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  1. Iperial_Fleet_Commander

    [MOC] UCCS Acclamator

    Almost unfair how good this looks. At this scale, how big would some gunships/tanks be? Too small to build into the ramp?
  2. Iperial_Fleet_Commander

    LEGO Star Wars 2024 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Has Lego been getting more late with their announcements recently? I feel like the time between reveal and release has gotten smaller in the last few years, or maybe everything else (movies, mostly) being revealed 3+ years before they release has skewed my view of it.
  3. Incredible! Those opening doors are fantastic tbh, a standout in an already great build.
  4. Iperial_Fleet_Commander

    When did Lego Star Wars actually start?

    Damn, those prototype Snowspeeder and speeder bike designs look better than the ones they ended up with haha.
  5. Iperial_Fleet_Commander

    Color chart with as many colors as possible?

    oh yea, I don't expect to get EVERY color in a 1x1 shape, but I want as many as I can fit in a relatively small area, at least.
  6. Iperial_Fleet_Commander

    Color chart with as many colors as possible?

    I do know about that one, yea. The issue is that it really isn't ALL the colors. It's missing a lot, you can really see the lack of blues especially. It's a decent start, I guess, but it is lacking for my wants.
  7. I've had this idea for a few years, finally started on this project, but I need some help with it. Basically, I want to create a chart with as many colors represented as I can, preferably in 1x1 form (studs, plates, tiles, cheese slopes, etc, whatever's available). So, after making a chart on Stud.io, I need help figuring out which of these... actually exist. Bricklink can help, but annoyingly, they don't have a way to sort parts by color in the main search, only inside a store. Here's the chart I have, though I did leave out the rubber elements since I figured those likely wouldn't be applicable here. I have 20 or 30 or so colors so far, but mostly the basic ones that most people have (red, green, blue, grey, white, etc).
  8. Iperial_Fleet_Commander

    Toe Mauler (new variants!)

    Honestly, even as-is, It'd make a pretty good bunker-buster, smashing through walls with those things haha.
  9. Isn't the Steadfast image just a flipped Macross Valk, anyway? I guess that wouldn't really affect how you build it, but still, a funny weird detail lol
  10. Ah, whoops. It's kinda late, I musta missread it lol.
  11. The Recusant isn't THAT big. At least, not most versions of it. It's only about 1,200 meters, you're thinking of the upscaled dreadnaught size one I think, which is over 2.5k meters. Both the Recusant and Providence have "dreadnaught" versions, which are basically just 2x scaled up versions of their more mass-produced design, used for command ships. I guess that gives some precedent for the Xyston's weird 50%-scaled-up-ISD look that I've always hated lol. But the base model is only slightly bigger than the Venator, and without any internal hangar, you could probably just make a very solid technic spine to base the whole thing on.
  12. Any ideas on how/if you're going to attach the hangar bay doors? Was actually working on modifying an old Venator MOC I got instructions for a few years ago to have opening doors, and kinda lack a way to really attach them.
  13. Iperial_Fleet_Commander

    Anyone else slightly disappointed in the new Venator?

    Well, there is the 2023 set discussion thread where we've been talking at length about this already, but yea, some people are pretty bummed with it, myself included.
  14. Iperial_Fleet_Commander

    LEGO Star Wars 2023 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Well, if you wanna get real pedantic about it, the 2003 Clone Wars show also showed the bay doors opening. But yes, it is more prominent in TCW, which this one is based on.
  15. Just caught up on a lot of these, really great models all around! Mini scale stuff is always fun to see, working with those tiny pieces is very enjoyable to me lol. I did do a fast attempt at reworking the Skipray, after I had a bit of a wave of inspiration, but unfortunately its been too long since I last posted an image here, and I've completely forgotten how to embed images now haha. The general idea is to replace that jumper with a minifigure skate piece, and replacing the cone with a 1x1 with hole in the middle and a bulb piece on top.