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  1. Unless it's been leaked, there's no confirmation that Wedge will be in IX. I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  2. Old Luke's hair would be perfect for RotS Anakin. I hope they make it at some point.
  3. Weird that these upcoming Spider-Man sets seem so redundant, although I haven't picked up any in a while so I'm not particularly fussed about it. Hopefully the Doc Ock and Vulture sets are good, I'm missing the latter and all I have for the former is the Spider-Man 2 fusion lab version. Thanos looks good, the helmet choice is definitely odd though.
  4. It's not a Disney issue, it's an issue with whoever owns the action figure rights to those properties considering minifigs "action figures", and therefore deciding Lego would be infringing on their rights by releasing a CMF. Apparently, polybags and sets which only contain minifigures (which is why battle packs were created, I believe) also fall under this rule. It's the same reason we can't get a Star Wars CMF.
  5. Let's be honest, anyone who thinks "game changer" means "higher quality regular sets" is setting themselves up for major disappointment.
  6. BigGuy4U

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    You have to keep in mind that not everybody's been collecting as long as you have. The repeat characters is a complaint I see here often, but newer collectors shouldn't be forced to resort to Bricklink or miss out completely on iconic characters like Batman's rogues gallery. This is the first time Two-Face, not counting Lego Batman Movie, has been in a set since 2012 for example. I know I would've loved this wave if it came out when I first got into DC. I also see this happen a lot in the Star Wars forum, where there's always complaints about sets because that specific vehicle had a set four years ago, yet if they didn't do that new fans wouldn't have a chance to get iconic vehicles and locations.
  7. If I remember correctly he jumped on someone for reporting info on a set (Yoda, I think it was?) that he had already confirmed months earlier, even though that user had more information that hadn't been mentioned yet. He got called out on it by several users, and then got mad and left.
  8. But we did get a set with Venom.
  9. Not really, we never got her for TLJ and there's still a few characters from this movie we haven't seen as minifigs yet. Remember how long it took to get old Luke? Not to mention Threepio and Artoo, who have both been in all 3 movies but we're just now getting them in a ST-based set, not counting the TFA polybag. Plus, we don't really know how prominent of a role Leia will have, especially since all her scenes will be old footage that wasn't even intended for this movie, or what scenes she would be in. And of course there's the possibility that we won't get her at all, since Lego seems to like leaving a few characters behind from every movie for whatever reason.
  10. Man, that Falcon is tempting... Unfortunately I already have the TFA Falcon and can't really justify buying a second one. I was looking forward to Yoda, but he's disappointing (and a little terrifying). Money I don't have to spend though so that's fine with me. The new hood piece on Obi-Wan actually looks really good. I might have to get that one.
  11. Anakin and Obi-Wan both look fantastic! Anakin in particular is a huge improvement from past versions, I never really cared for all those weird lines on his face. Reminded me of those ugly Luke heads from 2014. I'm also glad we get a normal face in addition to the dark side one. This is already shaping up to be a great set, can't wait!
  12. BigGuy4U

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Yeah, I'm not getting the "licensed CMFs should appeal to those who aren't fans of those properties" mindset that some seem to have. Aside from collectors who have to have every single minifigure from every CMF or people looking for specific parts, if you weren't a DC fan at all, why would you bother feeling through bags upon bags to find, say, the Joker? Same goes for any licensed series, or theme for that matter, especially for something like the Simpsons, which I can't understand how that would appeal to non-fans with their molded heads and whatnot. I'm not a fan of Harry Potter and couldn't care less about the CMF, so I skipped it entirely. I can't think of any way Lego could've spun that to make someone like me interested in it, and that's okay. It's not for me, it's for Harry Potter fans, and bound to happen with any licensed series. There's no reason to "dumb them down" for lack of better words so that people who aren't even fans of those properties would buy them. Lego's never done that, and I hope they don't do that at the expense of the fans.
  13. Bizarro was released as a con exclusive, although I don't know how "normal" you could call that.
  14. Am I the only one who thinks Rey's head is actually pretty good? To me it's one of those heads that you look at and easily recognize "yep, it's that actor".
  15. Thank you. If you don't want to or aren't able to share your information, that's fine. Saying "I have information" but refusing to say anything about it and then getting frustrated when others inevitably ask questions and "taking your toys and going home" is ridiculous. "Something is coming at some point" is just useless information and doesn't help us in any way, not to mention can come off as "haha I don't know something you don't". It reminds me of the Marvel thread before the Endgame sets were revealed when leakers would count down to when they were going to reveal something, which got to the point where the mods cracked down on it, or when certain leakers here in the Star Wars thread would reveal information and then blank their post as if it were a game where you had to be quick to read it or you missed out.
  16. BigGuy4U

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Just stop panicking and be patient. If we still haven't heard anything a few months from now, then we can start worrying about cancellation.
  17. The walker was cancelled unfortunately, along with a B2 Super Battle Droid. There was leaked preliminary boxart and everything. I'm not expecting to see any Marvel sets like that since the Star Wars sets apparently sold so poorly that they cancelled sets only months away from being on shelves.
  18. BigGuy4U

    Toy Story Andy's room [MOC]

    As a fellow lifelong Toy Story fan, this is awesome! Cutting out part of the packaging to make posters of Buzz and Woody is a very nice touch.
  19. BigGuy4U

    [MOC] Frog King

    I love everything about this, nice work!
  20. You joke, but I'd pay good money for the Thanoscopter.
  21. When was a battle pack for The Mandalorian confirmed? I don't remember anything being said about the winter wave.
  22. Assuming the Goofy minifig is real, what if Lego's plan was to hold off on him in the CMF to get more interest for the D2C, and then later down the line whenever we get Series 3 they'll do his classic appearance rather than the park one?
  23. I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to focus all the attention on Rise of Skywalker for the fall wave, and we'll get sets for the other more recent stuff (TCW, Mandalorian, Fallen Order, Resistance) in the spring.
  24. There's nothing else coming out this year that we know of.