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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings folks! I've been assigned the task of designing the new skin for the LEGO Pirates Forum. Could everybody please share your: Screen resolution Internet Connection speed Internet browser (please include version number) Thank you, you beautiful people! MINIMUM BROWSERS!!! The new Pirate forum Skin will only display properly in recent browsers. The minimum versions are: Internet Explorer 9+ Firefox 16+ Google Chrome 16+ Otherwise there will be many display errors.
  2. For the first time ever YOU have the opportunity to contribute to a Eurobricks Forum Skin! We’re looking for a wide range of LEGO Pirate minifigures in an assortment of entertaining poses. So, if you have an interesting minifigure or three, post photos of them in this thread. What we're currently looking for is minifigures in poses grouped according to their Pirate sub-theme, I.e. Pirates (1989-1991, 1992-1995 & 1996-1997), Soldiers, Imperial Guards, Islanders, Imperial Armada , Pirates II and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. What we’re looking for… Minifigures from LEGO setsPirates, Soldiers (blue coats), Imperial Guards (red coats), Islanders (natives), Imperial Armada (conquistadors), Pirates II (released in 2009-2010) and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. Custom MinifiguresThe Dutch, Portuguese, East India Trading Company, Colonisation of Central America, undead pirates, etc. Mesoamerican CivilisationsAztec, Maya, Inca, Olmec, Toltec, etc. What we’re NOT looking for… Sigfigs or avatarsit wouldn’t be fair to permanently feature somebody’s forum identity. 4+/Jackstone Pirates setsthose oversized pirates which were released in 2004. Although their accessories may work with standard SYSTEM Pirate minfigures. Pirates from outside the CaribbeanVikings, Space Pirates, Steampunk, Medieval Pirates, Barbary Corsairs, etc. Minfigs & Elements from Imitation/Counterfeit or Competing BrandsThe minifigures and pieces you use MUST be authentic LEGO, with the exception of elements from custom LEGO manufacturers such Brickarms, Brickforge, Citizen Brick, etc. These are acceptable. The blasted Rules The photography must be decent!We will NOT accept low resolution images nor include images which contain artefacts (graininess), aliasing (jagged edges), chromatic aberration (colour fringing), focal defects (blurriness), mismatched impedance (ghosting), oversaturation or any noticeable visual distortion. The minifigure/LEGO elements MUST be shown entirely within the photoPlease do not submit photos with minifigures/elements which cannot be fully seen. E.g. peaking in from the side or from the waist up. If they were to be added to the banner, whatever part(s) aren't visible would simply look cut off in the banner. No lighting techniques or harsh shadowsPlease photograph your minfigure(s) in consistent lighting. The minfigure(s) must isolated against a neutral coloured backgroundThe background will need to be manually removed and this is much easier if it contrasts with the minifgure and is a constant colour. You may however, remove the background yourself, but be sure to save the image as a 32bit PNG file to ensure it retains its transparency. No watermarks, logos, signatures or other brandingPlease ensure your photos are free from visual distractions. No Background Spill“Spill” is the term used in film and photography when a background colour reflects onto a foreground element. For example: a minifigure photographed against a blue background has traces of blue along its boundary. No flash highlights These are when the flash reflects off the minifigure causing white highlights or shines. Nothing too crude or offensive!Keep your minifigure’s anitcs clever and tactful. Our decision is finalWe decide which minifigures will appear in the skin and how they will be arranged. Acknowledgement Everybody who contributes minifigure photography will receive an acknowledgement in Announcement Thread when the skin is complete. Upon request additional information can be included such your website, Deviant Art account, Facebook Page or other contact details. Agreement By submitting photos you grant us permission to use them in anyway we see fit (relating to the Forum Skin), for an indefinite period of time without expectation or requirement of compensation, remuneration or reward.