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  1. G59

    MOC First Order Assault Walker

    +1, not at scale and for Edge of Bricks UCS AT-M6... it's an awesome MOC. I built it and really enjoyed it.
  2. I couldn't resist... 8x 75225 Elite Praetorian Guard Battle pack with 40% off 2x 75216 Snoke´s Throne room with 20% off
  3. do you use LDD or studio?
  4. it's definitely not the 7194.
  5. Looks like we've got a confirmation of a Yoda set release in 2019 ? https://www.brothers-brick.com/2019/05/05/exclusive-interview-with-lego-star-wars-head-of-design-jens-kronveld-frederiksen-feature/
  6. UCS MF 75192 with x2 VIP points
  7. "elementary my dear Watson" :)
  8. They appear as an April 1st release on the legoshop
  9. G59

    Imperial Star Destroyer Intimidator MOC-77525

    truly amazing design, respect for your work and such accuracy... is March ISD MOC month here? Everyone is showing their respective Venator MOC this month ^^
  10. G59


    wow... can't imagine the place to store this beast
  11. G59

    Building Episode IV in LEGO

    cool stuff you have there
  12. as far as I know that UCS ISD rumor comes from a speculation based on the 75192 leaflet where an ISD is on the background, more or less the same way than the MF was on the UCS 75159 Deathstar box.
  13. what's the weight of this masterpiece ?