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  1. Those were real sets but got cancelled before release because the constraction sets were selling poorly.
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man films aren't canon to the MCU, so Lizard wouldn't be in an MCU CMF. Norman actually has had a minifig, but it was made all the way back in 2003 which was so long ago that licensed minifigs still had yellow skin, he's very overdue for a new one.
  3. I mean it was the result of a massive fan campaign, not to mention directly based on TCW which is pretty rare nowadays especially for how popular the show is.
  4. I made that mistake too once... Needless to say I pay a lot more attention when redeeming points now.
  5. The rumors have shifted to it being a UCS Cantina or Mos Eisley instead.
  6. BigGuy4U

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Can't say I'm surprised the Spider-Man Mech did worse than Iron Man and Thanos, the Spider-Man figure was already in several sets (not to mention was the inferior version without dual-molding) including one for the same price a year earlier that also included Green Goblin, whereas Iron Man (despite his presence in so many sets this year) was brand new and exclusive, and Thanos is still exclusive.
  7. No, it doesn't have anything to do with Star Wars, I assume the post mentioning it was just referring to questionable decisions by Lego recently.
  8. It's a Technic set that got cancelled just a few weeks before official release. I won't get into the details here, but there's some recent Brickset posts about it and an entire thread dedicated to discussing it in the Technic forum if you're interested.
  9. There's already been pages of speculation about that. Every character who appeared in the cantina scene has already been brought up, along with some who weren't and were just around Tatooine. At this point we just don't know until we see leaks or an official reveal.
  10. The way Lego seems to do it is that he's only considered Vader once he's in the suit, which is common (even if incorrect) in general. Even the Darth Vader Transformation set from 2017 called Crispy Vader "Anakin Skywalker" on the box. However, this ship in particular isn't even the one he flies to Mustafar, and even if it was, it appears earlier in the movie anyway, so it's not exclusively a Vader ship.
  11. For what it's worth, the Bad Batch was George's idea. I can't see them being spread across multiple sets, that would mean there would most likely be 3-5 sets before the series even launches, which I can't see happening with Lego's treatment of The Mandalorian and TCW season 7. I would expect them to start off with a medium sized set with all of the members of the Bad Batch and see how it sells or how popular the series is, if they even do anything.
  12. BigGuy4U

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Pretty interesting set, nice to see we're already getting some more standard-ish sets out of the Nintendo partnership already. Way too far out of my price range though.
  13. I think you missed the point about Fallen Order a bit, they're not saying they won't include those characters in sets if they feel it's relevant, they just don't want to do sets directly based on the game. It's not really anything to do with minifigs. That being said I completely agree with you, the reasoning is pretty odd especially compared to other things they've done recently.
  14. BigGuy4U

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Highly doubtful since all we got for the original game was an SDCC exclusive minifig. Lego might capitalize on it by putting Miles in an unrelated set but I wouldn't expect anything directly based on the game.
  15. I'd be surprised if $30 battle packs became the norm going forward. Shifting every battle pack to this price point would kill the entire point of most battle packs, having a relatively cheap option to army build. Popularity is also a concern, while it could work for more popular factions like the 501st Legion, it's nice buying a $15 set of say, First Order Executioners or the Tatooine Battle Pack, but would something like that really sell at double the price? Not to mention on the consumer's side it would have to include a whopping 8 minifigs to be an equivalent value to the battle packs. Anything less and you'd surely have a lot of disgruntled AFOLs who don't see the point in paying the same price as two battle packs to get less minifigs.