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  1. As you want to make it as easy as possible, you will need the servo motor. It's the one and only "simple" way to center the steering "to zero" after each steering process. You can improvise with a "normal" motor and a clutch gear, but the centering will always be an issue. Skid steering with wheels or tracks is an alternative for less "dynamic" vehicles, espcially for off road use. You'll only need two motors of the same size, one for the left side and one for the right side. The steering is a whole different experience and not very precise, but you'll be able to make a turn "on the spot" and the chassis is quite easy to build. You'll always need a controller, a receiver and a battery box. The rechargeble battery box has a speed controller included, but the box isn't cheap and you'll also need a proper transformer (like 45517 or 8887) to recharge the battery. For a skid steered model it's still my preferred solution (combined with a "simple" controller).
  2. Wow that's some excellent micro scale building! The truck is just perfect. At the first look it seems to be so much bigger than it really is. Great job! :-))
  3. Nils_O

    Lego Road

    Hi Carl, I think you want to build a SNOT road, don't you? The best way to start is a google image search for "lego snot road". You'll find a lot of pictures answering your questions. A good start would be this site: Best wishes Nils
  4. Nils_O

    [MOD] 75871 Stickerless Mustang WIP

    Very cool! I totally aggree, it looks better than the set. I also try to avoid the stickers when possible. The first thing I do with my son's Speed Champions sets is adding new "brick"-built lights.
  5. Thanks! I'm not sure, if I make more of them. Optimus would be cool, but I still have no idea for the transformation.
  6. Nils_O

    [MOC] Ford GT

    Yeah, so cool and so close to the original! Best PU for the flippers ever! :-)) Great job! :-))
  7. My little son is a big fan of the Lego Speed Champions models. When I saw the Corvette I thought it was a good base to build a "Bumblebee" Camaro. So I started with instructions for the new Speed Champions Camaro, a Transformer from the second movie and built a Speed Champions version of the Camaro used in the film. The idea to build a Legoformer based on the movie Bumblebee was in my mind for years, too. So after building the Speed Champions model I continued with a shell of the Camaro and tried to find a transforming mechanism that was small enough to be squeezed into the 6-wide model. The main idea was to get as close as possible to the Speed Champions model (including the wheel houses and wheels) without visible hinges or gaps. The robot looks more like a "Hulk Buster", but I'm still quite satisfied with the look. The wish to have a Barricade as a rival was right there when "Bee" was finished, so I went on. Black mudguards aren't so easy to get, as there is no model with four of the new ones, yet. After all I bought four Audi models to have all the parts for two Barricades (a Speed Champion for my son and a Legoformer for me). Once more I started with the Speed Champion for my son and modified it to include the transforming function. I really wanted to include the "long arms" of the movie Transformers, so I had to modify the transforming mechanism quite a bit to get the desired result. OK, enough words, time for some pictures. Bumblebee Speed Champion and Legoformer Bumblebee Transformation Barricade Speed Champion and Legoformer Barricade Transformation Family picture Wanna see more? You can find Bumblebee and Barricade on MOCpages and some pictures with a higher resolution on Flickr. I hope you like them :-))
  8. Nils_O

    New 2x3 Curved Slope (24309)

    Bricklink has this part listed in black colour, too. It seems to be used in the Speed Champions Audi R8 (75873) as part of the front "bumper". By the way, does anyone have a picture of the underside of these parts? It would be interesting to see if they can be positionened with a haf stud offset just like the slim ones. They just look like "double 1x3x1" curved slopes, so I'd like to use them here and there to replace a pair of 1x3x1 curved slopes. I think they will really help to get a more seamlesss look on many models.
  9. Nils_O

    MOCs: James Bond 007 Movie Cars

    Now that's freaking cool! I especially like the S1. The front section looks so cool. I stil have the same problem on my 4-wide model, I just can't find the parts that look right. The submarine is extremely cool, too. Great job, pal!
  10. I'm no fan of stickers. I prefer brickbuilt details and printed bricks. So I only use them on a few models like the 10220 Camper van. On my F40 I haven't put any sticker, yet (mainly because of my 3 year old son, he just likes to pull them off). I would have prefered more printed parts for the F40, p.e. the "license plate", the round tile on the steering wheel and the other Ferrari logos. The BTTF DeLorean was so freaking cool with all it's printed parts, so much better than stickers!
  11. I have a Taxi sign on a 1x2 tile from 1979. According to BL it was only part of one set (608).
  12. Aaah, I just love that spaceman, what a freaking cool NCS look! The flag with the CS logo is extremely cool, too. I got one of these plus a "shark man" in my local toy store by touching and feeling the parts in the bag. Then I saw how cool the spaceman really is and ordered four more via BL in a store nearby. Now I'll just have to find a cool way to use these flags in a NCS model...
  13. Wow, that's already looking quite cool, can't wait to see more. Well done so far!
  14. Wow, that really looks like a very useful software. I always wanted to have the submodel structure of LDD included in the building process of the instructions, but LDD just ignores it. So this program (maybe with another highlight colour) would be perfect for me. But I have to write "would be" bacause I#d need a working Mac version, too. I thought that being based on Java that sholdn't be a problem, but I also know that OpenGL can be tricky... Anyway, please keep on working on it, it really looks great!