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  1. I just bought some new straight tracks at JB-Spielwaren
  2. Spot the differences..... My FX track order arrived today and i put them into my new 9v mils modules straight away. Very happy with these tracks !! I can't wait to get my hands on some curved tracks from the next batch so I can start modding points :P Thanks Michael, for this great addition and keep up the good work !
  3. duifkelego

    Converting my 7740 from 12v to 9v

    Took a while to get an answer but I don't want to withhold it. I've found some grey double wire at conrad. But I think the color is off by just a little. https://www.conrad.nl/p/l2185-gr-draad-2-x-014-mm-grijs-5-m-1398102 Although most of the grey wire holds out for very long I've already seen some decay, they get hard a brittle. Soi I've used the conrad wire to replace them.
  4. You mean a little something like this ? I totally agree ! I finally have some room to continue this line of tinkering now that my 12v collection has been sold. Definetely gonna buy some of this track once it's available in Europe.
  5. duifkelego

    12V style railway station MOC

    So I spent a few hours putting the model into studio. It's not exactly the same build as on the previous pics but my fantasy ran wild. It comes in at a whopping 6200 parts already which forced me to lower the studio graphic settings, lol. I would love to hear some feedback so I can improve on my MOC-ing skills. Can anyone guess by which lego 12v models I was inspired in this build ?
  6. duifkelego

    Building 7777

    I've decided to take the 7777 ideas book off of my build bucket list the "hard" way. I had already started building small things in the past already but now I took it up a notch. Below you can find some pictures of the bulk transfer building of pages 8 and 9. I regret to say they wee not built into a nice scene. But I could sell the build rather quickly so I did that and didn't think of picture easthetics before it was too late , a shame really. For me the fun is in the building and hunting parts rather then having the model.... and I do not have the room for such scenes permanently. The guy who bought the build also expressed a high interest in the scene of pages 30 and 31. So then i went ahead and build those models for him as well. By then i was comitted (to myself and the bucket list... ) So I went ahead and built the railway station of pages 42 and 43. This time the scene was properly finished with minifigs, lights, a train and more... I'll post some pictures below but there is more on my bricksafe : https://bricksafe.com/pages/duifkelego.
  7. duifkelego

    12v track in stud.io

    Hi guys , With some free time on my hands I started the digital version of my railway station in stud.io . When the main building was ready I tried to add some 12v track to the scene and ran into an issue. The straight 12v track were just fine. A little hassle to get them built , but ok . Then tried to add some curved tracks. These were very much more of a hassle ... There seems to be an issue with the radius or the length of the curved rail pieces. When I build 4 sections, I do not get the 90 degrees angle I expect. , see pictures below. It seems to be off by 3 degrees (counting studs and trigoniometry....) This is also the reason I can not get the curved conductor rail into place. as it's radius is different fthen the outer track rails I couldn't find a lot about this issue on the stud.io forum.... Has anyone else run into this and found a workaround ?
  8. duifkelego

    12V style railway station MOC

    Thanks for the positive feedback ! you guys made me start work on digitising the model in studio . a side project for the moment as I'm now into upgrading and selling my 12V collection to make financial and physical room for new projects. I hope I'll remember to share when its's done
  9. duifkelego

    1225 North Pole Railroad

    IT's a very lovely model indeed ! On the second topic .... It's never a question of being too expensive but more a question of willing or being able to afford it. The people making such sets know very well that they need to set a reasonable price level for the customers but they need to think of themselves as well. No viable business when you underprice to please customers. On a personal note : If I could afford it , I'd probably spend the money on something else . For me the fun is in designing, tinkering, building and chasing the parts. Not in having the model....
  10. duifkelego

    12V style railway station MOC

    Hi All , Not being much of an MOC -er, somtimes I outdo myself. I've always wanted to build a huge railway station based on the 7824 and 7822. I built it 3 years ago but never finished it , it was collecting dust for 3 months before I took it down again , no room for such huge builds Anyways ... enjoy :) There is more on my bricksafe : https://www.bricksafe.com/pages/duifkelego/9-volt-pu-hybrid/12v-station
  11. duifkelego

    [Digi=MOC] - Plasser & Theurer RM900-RT

    wow , absolutely gorgeous. I've been contemplating a build like this for a long time now... I'd love to build this one for real ! Would you be willing to share the design ?
  12. duifkelego

    [MOC] BR05-001 with 7 coaches

    A very nice build indeed. but those metal tracks in the youtube movie. would that be peco rail code 200 or code 250 ? never mind , already found it :https://www.doctor-brick.de/threads/legoconnex-mein-alternatives-9v-gleissystem.12878/
  13. duifkelego

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I guess I'll have to do both solutions... Maybe even frankenstein 2 motors to 1 channel and see if I can control them with the remote only so I can still drive some LEDs on the other channel. wait... wut , now I'm planning to buy 3 ? ......
  14. duifkelego

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Lol and there you have it... I thought I'd prepare for this set by buying a hub and an L motor. Now the dutch lego shop mentions I will need 2 medium motors 88008 for this set...
  15. duifkelego

    The 12v layout form BillytheKid.

    I can confirm that. I've already repaired a few... I have never been able to mend the squeking ones though... any tips ?