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  1. duifkelego

    9v and PU hybrid

    Actually I am worried about that. The ultimate goal is to have them machined or cast in alpaca / new silver. that's the material companies like Peco use for model rails and tarnishes very little. I'm also building track with peco rail profiles so having the wheels in the same material as the rails will also minimise contact resistance between the 2. but I have to find the perfect wheel before I can draw a mold again. The exact size of the axle hole is giving some issues
  2. duifkelego

    9v and PU hybrid

    So I took it a step further today and built the setup into my extended 60197. The 2 motors on 1 channel project from this previous post was also called into service. To get a more detailed picture of what was happening to the electronics I also built in a voltage and current meter. This is connected to the power pickups directly before the power goes into the hub. so the PU hub is drawing 0.05 amps from 8.8V when on but idle. When I set the motors to full power , the voltage went down to 7.1 to 7.6 volts and current went up to 0.7 amps. The voltage swing is mainly dependent on the train going through a curve., the voltage drop from 8.8V when idle to 7.6 is because there is some resistance in the electrical loop. This is probably somewhere in the pickups and willbe my next point of attention. I've uploaded some more movie to my bricksafe but beware they are somewhat large files. Will be looking into a youtube channel for this.... I need some education on this video posting stuff. Some wheels were cast in silver with the mold taken directly from the plastic wheels. My girlfriend is a juwel smith so this was the fastest way :) Some other wheels were printed in steel by shapeways from the 3d model I made. I want to develop a little further before i'm comfortable sharing more detailed pics as the wheels are not rolling as freely as I would like them to. Though I am flattered by the request.
  3. duifkelego

    Axle Bearings -best mod ever!

    The most simple solutions are often the best. With some of these bearings I had from earlier experiments I modded some wheels this way and did some testing. It works nicely for me. Thanks very much for the tip ! This is going to make a difference in my train building. no more weight wories \o/ Going to try hooking up a wire to the bearing outer case and using this as power pickup too , I think.
  4. duifkelego

    9v and PU hybrid

    I really don't like batteries for several reasons ( another discussion , don't want to preach) Another advantage would be less spacy PU hubs which are easier to incorparate in engine designs. I want to combine this with the 2 motors on 1 hub thing I did a while ago. Maybe I can run that experiment tomorow and see if the PU hub can run 2 motors with unlimited amp supply for longer periodes . I already know it can run 2 motors untill the batteries die ( in half an hour running :P and dependent on the weight of the entire train...) For that I'm looking into boosting the PU hub PWM signal so I can draw 2 or 3 amps from it and run even more motors on it. I'm also experimenting with track made from O-gauge rails for my own layout for circumventing the expensive original rails. these 2 would combine nicely in my head. But there is still the thingie of having to push the button on the train to connect the hub and the remote , any ideas on that ? I added the .mov extension to the file name , is it working now ?
  5. duifkelego

    9v and PU hybrid

    I had some free time to work on another idea. I modded a PU system and some 9v wheel holders to power the PU unit off the 9v tracks. A first proto , still got a long way before it's a reliable and easy to assemble solution. see results below and the video on bricksafe https://www.bricksafe.com/files/duifkelego/9v and PU hybrid.mov
  6. duifkelego

    Powered up 2 motors on 1 channel

    @Giottist Thanks for the addition ! I forgot all about that in my enthousiasm. Quite important info Track testing will be done this week Although I did already make a short movie. it's on bricksafe next to the pics in the first post https://bricksafe.com/files/duifkelego/DSC_0111.MOV I thought the same about the H-bridges but decided to take the risk and find out the hard way. The plug is lego proprietary design so probably we can't get it unassembled. there is a an entry for PF to PuP adapters on the s-brick site though so who knows... https://www.sbrick.com/store at the bottom. Dragunov2 I've phisically rotated the motor 180 degrees inside it's housing so I could keep the wiring the same. I had to hack some plastic out of the housing to do it . Giottist's solution can be done as well, I'll probably be eploring that opion too very soon!
  7. Hi All , I want to start this one with thanking JopieK for his powered up tear down ! Without this info I would have had to do a lot more work before doing this. So instead of having a lazy sunday afternoon , I decided to take up one of the challenges TLG gave us with powered up. I'm in the proces of modifying a 60197 with longer bases and 7 cars at the moment. I wanted to power this beast with 2 motors so I could add even more cars in the future. So I took apart 2 PUP motors and removed the wiring from the PCB on the motor. I then soldered a piece of flatcable in place to get me through the base plate. I had to modify the base plate a little (...) to able to fit 1 motor as a jacobs bogie. Then i soldered the 2 flatcables to one of the removed motor cables , effectively switching both motors in parallel. In one of the motor assemblies I also turned the electrical motor around 180 degrees to get both motors rolling in the same direction. Some heavy mechanical modding had to be done to achieve this. I can probably find a better way if I put my mind to it. Anywayzz... without further ado, 2 pics of the result below and a WIP of the beast itself :) Have fun doing this for yourselves and don't hesitate to ask !
  8. duifkelego

    2018 Lego Trains

    I already found some pics while googling for the new trainsets some friendly advice persuaded me to take the link down...
  9. duifkelego

    12 volt track modification

    Hi All , just signed in to this forum cause I was wondering about something .... I'm into the 12 volt train system again and was wondering about modified 12 volt track . Hs anyone done some modifiyng on tracks , switches ,etc. ? Here's some pics of my own creations untill now... A half straight track with original contacts a point prototype with same angle as 2 curved rails Let's see what you guys have !