,I am glad to introduce my last MOC - Medieval Tavern I made this MOC for an online MOC contest in China, the theme is also Medieval Tavern. I didn't have too much time for preparation, so I just made this tiny scene - a corner of the tavern. The original idea was came out from 76200 - Bro Thor’s New Asgard, but the real detail of this MOC is a bit different with it. I also got some inspirations from my favorite game - Hearth Stone. The size of the model is 16 x 14 x 8 stud.311 Lego pieces used without minifigs. Take another look of this model, I am generally satisfy with bunch of details in such small space. I have also made virtual building in studio and exported pdf instruction, it is available and free in Rebrickable: https://reb.li/m/96710 I have also made a small video to give a better introduction, but it is in Chinese, and in a Chinese social video media (it's been difficult to upload video to yutube in China). So I just put the link here, in case you are curious about that. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Na41147FK/ Hope you like it and happy building!
  5. Hello everyone,I am glad to introduce my latest MOC - Easter Island Statues I made this model to attend MOC contest in Chinese forum/LUG LelezhenLUG. The contest theme is existing national treasure which was made by human civilization in the old time. The background stand with grass mountain and a small flight to make the whole scene more active and funny. Close view on the statues father and son. I use ball joint to connect head with body, to make head possible to move with different angle. Hope you like it and happy building!
  6. jnce

    HellBoy Bust - The Red

    Thanks guys, I agree - I was into the hellboy fun because of Ron Pearlman's movies and then the comics
  7. jnce

    HellBoy Bust - The Red

    Glad to know you like it :) Thanks, he does smoke cigarette in the comics (also smoke in the movies). Thanks, contrarily I like his prototype with opening mouth to show the teeth in the comics. I have to admit that's not easy to build those teeth, but I am satisified with the result I built. Anyway, making his mouth closed just needs some tiny modifications :)
  8. jnce

    HellBoy Bust - The Red

    Hello everyone, I am glad to introduce my latest MOC - The Red, HellBoy Bust. The original image I am referring is the well-known comic character Hell Boy, created by Mike Mignola. The model is 26 studs width, 22 studs length and 28 studs height, not including the display stand. I also make a 360 degree rotate stand and name plate for display. And a cigarette attachment to accomplish his classic prototype. Building instruction is available in RB. There's no painting part or sticker in this model, 100% Lego genius pieces. Check the comparison with 75277 Boba Fett Helmet and 75304 Darth Vader Helmet. Hope you like it.
  9. I am planning to build one but haven't got time. Perhaps I will start to build as soon as I finish my ongoing project - a 6x6 truck
  10. Thanks for your advise, that's actually what I am going to try in future. I have bought one 42050 but it's not enough
  11. Thanks for your info, but I was still failed to insert image URL by using your hyperlink, don't know if my account permission is not good
  12. Hello everyone, I am quite new here as well as Lego world, but I am very happy to introduce my first MOC which spent more than 2 months to complete - Mercedes Benz Arcos Tractor Truck. At first let's check some parameters of this MOC: Length: 36cm Width: 18cm Height: 25cm Parts: around 2500, 100% Lego genius PF: XL motor x1, Servo motor x1, IR receiver x1, IR controller x1, Big Battery box x1 Pneumatics: 1x6 Pump x1, 1x5 Cylinder x1, 2x11 Cylinder x1, Switch x2 I was inspired by building Muuss's MOC based on 42043 B mode. After that I thought why don't I improve something to make it more powerful and beautiful, that's why this MOC could happens. I didn't use too many rare parts, most of the parts(approx 90%) can be found from 42043 and 42029. The truck body has 19 studs width and 29 studs height, so I used 81.6x38mm wheels to compare the size. Rear axle has driving by XL motor and front axle has steering by Servo motor. There are 4 yellow absorbers in front axle and 2 in rear. The head of truck is controlled by pneumatic to open and close. The trailer locker is controlled by pneumatic as well. I didn't use PF to control the pneumatic pump because lacking of the PF You may have to manually do the pumping and switching. I put pneumatic hoses, switches and pump into black box at the back of head together with IR receiver. One switch is controlling switch cylinder on head and trailer, another is controlling cylinder open and close. It looks pretty tidy and easy to control. Some details from different position. There are not so many gear drives inside the truck so I guess you can easily build your own truck like this. I didn't have chance to make any instruction on it, but you can refer the photos as inspiration for your own build, I believe it will not be too difficult. I used my 4 years old son to have a real size comparison so you might have an idea on how big it is Check the video below for more information of this build. Hope you like it. https://www.youtube.com/embed/TfpBNqm2QJk Edit: I am not familiar on how to insert video on youtube, can only attach the URL...