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  1. Jollygrnreefer

    U-Project - Where to buy?

    Go to his website,
  2. Jollygrnreefer

    [MOC] The EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Rebel Fleet

    Yes, the Nebulon B instructions include all fighter, A, B, X, Y Falcon, and shuttle craft also tie fighters.
  3. No movie would influence my purchases. I only buy lego sets based on rarity/quality of parts or figures or if in on sale and parts/price count is a good value. Otherwise everything I purchase is in bulk from an online distributor since I only build MOCS, not a set collector.
  4. Jollygrnreefer

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    I found the answer to your question in a previous thread, wish I could find it to link it here. The actual color of The Executor is dark grey, however from the reflection of the stars in space against the hull, make it appear light grey. The city remains dark grey due to the complexity of the angles. So to make a movie accurate Executor, you would make the city dark grey on a light grey hull. Builders choose to make the ship entirely in light grey because it displays better. Standing back 6 feet from the model the detail would be lost in the city, while it pops in light grey. Secondly, used light grey parts cost less than dark grey.
  5. Amazing MOC. Now lets complete this 40 year journey by making some instructions and sharing it with the community. Might as well make some money for your hard work.
  6. Jollygrnreefer

    UCS Desert Skiff

    Well done. My only concern is the plank. It looks too wide, maybe only two bricks wide to narrow it. In the movie, it looks more like a brown 2 x 8 plank.
  7. Jollygrnreefer

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    You should keep a timer from start to finish for build time to complete. Secondly Brickmarlin, where are you going to display that ship amongst your collection? lol Good problems to have.
  8. Jollygrnreefer

    T-70 X-wing [MOC]

    Is the .lxf file still available? The link is broken. I messaged blbills, but no response.
  9. Jollygrnreefer

    [MOC] [LDD] UCS INCOM T-70 X-Wing Fighter

    Add me to the list, proud to donate to your craftmanship.
  10. Jollygrnreefer

    [MOC] SOLO : a Star Wars Story - "Feed him to the Beast"

    You should include a play feature to smash the pole causing the grate to collapse to mimic the movie.
  11. Jollygrnreefer

    [MOC LDD] A-Wing (with LDD file)

    Funny that you replied Atlas, I am actually using your pics from your Flickr as primary reference to restore Jerac's design, with Krispy's building techniques. Once completed, this model will have a lil of everybodies design incorporated. Most proud of the cockpit, was able to replicate the studio model. All I have left is the rear engine. Currently playing around with it, trying to find a solution to get away from the rubber bands, really a funky design for legos. Especially dont want to forfeit accuracy. Still 100% no illegal connections or modified parts.
  12. Jollygrnreefer

    [MOC LDD] A-Wing (with LDD file)

    Hey guys, just want to thank Jerac and Krispy for this awesome model! Totally agree with the arguement TheBear is making here. Currently working on a complete overhaul of this model, to more reflect Jerac's original design. 1 Correct the length and width to match studio model 2 Accurate cockpit design 3 Diagnol striping from dark red to white 4 Rengineer rear engine (Jerac had the right shape, this is what screams update) 5 Reshape the main engines, seem too long Have found a solution for the fins, will wait to share when complete. right now 80% complete, need to order more dark red tiles to complete the bottom with the vent :( Pics coming soon...
  13. Jollygrnreefer

    21314 - LEGO® TRON: Legacy

    Being a huge Tron fanatic, loving this set. However, my major gripe, is the incorrect character selection for this scene. In the movie, Sam is facing off with Cue, but Rizzler (aka Tron) is included. Now Rizzler is a way cooler character, just kinda bugs me in the end. The Quorra figure is the highlight of this set imho, and comes with an extra sword in the spair parts. Duel wielding swords are not movie accurate, but way too cool +1. Lastly, LEGO should have replicated the Wand which creates the cycles, but just my two cents.
  14. Jollygrnreefer

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Quick question: What helmet do you guys recommend for an accurate Luke's "Red Leader". Currently building a Red Five X-wing and undecided what direction to go for the figure. Thanks to the community in advance!
  15. has the Millenium Falcon 75192 available for oder for online only, for US residents. Letting the community know.