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  1. Thank you! For the most part, I first created the ships using the studio program. But with more complicated things like the sloping rear or the door, I first had to practice with real Lego bricks to see if that was possible.
  2. Raziel-117

    [MOC] Lagoon Lock-Up Remake

    Together with Legolux, this is the second remake for this set. Looks great!
  3. I finally did it! The first two of my ships are now finished! After the Baracuda Bay appeared, I wanted to renew my old ships as well. I started with the 6268 Renegade Runner. To be honest, the ship is nothing more than a nutshell without a cabin, upper deck, etc. The figureheads of the old ships were also rather poor - if the ship received one at all. In contrast to the Baracuda, I also bought the Runner a monkey. I also tried to use a few old design elements from the old sets so that they had a certain recognition value. On Flickr I have more (and bigger) pictures of the ship: 6268 Renegade Runner – Neuauflage If any of you want to recreate the ship, I have also created a Instruction. For a better overview I create a second post for the next ship ^^ The 6271 Imperial Flagship was a lot more difficult to redesign. I spent a long time tinkering, especially at the rear. I already announced the new crew at Post your Pirate Crew. And of course there are more pictures on Flickr: 6271 Imperial Flagship - Neuauflage I also created a Instruction here. I have had the original ship since I was 5 or 6. And I'm more than happy with the new one! The next big project will be the 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner! This will definitely be a real challenge given the size of the ship. Let's see if I can do it over the summer ^^ I think I will then cannibalize the Creator Set 31109. Rummaging the internet for MOC ideas couldn't hurt either ~
  4. Raziel-117

    [MOC] Too heavy!!

    Cool Idea! That reminds me to this Mini-Moc:
  5. Raziel-117

    [MOC] Bounty Hunter Scene (Episode V)

    I know what you mean. As a big bounty hunter fan you had to wait YEARS to get everyone together. But I was all the happier when it finally happened ^^ During this period there were easily three different Dengars, two Bossks and countless Bobas ~
  6. Raziel-117

    MOC The battle of Geonosis

    Have you some closer Shots from the Hailfire Droids? I love them!
  7. Raziel-117

    [MOC] Bounty Hunter Scene (Episode V)

    Great Work! I like these scene in the movie and the Bounty Hunters at all. These the best Star Wars Figures!
  8. Raziel-117

    [MOC & Instructions] 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up Revisited

    Cool! I downloaded the instructions right away And yes, lego should finally release pirate sets (and castle) again^^
  9. I like all the construction techniques - especially the roofs and the details on the tower! The man with the wooden leg on the jetty was also successful. I haven't put a Lego figure sit down this way either. A nice little building with many lovely details!
  10. Raziel-117

    [MOD] Monkey's Revenge

    Hahaha I love the Revenge! A Pirate Set without a monkey is not really a Pirate Set!
  11. Raziel-117

    [MOC & Instructions] 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up Revisited

    Wow! I like the new design! That is pure nostalgia! I also plan to replace some old sets myself. I feel like you All thanks to the Baracuda!
  12. Raziel-117

    Your First Pirate Set!

    My first pirates set (an my first Lego set, buy the way) was the 6259 Broadside's Brig. I have a lot of fun with this set!
  13. Raziel-117

    [MOC] Indiana Jones Pirate Ship

    I thought the cannon was a little over the top.
  14. Raziel-117

    [MOC] Indiana Jones Pirate Ship

    Did anyone of you play Lego Indiana Jones 2? You could gradually build a small pirate ship in the game. And I liked the ship so much that I just had to build it! That's why I don't know if I can really call this MOC, because it's just a replica ^^ But never mind. To be honest, I had built the ship 7 years ago, but I haven't uploaded the pictures yet. In this video (right at the beginning) you can see the ship in the game. There are more pictures of it on Flickr!
  15. Raziel-117

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    Ahoy! After the Baracuda Bay appeared (a great ship!), I decided to give my ships a makeover. I started with the Renegade Runner (6268) and the Imperial Flagship (6271) - here I redesigned the ships in the Bricklink studio program. I am already planning the Skulls Eye Schooner (6286). As soon as I have finished the first two ships, I will post them here in the forum! I also renewed the crew for the Imperial Flagship: