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  1. TemjinStrife

    [MOC/Instruction] Star Destroyer Chronicle

    Built all three of these. Great models, particularly the ISD and Finalizer (I especially appreciate how rigid the top panels on the Finalizer are!) Is there any rhyme or reason to the use of boat studs vs. the top half of turntables as a low profile method of holding the plates together? Some of the boat studs don't seem to grip as well as the turntable halves.
  2. TemjinStrife

    [MOC] Play-Scale B-Wing Fighter

    To be fair, the "single bare layer of plates" is probably more accurate to the ILM model, as one of the reasons it wasn't featured more heavily was that the S-foils were too thin and tended to disappear against the greenscreen background.
  3. TemjinStrife

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor - FREE INSTRUCTION

    Looks great! Sort of like a "set plus" model.
  4. TemjinStrife

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    This is 100% my experience. Figuring out where and how you can apply pressure, and how much to use (enough to engage clips/connect studs, but not too much to cause something else to fail) is the biggest challenge with the build.
  5. TemjinStrife


    Well that is gorgeous.
  6. TemjinStrife

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    It's fragile and complicated until it all goes together, then it's a bit less fragile. Definitely the most challenging build I've done, though, as it's very easy to apply too much pressure to one spot and have the delicately-balanced incomplete nose break apart!
  7. TemjinStrife

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    That was definitely one of the more challenging parts of a challenging build!
  8. TemjinStrife

    Help ID part on Inthert's Y wing

    It's basically Brickwright's Y-wing body with his own mods, and he's posted instructions for the "head" so you can reverse engineer from that.
  9. TemjinStrife

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Good to know, thanks!
  10. TemjinStrife

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Wow. A spectacular rendition.
  11. TemjinStrife

    [MOC] Customized Resistance B-Wing

  12. TemjinStrife

    [MOD] X-Wing 75218

    Wow the engines mod makes it look so much better!
  13. TemjinStrife

    10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle Mod

    I've always loved the look of this set and your mods are a big improvement. To the extent you have instructions or a file down the line, I'd be interested to see them!
  14. TemjinStrife

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Yeah, after you do a few of these MOCs, you get an idea for where you can search and replace with cheaper/easier to find parts (jumper (15573) and clip variations (Thick O and 15712) are key).
  15. TemjinStrife

    [MOC] Delta 7 Starfighter

    I did this on my (lightly modified) IcarusBuilds Delta-7B and it worked great. No pictures of my model, but similar construction of the nose: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/158763-moc-minifig-scale-delta-7b-aethersprite-class-light-interceptor/&tab=comments#comment-2919482