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  1. Mr. McDuck

    [MOC] Battlestar Galactica - Viper Mk.II

    Thank you all for the kind comments! I am really glad you like it so much!
  2. The Viper Mark II is a single seat fighter aerospace craft used by the Colonial Fleet during the First Cylon War. The fighter served with distinction, proving to be a capable fighting vehicle and winning renown across the Twelve Colonies Viper Mk.II - 01 - Main by Angelo S., on Flickr Viper Mk.II - 02 by Angelo S., on Flickr Viper Mk.II - 03 by Angelo S., on Flickr Viper Mk.II - 04 by Angelo S., on Flickr Viper Mk.II - 05 - Details by Angelo S., on Flickr I recently started watching new(ish) Battlestar Galactica series and I absolutely HAD to build one of these beauties! I decided to take quite a different approach than other models (at least the ones I've seen) The cut wedge plates at the front are kind of "salvaged pieces" - I got couple damaged wedge plates of the type from a friend and throwing them away seemed like a shame because they were not entirely unusable. All in all, it counts a bit over 500 pieces, all of which are LEGO - even all the stickers (although they've been a bit cut ) I am currently in the process of making instructions in LDD. It is mainly to know what exactly I need if I decide to make a small squadron, but I might even share it when I'm done. Don't be shy to leave a comment or take a look at the photos on Flickr! I hope you like it!
  3. Mr. McDuck

    [MOC] Lapidis

    Thank you! If you mean does it lie on pillars for support - yes it does. Although it is a very sturdyas I could not approximate how dense exactly should the pillars be (This was my first huge landscaping experience) I got most of the pieces from sets and BrickLink in small batches, I aquired the grass from a frined who bought it in PaB in Munich and I got a couple of pieces from my LUG members who wanted to support my building (mainly 2x2 LBG tiles - thanks to my pals from the LUG once again! ) I haven't been part of bulk programme so far as I was underage up until recently. The trick is to build withwhat you have and when you get stuck see what you are missing and order that (at least that's how I do it) Thanks! Water is like this because of certain reasons: prices (in the amounts I needed the parts) and time AndI have some ideas for expanding this (a shipyard to the right for example and a castle and a lighthouse on the right for example) but it is all the matter of time and money at this moment, but I would certainly love to expand it!
  4. Mr. McDuck

    [MOC] Lapidis

    Thank you all once again, I am so glad you all liked it! I have a couple ideas for similarly themed builds in the future. And also I am super, super happy for reaching the frontpage!
  5. Mr. McDuck

    [MOC] Lapidis

    Thank you all for kind comments! I am really glad you like it so much! Yup, getting parts is a bit more expensive but there's quite a bit LEGO fans in Croatia, we have a LUG too! (zove se "Klub Kockice" ako te zanima) I'll conisider it for sure I hope to get a few more castle figures before that, as this right here is pretty much my entire castle figure colection, so far.
  6. Mr. McDuck

    [MOC] Lapidis

    The town of Lapidis Lapidis by Angelo S., on Flickr Founded on the estuary of Adamas river, the town of Lapidis has stood as a last trading post of the capitol on the route to the sea. Its houses and squares carved for generations in solid rock cliffs have proved hard to conquer by the Empier's enemies for centuries thanks to narrow passages which make defense easy for the locals. In time of need, there is landlord's castle nearby on the cape which is protected by multiple gates which provides sanctuary to citizens and in case of an attack from sea, harbour chain can be raised to block the advance of the enemy ships. Other than trade, citizens heavily rely on fishing and the town's inn is famous trought the Empire for its exquisite pie and southern wine. Today, as usaul, many things are happening in Lapidis. King's guard arrived to capture the infamous smuggler, Blueberry mercenary company came to meet their employee and get a slice of that tasty pie at the inn and famed brother and sister heroes arrived to get their blades sharpened and supplies refilled! And today is one of more boring days, but truth be told, it is sill early inf the morning! Lapidis by Angelo S., on Flickr Lapidis - details 01 by Angelo S., on Flickr Lapidis - details 02 by Angelo S., on Flickr Lapidis - details 03 by Angelo S., on Flickr Lapidis - details 04 by Angelo S., on Flickr Lapidis - details 05 by Angelo S., on Flickr Lapidis - details 06 by Angelo S., on Flickr So this build measures 96x80 and is consisted of 9 sections. I do not know about the part count but it decimated my entire collection so it probably has no less than 15 000 parts (but it probably has more) It took me 4 months to build and much of that time was actually spent waiting for parts and doing work for school (because I did not have much time to build) This would be my first real diorama I made on my own and I am really proud of it! I wanted it to have a Mediterranean feel to it and not to be same as other castle creations we see on the internet I think I managed to achieve that. See the album on Flickr: And there are a couple more pictures on MOCpages, so be sure to check there too: Hope you like it! C&C welcome and greatly appreciated!
  7. Mr. McDuck

    EB SW X-mas Raffle 2011

    The Minifigs arrived to me yesterday. Once again, thank you for great raffle!
  8. Mr. McDuck

    EB SW X-mas Raffle 2011

    Thanks for a great raffle! I am so happy that I got (will get ;) ) something (nice figs this time). And good luck to everyone else who entered!
  9. Mr. McDuck

    EB SW X-mas Raffle 2011

    My entry: A little surpries for small Rebel otuposts on Hoth
  10. Mr. McDuck

    MOC: Pzkpfw VI Tiger I tank

    There is very much small plates in the base of the tank- the part where i atached the wheels and I used a lot of small tiles in interior. That is the main reason of large piece approximation.
  11. Mr. McDuck

    MOC: Pzkpfw VI Tiger I tank

    Tank: around 900-1100 pieces - as you alreydy sed, rough estimate Angry bird: around 50 pieces
  12. Mr. McDuck

    MOC: Pzkpfw VI Tiger I tank

    Thank you! Well, I won't put any decals because this model is going to Croatian Kockice LUG exhibition in a week, and they dn not allow any custom parts or decals. Thanks! Actually, there is rubber on 3 road wheels and the reason is that the tracks would look bad without that extra milimeters in wheel diameter. Also, that wheels will be replaced by 3x3 dishes, when I get them in the amount needed.
  13. Mr. McDuck

    MOC: Pzkpfw VI Tiger I tank

    Yes, that is not fair from LEGO And yes, it can fit 2 minifigs in front, on the tan seats
  14. Mr. McDuck

    MOC: Pzkpfw VI Tiger I tank

    Thank you! Well, i really was not easy. I have been redoing the interior for 3 times But it was definitely worth it !
  15. My version of the most famous German tank of WW2 era. Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I Tiger I was always my favorite WW2 tank. And I wanted to build it for a long time. And now, it has been finally been finished. I was working on it for a very long time: from May 2011. Since then I have worked on it for almost 35 hours. I have made a lot of changes, had enormous will to put as more detail as I could, but I still wanted it to look very clean and be as much studless as possible. See it on: MOCpages FLICKR Pzkpfw VI Tiger I tank Main pic by Angelo Skorup, on Flickr Interior: Pzkpfw VI Tiger I tank interior1 by Angelo Skorup, on Flickr And a little fun for the end: Pzkpfw VI Tiger I tank and Angry Bird :D by Angelo Skorup, on Flickr Thanks for watching! Please C&C!