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  1. please don't make too many moc or I'll spend all my money buying them... atm6 50% done by the way, fantastic.
  2. Lego WallOfShame: UCS Battle of Hoth and this ugly CC playset something.
  3. They probably fear to run out of stock like the 75192
  4. CC Ugnaught minifigures also leaked, not a good printing tbh
  5. G59

    Battle of Crait

    wow, really nice job. love it
  6. no offense but I personnally don't like it, the colour choice and shape are not good
  7. 75159 UCS Death Star sealed on eBay for 300€... did only one bid. Can't believe it. My wallet is on strike for a long time now as I already bought some battlepack this weekend
  8. 2x First Order transport speeder battle pack 5x First Order specialists battle pack 1x Defense of Crait BP for 10€ and 11€ instead of 15€, defense of crait for 60€. All new.
  9. G59

    [MOC] First Order AT-ST Walker

    Gonna receive the parts for your UCS ATM6 next week... can't wait and this AT-ST is pretty damn cool too
  10. great works, love the mini scale... and also the one from Solid Brix Studio (huge scene) that is under construction on his youtube channel I really would like to build the scene, so I started first to buy parts for the UCS AT-M6 and some minifigures
  11. Snoke Throne Room minifigures spotted