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  1. Got R3-M2 from TRU. went nearest TRU a few days ago and an employee refused to sell one. today, I stopped by other store and she sold one for me without buying other lego sets. saw new released Legos and tempting to buy but decided to wait. Looks great though.
  2. [MOC] battle pack

    I bought several battle packs and did not like micro size so made something which is not related to star wars series. I want to make small AT-ST but I did not have many leftover bricks so it had some limitation. fully functional. cockpit can be opened or closed. can rotate 360 degree. it stands without problem but can't walk though. I need more bricks to make fully functional legs. AT-DT driver might be better than stormtrooper. I need to get one of AT-DT driver ^_^
  3. Unexpected buying for 2016 advent calendar set ^_^
  4. Y-wing was arrived from Amazon today and got battle pack (75165) from TRU ($9.99 target price match). Thought about getting extra battle packs but will save it for promotion since I bought most of new release which I am interested in.
  5. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    There are plenty of target, walmart and TRU stores and they always have good prices (with/without coupons and price matches) in US. even though there are exclusive sets, if one is patient. it's possible to get $15 landspeeder, $30-35 A-wing and $21-24 Skiff. Probably I will skip 20% off A-wing deal and hopefully I will get A-wing when TRU has a free polybags deals. last year I bought everything so early and I did not have nothing to buy when TRU and lego store had polybag promotion so I might need to save several sets for that ^_^
  6. Waiting was paid off hahaha just bought Y-wing for around $40-42 TRU 20% off plus 10% eBay buck was a good deal but Y-wing was sold out at Both TRU eBay (or have not listed) and TRU online so decided to wait a day or two. In this morning, Amazon matched TRU Y-Wing price ($48) plus a coupon ($8.62) so pulled the trigger. looking forward to receive it soon.
  7. Looks like target has a price mistake for 75165 battle pack for $9.99 yesterday. target removed it from the list today. if my local TRU had it yesterday, I could do price match for $9.99. Unfortunately local TRU just stocked 75165 T_T but Ebay offer 10% ebay bucks until Feb 23 and Lego star wars can be purchased through TRU ebay. A-wing is only one above MSRP (original MSRP is $39.99 but typical TRU price is $42.99) but still $35 plus 10% ebay buck is not bad. unfortunately Y-wing is not on the ebay TRU list. I bought most of winter 2016 items early then I did not have anything to buy when Lego and TRU polybag promotion which require minimum purchase so in this time, I prefer to wait but the price is pretty decent for new release plus ebay bucks. since the ebay's offer will end on Feb.23, hopefully TRU list Y-Wing at ebay. Already put some items in ebay cart (A-wing, scarif, Yoda's starfighter, and both battle packs) but hard decision without Y-wing......
  8. Check the TRU website. new sets are MSRP like lego store and plus 20%. I am sure TRU will raise MSRP above normal soon but currently Normal MSRP with 20% off. Y-wing is $47.99 now and $59.99 MSRP which is same as Lego store. Unfortunately My local target and TRU did not have 75165 battle pack so could not buy it for $9.99 yet. There are some other TRU stores has 75165 but don't want to drive so probably will wait. Hope target stay with the price. You can ask for price adjustment ^_^
  9. TRU is already having 20% off sales including new sets withough higher MSRP. tempting to get Y-wing...but might wait for a while. Somewhat reason, Target priced new 75165 battle pack for $9.99 so I might get one today ^_^
  10. Finally bought TIE striker from Jet.com. I was waiting deals from TRU but can't pass the deal which was $40.15. A little sonner than I expected to get all Rogue sets ^_^
  11. Post promotional polybag information

    Does Anyone have information on Toy r us event tomorrow? Previously it said stormtrooper but now it said lego minifigures instead of stormtrooper.
  12. It's fun to get promotional polybag especially minifigures. if anyone has promotional polybag information, let us share information ^_^ BTW. I recently got A-wing from TRU and today I received an email from TRU and it said there will be a promotion on Nov. 19 (buy scavenger set and free stormtrooper polybag) but the email did not say which version of stormtrooper minifigures. I don't have FO stormtrooper polybag so hopefully it will be FO stormtrooper.
  13. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Also got A-wing polybag yesterday. Employee did not have any clue so I had show the pic of polybag and asked to check behind counter which they usually put promotion polybags. Got the AT-ST and U-wing (with Walmart price match). There was $25 free gift card deal when you purchasing over $100. I usually buy one or two extra minifigure polybags but she did not allow me to buy extra. probably I will stop by the store another day to buy one more. It depends on person at customer service. Some people allow to buy without purchasing but some people is very strict about their policies.
  14. LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Krennic's Shuttle for sure but U-WING might be underrated set. I also bought Krennic's Shuttle first then when I saw u-wing over and over again, it looks better and better so I got U-WING yesterday.
  15. Poe's X-Wing Fighter - CGI enhanced stop motion build.

    Great job. Hope someone can make all X-wing MOD and kylo Ren MOD versions especially hiding rubbers or wing modification