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  1. jipvdboogerd

    [MOC/MOD] T-47 Airspeeder ''Snowspeeder''

    Really appreciate your enthusiastic and thought-out comment! All the credits for the design of the radiator fins and the overall shape in general should go to Larry Lars, just google ''Larry Lars LEGO Snowspeeder'' and you will find additional detailed pictures of the underside and building instructions as well! Updates featuring other vehicles will definitely follow, currently working on 3 AT-ST's, 2 AT-AT's, 1 AT-CT and an Imperial Hovertank ''Occupier'' from Rogue One. With lots of other classic fighters in mind as well for later!
  2. Hi! Since this is my first post on Eurobricks a small introduction would be desirable. As a huge Star Wars collector I have followed the posts on this forum for about 6 months now. I recently decided I wanted to fix all my vehicles to minfigure scale (hard to determine). There were a lot of great designs of certain starfighters and walkers out there already so I decided to take those as a starting point. Mentioning Psiaki's X-Wing, Raskolnikov his AT-AT and Larry Lars' Snowspeeder! The new Millenium Falcon uses lots of olive green, dark tan and dark red to make it appear battle-worn and rusty. It inspired me to make all my models more ''universe accurate''. Anyway, I started off with the Snowspeeders I had built already and just went ahead and tweaked / replaced parts to my taste. You can expect every major vehicle from the Original Trilogy (including Rogue One) to be featured here in the next few months. Shall I update this topic or create individual topics for each of those? I was thinking about starting a ''Complete Minifigure Scale Guide for Star Wars'' to bundle all of those designs, since I found lots of posts mentioning a few official LEGO sets that are minifigure scale but none of them listed all of the amazing minifigure scale models designed by the community. Sorry for the long introduction, I had to go in big! Enjoy and thanks for your input!