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  1. Innocity

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    You can expand the input space without affecting the spiral lift drive. Of course not the same as original. You can do it like I modified the ramp part.
  2. Innocity

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    I built one more Ball factory ver.3. It's 99% complete. With the instructions updated by Berthil I could easily make it. I tried to make this module as close as possible to the ball factory ver2 of akiyuki in November 2011. In particular I created a Ramp without using a rigid hose, similar to original. In addition, there are some modifications in this module. And I also fixed the problem with Ramp moving in the previous module that Berthil pointed out. When Ball factory ver3 (Classic edition) is completed, I will upload the video that the module is running. Thank you. For the second belt run faster, I tried 21 buckets with a combination of 32270 (12 tooth gear) and 6589 (12 tooth gear) instead of the 32198 (20 tooth gear) and 6589 (12 tooth gear) combinations, and the timing is much more accurate.
  3. I've built an elevator with counterweights version of MajkiSpajki. And compared it to Akiyuki's elevator module. It's slow but I'm satisfied. Thanks to Doug72,MajkiSpajki, dunes.
  4. Thank you very much for your detailed description. I have already disassembled the worm drive version and reassembled Akiyuki's original elevator module. So I'm going to order the bricks from the bricklink and build a worm drive version again. And I will compare it with Akiyuki original elevator module. I'll post images when it's done.
  5. I already checked the image and assembled the elevator module. So the lever worked well. The lever mechanism that I wanted to know is the third, fourth and fifth images(Upper lever train trip). By the way, the elevator module you showed me has a string. Is it MajkiSpajki version? I first want to build a Worm drive version (by Doug72), not a Worm drive with counterweights version. Although the elevator speed will be slower, then I will build a Worm drive with counterweights version if necessary. Which upper lever train trip is a good choice for this Worm drive version (by Doug72)?
  6. When the elevator was at the bottom, the train unit was dashed forward without locking.
  7. In the lxf instruction, there was a red rubber band that I thought of using it. I also removed the rubber band and used the Trip arms with counterweights but the train unit dashed forward without locking it. Could you show me images of trip arms with counterweights?
  8. It was an incomplete instruction on a PC at work. But when I ran LDD on my home PC, it was a more complete instruction. I will reassemble the elevator module (Doug72 version) once more. How do you work with the lever in the picture? I used a rubber band and the tension was too strong so it didn't work. Can you show me if you have the correct image?
  9. I've tried several times, but never succeeded. I think there are no problems with my Train units. Because on Akiyuki's passing module I immediately reassembled it ran well.
  10. I disassembled Akiyuki's passing module and assembled Berthil's passing module. The train unit shakes too much when entering the entry. And the problem was that the train unit just passed the track without stopping. So I went back to Akiyuki's passing module. Perhaps there was an error in the process of creating a PDF instruction, or something different from Berthil's original module. I realized again that it was difficult to assemble while viewing lxf files, not PDF files. Why do most lxf files have errors and are incomplete? I decided to make a worm drive version (Doug72) first. Referring to the images in the forum here, I have almost completed the this incomplete module. I think the elevator module (Doug72) is also important for the position of the Technic gear rack (3743). Assemble as instructed and the Train unit stays in place without starting. I've had other troubles as well. After several attempts I finally disassembled it. I hesitate to challenge the counterweights version. It was also incomplete when I viewed the lxf instruction. This version has so many variants that it's confusing which one to reference.
  11. Wow~ I was thinking about doing what you said a while ago. I'm going to build your double passing module and Doug72 ver or Worm drive with counterweights version. Thanks. As you say I should make modified modules. I should check the additional bricks used by running Studio. Thanks.
  12. I recently built 'Akiyuki's railway system: Debut layout'. I found this layout difficult to run for hours. Rotary dump module (Doug72 ver.), Passing module double crossover type, balloon loop module, through unit, loading unit, unloading unit, switch track worked well. However, elevator module, passing module often caused errors. It is not easy to drive due to the change of elasticity of elevator module. And the subtle differences between each train unit affected the layout. Problem 1. While the elevator module is rising, the train unit is not fixed on it and the elevator falls down. 2. On the passing module, one train unit could not start even if another train unit passed.
  13. I've already watched your video. As you say, your modified module did not have a collision. Thank you again for designing the rechargeable train unit.
  14. 감사합니다 Berthil, Doug72, Courbet. Berthil이 개조 한 열차를 사용했습니다. Doug72에서 수정 한 로터리 덤퍼 모듈도 사용했습니다. 다른 하나는 Akiyuki가 설계 한 원래 모듈입니다. 비디오를보고 기어 사이트 및 램프의 램프 사이트에있는 로터리 덤퍼 모듈에서 충돌을 발견했습니다. 모듈을 실행하는 데 문제가 없습니다. 다른 사람 이이 문제가 있습니까?
  15. Akiyuki said : "This module consists of a double crossover track and the reverse part. The position of two tongue rails of the double crossover track must be fixed with two rubber bands to operate the module. Please refer to the following photographs and find the yellow and red rubber bands. I have prepared the instructions for the reverse part of the module (see end of this page)." But this is a double crossover track part, so there is no instruction.