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  1. Scarif diorama is fun. I’ve seen small versions to bigger versions. Everyone had unique building designs. I am building my own small version and this will be my first small diorama. A little regret that I waited too long to build for scarif since most of items are discounted especially battle packs which are much higher prices nowadays. Plants, and oceans are expensive than I thought especially detailed palm trees are the most expensive to make it so I had to make slightly less detail version T_T have a fun with building battle of scarif scene ^_^
  2. Finally received the black card today. the envelope was ripped so I thought my card was stolen but the card was there. it was sent from Hungary. There is no reason that Lego will discontinue MF. They should make it at least 3 years even 5 years. Now local stores have MF. i don’t think we will see discounts for MF sets and probably lucky have double points.
  3. Surprised to see MF 75105 is quietly officially retired at US lego store. probably ready for new white one...
  4. Lego said they need to make more than they thought and it will delay until end of April. Still waiting. Finally, Lego has UCS sets in their store floor. Box is huge so they only put one but I am sure more than one in the back stock room.
  5. I bought it on dec. 15 in US. Have not received the card yet and contacted to Lego. They said they will send the card around end of April.
  6. Already sold out in US.
  7. The set is available in US too. I knew it will be available at online store soon when Lego stores got 24 sets on last Friday. i don’t know Lego intentionally planned or not but it’s like “Merry Christmas” from them hahaha.
  8. I was talking about US market......
  9. I don’t think this set will have any discount ever. Best luck might be double VIP point. Probably it has to be at least one or more years so all Lego stores has this set in their stores. There are several sets never go to any discounts such as Ghost busters fire house and Death Stars. I thought about waiting but wanted black card so recently I was passing by Lego store and stopped by the store. The employee said that they will have it next day so I bought one next morning.
  10. Did not plan but Lego store got UCS Millenium falcon and can’t resist. Finally got one.
  11. Probably Your local stores got 24 sets today. yesterday I passed by Lego store and generally I don’t stop there but just went to store and asked to an employee. I assumed they don’t have any but surprisingly she said 24 sets will be in the store tomorrow (on Friday). probably about 2000 sets are available in US by today.
  12. Exactly same for me. Awesome work. Definitely will get this soon.
  13. Got R3-M2 from TRU. went nearest TRU a few days ago and an employee refused to sell one. today, I stopped by other store and she sold one for me without buying other lego sets. saw new released Legos and tempting to buy but decided to wait. Looks great though.
  14. Kimguroo

    [MOC] battle pack

    I bought several battle packs and did not like micro size so made something which is not related to star wars series. I want to make small AT-ST but I did not have many leftover bricks so it had some limitation. fully functional. cockpit can be opened or closed. can rotate 360 degree. it stands without problem but can't walk though. I need more bricks to make fully functional legs. AT-DT driver might be better than stormtrooper. I need to get one of AT-DT driver ^_^