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  1. Harry Potter in Lego Dimensions wave 6! Harry and Lord Voldemort were the only 2 released at this time… Boo! Hopefully Hermione, Ron, Draco, Professor Snape, and many other memorable Wizardlings will make their appearances as well. But for now, let us enjoy their presence in the world of Hogwarts in Lego Dimensions. A video detailing their attributes - Cheers!
  2. Yes, unfortunately the only genuine ones are Dr Doom and Ghost Rider... That is why we need more Marvel characters in Lego, or at least in Lego Dimensions. Perhaps in the near future?
  3. Let us erase the memory of the debacle that is the 2016 Fantastic Four movie… But focus on the many awesome characters in the Fantastic Four Universe- in Lego form :) Along with other Marvel Superheroes that have crossed paths. Here's a video detailing their strengths and weaknesses - Cheers~!
  4. Should or will DC's Suicide Squad and the Justice League join Lego Dimensions next? It seems like a natural fit since Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, the Joker, and Harley Quinn are already in Lego Dimensions. What about Suicide Squad? A bunch of Oddballs wrecking chaos in Lego- that's a riot waiting to happen! Here's a video detailing their strengths/attributes and weaknesses- Cheers! BoB
  5. toyforbob

    Star Wars join LEGO Dimensions next!(?)

    And when it come to demand and profitability with the Star Wars franchise, anything is possible. As they say, cash is king. Imagining Disney owning the Star Wars franchise 5-10 years ago, I didn't :\
  6. Now that Disney Infinity is gone the way of the Dinosaurs (sad…), the next logical destination for Lego Star Wars universe is- yeah, Lego Dimensions! With its rich history and rabid fans all around the world, we demand Star Wars! I mean Please~ :) Here’s a video of the minifigures lightsabering up in action- Cheers~!
  7. toyforbob

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    My Spider-Man collection! Spidey, the Sinister Six, and his rivals and villains. I've always imagine them on LEGO Dimensions and wrecking havoc in Springfield! Or Spider-Man Batman tag teaming! Here's a video clip of them in action-