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  1. Kimguroo

    Tantive IV already backordered

    Actually, it’s not a bad idea to order now since you get free 40333 set and double vip point. I don’t usually buy new release sets early but Selling 40333 (not a big fan of micro sets) and double Vip point ($10) might be close to 25-30% off so why wait??? Went lego store today and it was sold out. They said it will restock on Thursday but better to order now in order to get free 40333 set and double vip point.
  2. Vader 75227 is available now @ 10:30am. Finally got one. It was sold out but restocked at target.
  3. Plus $10 for gift might be really tempting....... went local Walmart and target stores and most of 20 anniversary sets were sold out so came back home and ordered 3 dropship with amazon price match in order to get $10 gift card.
  4. I am not sure Death Star escape set was discontinued since plenty of sets are available at every stores...... anyway got three 20th anniversary sets which was 20% discounts at Walmart last week, I should wait until this week to price match at target in order to get extra 5% off...... I don’t usually buy new sets early but Decided to get it from Walmart because of 20% off. I felt if I don’t buy those sets now from Walmart, probably minifigure thieves might steal all 20th anniversary minifigures. I’m starting to see some of Walmart stores putting legos at locked display selves so they can prevent minifigure stealing.
  5. Kimguroo

    Finch Posting

    I received the head and helmet. I have not build 75188 yet so I preferred to order nodin minifigure to use torso and leg. I did not know where I should display at home then I used old leftover parts from scariff stormtrooper polybag and put imperfected decals haha.
  6. Kimguroo

    Finch Posting

    Thanks for the info. I was able to order head and helmet and different pics showed different colors so I thought I should ask for body too. I was searching for torso and leg but nodin minifigure is better option than buying body parts separately from bricklink.
  7. Kimguroo

    Finch Posting

    Can anyone verify that torso and leg printing is same? The part numbers are exactly same but new one might have different colors??? not sure it’s just different light from camera....
  8. Got new x-wing around $56 from B&N with free polybag and sandspeeder and key chains from lego in order to get mud Hans solo polybag.
  9. I bought a scarif set long times ago but have not built it. Finally decided to make a small battle of scarif scene with two baseplates. I wish I could do better palm trees but it will cost a lot more than I thought so went with cheaper design. I felt original set was too small but don’t want to use two sets so I decided to put some extra bricks to make slightly bigger. I used Cassian head and imperial officer body from New Hans battle pack set. I wish Cassian Head is single side printed....
  10. Scarif diorama is fun. I’ve seen small versions to bigger versions. Everyone had unique building designs. I am building my own small version and this will be my first small diorama. A little regret that I waited too long to build for scarif since most of items are discounted especially battle packs which are much higher prices nowadays. Plants, and oceans are expensive than I thought especially detailed palm trees are the most expensive to make it so I had to make slightly less detail version T_T have a fun with building battle of scarif scene ^_^
  11. Finally received the black card today. the envelope was ripped so I thought my card was stolen but the card was there. it was sent from Hungary. There is no reason that Lego will discontinue MF. They should make it at least 3 years even 5 years. Now local stores have MF. i don’t think we will see discounts for MF sets and probably lucky have double points.
  12. Surprised to see MF 75105 is quietly officially retired at US lego store. probably ready for new white one...
  13. Lego said they need to make more than they thought and it will delay until end of April. Still waiting. Finally, Lego has UCS sets in their store floor. Box is huge so they only put one but I am sure more than one in the back stock room.
  14. I bought it on dec. 15 in US. Have not received the card yet and contacted to Lego. They said they will send the card around end of April.