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  1. ixypixy

    The Algus Saga: Rekkrfell Fortress

    I love it! It's really well designed and the interior is superb.
  2. ixypixy


    Cool, I can't believe how much action you've managed to achieve with a tiny scene. Looks great!
  3. Hi Brandon, welcome to Avalonia I am very new here as well, so am not too sure about the answers to some of your questions, such as land claims and LDD. I did find reading through a lot of the earlier Avalonian threads was a great way to learn about the lore. There was an Avalonian civil war that was introduced after the initial story. I look forward to seeing your builds. Sorry for the multi-post, but I also wanted to add a big thank you for your kind words about my Challenge 3 entry. I am so glad I found GoH, it's been a great creative outlet so far and I love seeing all the amazing creations by other members. Henjin - do you mean that you also planned to have orcs and bad stuff on your eastern frontier? Or asking if you should put them in? Please don't feel you have to change any of your plans or story because of what is happening in Faer-o-dur. I will probably be building a lot slower than you because of family and work. If you did plan to put them there though, what an amazing coincidence!! Maybe in the future our elves can team up to battle them!!!
  4. Brilliant job on your first GoH moc, Henjin. What a beautiful forest scene and great introduction to your story. I really like your trees especially the angle and colours of the foliage. The detailing on the front border is lovely as well.
  5. ixypixy

    Noriach, summer palace of House Chorian

    Wow! Phenomenal work Ecc! Your design for House Chorian is just stunning especially the wood walls. Everything from the overall composition to the smallest details are a work of art.
  6. ixypixy

    Defense of the North - The Algus Saga

    oooo I love awesome lego dragons and this one does not disappoint!! What a beauty, great job! I really enjoyed your story as well especially when the dragon turned up and gobbled up the Algus!! I also really liked the way you built up your minifigs for the Algus army and the crack in the snow.
  7. ixypixy

    Nordheim Farmhouse

    Wow the design of that thatched cottage is really nice Everything else is superb as ever! Can't wait to see all the modules together. Great work guys!
  8. ixypixy

    de Gothia and Elijah

    This is a fantastic build, you've really caught the sense of a busy bustling town. It all looks ace but I just love those domed towers
  9. ixypixy

