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  1. Made a trade: Tumbler + Orthanc Tower for UCS Sandcrawler + UCS Tie Fighter + bought Death Star 10188 at original price from the same seller. All sets NISB :)
  2. [MOC] Porg

    Love it!!!! Well done
  3. Did someone ever notice that the scenery behind the UCS 75192 MF and 75060 Slave 1 os actually... Cloud City? Is that a sign from the Illuminati? ??
  4. Thanks for the info and leaks :)
  5. [WIP] UCS Resurgent-class Star Destroyer

    Great design sir, well done. How many pieces?
  6. New leak of the Yoda's Hut is out... seems like it would be possible to put Yoda on Luke's back. Box design is quite similar to Ach-To btw
  7. Definitely Pirates, Castle and Far West.
  8. How many sets do you own?

    Just started my "collection" for more than a year now... I only own 6 sets ?
  9. Your dream Lego theme

    Totally agree... +far west
  10. Don't think prices will go up, TLG has produced many of sets like the MF and it's quite easy to find one in Toys' r us etc... and they're also cheaper than in lego stores/lego shop
  11. Leaked pictures of the lego Han solo movie sets but still no movie trailer... lol
  12. MOC: the Jedi Council!

    Love it
  13. [WIP-MOC] My apartment II

    No minifigure for the cat in your bathroom ? :)

    Nice, I wish I had one barber shop like this lol