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  1. Is the May 4th UCS Landspeeder confirmed ?
  2. Magnificient MOC, What would be the price estimation through Bricklink Mirko? Thank you
  3. Anyone knows why the Lego supply chain is so messy atm and many sets out of stock for a while? Such as SW sets and creator expert ?!
  4. G59

    [Moc] [Instructions] UCS AT-M6

    That's a freaking huge MF AT-M6...
  5. G59


    Wow, pretty damn big when compared to the MF! Is there any pic from the interior ?
  6. G59

    [REVIEW] 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    What a review! Can't wait to get it delivered.
  7. G59

    75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    seems pretty amazing, nothing compared to the 1st MBS Betrayal at Cloud City...
  8. UCS Y-Wing 75181, first set I get since last year
  9. One of the 3 is probably already designed and ready to be produced in mass. Tie bomber is not that iconic and there is no way we'll get a minifig scale Nebulon frigate. -> Gunship.
  10. Solo underperformed because it's an absolute terrible bad movie... where TLJ is bad.
  11. these 2 minifigs gonna be freaking expensive... if exclusive.
  12. we are all speaking about price/piece but what about the weight/piece ?
  13. a lot of "partially" here ?