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  1. Raziel-117

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I was a huge Admiral Thrawn fan back then. So I made one myself. I never expected that he would ever exist as an official figure. I don't think I need to mention that the official figure is the better one. But back then I had a lot of fun with the old one ^^
  2. I hope I'm in the right sub-forum ^^ I have build an Infinity-Machine. Here is some basic knowledge: An infinity machine illustrates a progressive immobility. In this case through multiple gear reductions of the gears involved, which run slower and slower with each stage. For a motor with 350 revolutions per minute on the first axis, a reduction ratio per axis of 1 to 5 (8 to 40 teeth) and 10 axes to be included, the result is a factor of 5*10 = 9,765,625 The following numerical example follows from this: After almost 9.8 million revolutions of the first gear, the last gear has completed one revolution. Gear 1: • 350 revolutions per minute • 21,000 revolutions per hour (350x60) • 504,000 revolutions per day (21,000x24) • 183,960,000 revolutions per year (504,000x365) This means that the last gear wheel would have completed one complete revolution after about 20 days. This means that the last gear has moved one tooth after half a day. For illustration I have fixed it with an axis ^^ Incidentally, with each additional axis, the whole thing increases by a factor of 5. Here some examples: 15 Gears: 166 Years 16 Gears: 830 Years ... 20 Gears: 518.414 Years Incidentally, the first development of the machine comes from Leonardo da Vinci. I also have a video from the maschine! Should anyone of you want to recreate it, I have also created a small Instruction.
  3. Raziel-117

    [MOC] The Skull Eye

    Thank you all for the positive feedback! In the studio program, the Ship-Parts are unfortunately quite buggy. You can't align the bricks properly. I always had to create a few auxiliary constructions
  4. Raziel-117

    [MOC] LEGO Eldorado Fortress, redesigned

    This fortress looks really awesome! I could look at them for hours to find all the details! But why is one flag hanging upside down? ^^
  5. Raziel-117

    [MOC] The Skull Eye

    The Time has come ^^ The Ship is finally finished! On my Flickr Page I have a lot more Pictures. You can find the Instruction >here< as Download! Here are a few Comparison-Pictures with the Original:
  6. I once made some comparison pictures for my two remakes. The Imperial Flagship: And the Renegade Runner:
  7. Raziel-117

    [MOC] Rotting Leviathan

    Wow! This Leviathan looks amazing! How long did it take to design it?
  8. Raziel-117

    [MOC] The Skull Eye

    I'm still missing some bricks. There are a total of 7 BrickLink orders - of which 5 have already arrived today. Hopefully the other two will come tomorrow, because then I can start building on Sunday ^^ The Skull Eyes Schooner is by far my favorite set from Lego. I also don’t remember in which year I got it. But an estimated 22-25 years ago, I would say. In order to say goodbye to this old friend (before he is reborn in the form of the reaper), I made up a little ministory. But I did not make the greatest effort. I think I would have made up a whole story earlier, 20 years ago. ^^ Something would have happened, like, the Skull Eye is in the Caribbean when the Navy suddenly appears. Panic spreads ... A battle ensues, but the pirates are outnumbered ... But then an allied ship comes to the reinforcement! And together they defeat the enemy and start a big celebration! Unfortunately, the Skull Eye didn't survive the battle! Fortunately, the Allies have a capable shipbuilder and the Reaper is bored ^^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Something like that ~ I also renewed the crew! Although I have kept some figures. There are also 3 officers, with the middle one setting the tone. It's amazing how the print quality of the characters has changed in the 30 years! At the time, I didn't care that Lego had given the characters names. I knew his name was Captain Redbeard, but I never called him that. Just see his hand! It's Captain Hook! End of discussion ^^ The guy to his right was Smee. Well, if everything works out, you'll get the final pictures in the course of the next week!
  9. Raziel-117

    [MOC] The Skull Eye

    I'm finally done! I still have to order a few parts via BrickLink. When they are still here, then I can build the Ship! Then you also get the final pictures! In the end there were exactly 500 building steps ^^
  10. Raziel-117

    [MOC] The Skull Eye

    Thank you! The rear is gradually taking shape!
  11. Raziel-117

    [MOC] Its time for Battle

    I love this Moc! I think the Barracuda Island is just the Starter-Pack^^
  12. Raziel-117

    [MOC] Flintlock Pistol

    Wow! Wie geil ist das denn?! The pistol looks really great! And it also works! I would like to recreate them. I also looked at your animals. Boy, they look abnormally good. Thumbs up!
  13. Raziel-117

    [MOC] The Skull Eye

    As with the original, there are 3 middle parts:
  14. Raziel-117

    [MOC] The Skull Eye

    I don't know yet whether I'll share the studio file. What I will definitely publish for everyone is the complete instruction as a PDF. I did the same with the Imperial Flagschip and the Renegate Runner too.