    The Coming of Spring

    A beautiful scene you've created I love the texture of the terrain and the ice. The spots of lilac remind me of winter-flowering heathers on the moors. Great job!
  10. Previous post. Sigfig Auriel's Introduction Task 3. The Realm of Faer-o-dur. Hi guys. I would like to submit this map & it's description for my task 3 challenge . I hope I have done the right kind of thing and posted it in the right place? I've always wanted to draw my own fantasy map and had a lot of fun making it. I'm really sorry for the length of the description, please don't feel you have to read it all. I got a bit carried away! I hope you enjoy it! Faer-o-dur Nestled in the heart of Avalonia's Enchanted Forest, Faer-o-dur is nearly entirely covered with beautiful diverse forest. Even its rolling hills are heavily wooded. Old mysterious magic has had a profound effect on the land here over the ages. Strange and wondrous flora and fauna have evolved, many of which have been unseen by human eyes, due to the difficulty in exploring the dense enchanted forest. Magic rare crystals form amongst & within the forest’s plants, rocks, waters, underground lava pools & animals. The elves of House Orthelon journeyed from The Rustling Leaves Clan (if that's okay RogueAngel?), many generations ago, and were able to overcome this difficulty due to their awesome elfy racial skills. House Orthelon then discovered, at the centre of the region, a giant Oak tree of golden leaves which was protected by a community of different magical creatures, (still to be named ... but thinking centaurs, fairies, ents, plant people and the like). The Golden Oak and its immediate area (Grove of the Wilds) emanate strong magic and it is rumoured that these trees are possible ancestors of the wizard's mythical oak. The Grove of the Wilds is surrounded by a sentient wall of living plants, which seem able to know when the Grove is under threat. Next the elves met an ancient tribe of humans, named the Unchai, living nomadically in the north-eastern parts of the forest. They appeared to almost revere the forest and its magical creatures, seemingly devoting their lives to its protection. I imagine them to be quite tribal in appearance, dedicated to a primitive living and secretive. Although peaceful by nature, they will fight if the forest or their people are threatened. They live their life on the move, circling the north-eastern area known as the Shimmering Pools. Unchai village serves as a place to hold important celebrations and trade with the Grove of the Wild residents. Once trust had been established with House Orthelon, the Unchai also permitted the elves to trade their as well. The Shrine of the Six was built by the tribal people as a site to pay homage to (what they believe as), the forest gods and the six branches of magic that have shaped the forest, (fire, water, air, earth, plant & animal). Eventually the elves of House Orthelon settled in the far west of Faer-o-dur, after finding a second mighty, Golden Oak. For hundreds of years they prospered there and built a wondrous city named Lor’dorei. The Ellodar order was formed and a greater understanding of the forest’s magic was learnt. However, the deep caves and tunnels of the honeycomb-like Punctured Ridges hid a grave threat. A large army of drow had breached the lower caves and swept out from the hills with devastating consequences. The elven warriors of the Doriath order were overwhelmed and Lor’dorei was decimated. House Orthelon retreated east, behind Volonaar parapet, which ironically was built to keep threats from the east out. Eventually the drow were defeated after a combined effort from the elves, Unchai and the Grove of the Wild. Sadly though, the Golden Oak had been corrupted from the Drow’s dark magic and the forest around defiled as well. It has been known ever since as the Blighted Oak and the area – Darkwood. Although burnt and dead in appearance, the Blighted Oak now pulses with dark magic and Darkwood is full of foul creatures and plants such as goblins and pointy-teeth plenty things (have to work on that idea ) Also in recent times, fearsome orcs have taken advantage of the troubled western region and built a stronghold at Tuurok’s Outpost. They are greedy and war-hungering and continually test the forces based at Volonaar and Isturdell. Ever since that war, all three groups have worked together to keep the remaining Golden Oak safe. House Orthelon rebuilt its capital and named it Lor’naeris. It is a beauty to behold, with polished white towers and arches, (if I can ever build it that way! )The slightly crumbling, ancient Volonaar parapet is still standing and functioning as the western fortification. Three more fortified towns and towers were erected to the north (Isturdell), the east (Belshara), and the south (Eldrassil). The upper caverns of the Punctured Ridges have been well explored and are permanently guarded. As the potential threat is still so great, about a quarter of House Orthelon’s population live in an underground citadel called Dol’othrond. Although this opposes their elven nature, each generation of these subterranean elves has become more adapted to life there. There are three elven villages of note. Abaria, which mines and processes the white stone that is used for building. It is also the home of the master weapon & armour makers. The elves living in Alantris are chiefly foresters who fell & replenish trees in equal measure. The master woodworkers also reside here. Ylvanna produces a variety of cloths from the coats, silks & fibres from a variety of flora and fauna. It is home to the master tailors. Each village, fortification & city is able to hunt and forage for food itself. The Orthelon elves don’t farm in the traditional sense but many keep beautiful working gardens. Celedar Harborage on Lake Talon is House Orthelon’s trade port, where many of the local elves fish for a living. The human watchtower I described in my introduction has been named Farshore, also on the shore of Lake Talon. The start of Auriel’s story begins with the establishment of a new Avalonian human town called Westweald. The Avalonian soldiers there are supported by the labour and trade of colonists from Avalonia’s mainland. Keen to keep to their traditional Avalonian roots, Westweald’s architecture is similar to many medieval buildings from the like of Albion. The grey stone is acquired from The Arrow hills nearby. I imagine that a few more traditional farms may spring up in the surrounding Westweald area. The forest here is less dense with more meadow like areas rich in wild flowers.
  11. I know, I've been thinking long and hard about what the landscape looks like for Faer-o-dur. I wanted to keep the vast proportion of it as dense magical forest but with 6 rivers beginning from my borders, I thought it made sense to include some low lying hills (as mountains aren't characteristic for the enchanted forest). I know real hills don't have a lot of forest over them but seeing as this is a magic forest, I'm going with them being partially forested. So I have some hills around the rivers' sources and a dense forest valley going between them. I also imagine that close to the rivers and lake's edge, the land would be more open and grassy. I have hand-drawn a map showing all this, which I'll post tomorrow. I'm just finishing the descriptions of the different villages, towns & sites.
  12. ixypixy

    [MOC ]Giant Attack!

    So so awesome I was feeling so sad that GoT has finished again for another year but this put such a smile on my face.
  13. Hi guys, Just wanted to say hi and apologize for being rather slow getting my first builds done. Work and family are still fairly hectic but I will hopefully have more free time coming up soon. I have nearly finished my Task 3 for Faer-o-dur, which I hope to post this weekend. Congratulations Cablefoxley on the arrival of your baby girl That's lovely news, just hope you're not too tired! Welcome also to Henjin and thanks to you for working on the map. I see we're going to be neighbors in the enchanted forest and I look forward to seeing how both our new stories develop there. I love your sidekickfig, Galaria, it's a great photo of her.
  14. ixypixy

    Shimmering Falls of The Vale

    Gorgeous scene The foliage is just beautiful on those birch trees and the glowing waters have that magical touch. It's a really clever use of the net to create the waterfall.
  15. I love the amount of work you've put into this, both in the build and the story. Both of which I enjoyed immensely, fantastic work