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  1. Brick City

    HELP! ! !

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could permanently delete my account? I deleted my email liked to this, but it would be great if it could just be closed. Thank you.
  2. Brick City

    2016 Lego trains

    The winter train is something that would be great! But just because it's winter themed, doesn't mean it has to have a holiday feel. A snowy steam locomotive?
  3. Brick City

    [MOC] Lime color house

    Amazing! Words really can't describe how awesome it is...
  4. Brick City

    Lego Grocery Store WIP

    Hello everyone! Theo back with another update! Here, I have added a counter, and fixed that gaping hole in the back. It has been replaced with a SNOT roll-up "door". Untitled by brickcity868, on Flickr I have also added another produce section. Untitled by brickcity868, on Flickr Stay tuned!
  5. Brick City

    MOC: 1950's Wooden Steam Engine

    Wow! I had no idea lego made wooden trains. I knew that they heads wood shop, but trains? I really like it.
  6. Brick City

    sidewalks with modular buildings

    I have two types of streets planned for my city: alleys (no cars) and regular city streets. For my alleys, I simply tile the sidewalks with 2x2 tiles so that they will overhang by one stud. This allows me to place a small baseplate in between two modulars, and tile that. For my roads, I either tile onto my roadplate, or I keep the existing modular sidewalk, and simply put greenery and barriers on the road plate. Greenery or bike lanes really help to complete the mood and environment.
  7. Brick City

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Sorry, I meant two of the half-modulars would cost the same as 1 CC modular.
  8. Brick City

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I honestly think that a good way to keep the price the lower would be selling half-modulars. I think that it would get high demand, but still satisfy, as I could get two modulars For the price of one of the newer modulars. They retail for around $160 in the US, so that could work out well.
  9. Brick City

    "Trois" French Wine Bar

    Shoot. That's amazing. There's really no other way to describe it. Brick on!
  10. Brick City

    Lego Grocery Store WIP

    They're in the works. I just need to get more small wheeled pieces. Yup, after my next pick-a-brick visit.
  11. Brick City

    Lego Grocery Store WIP

    Hi everyone. Just a quick update. I've built a small restroom upstairs to accommodate any patrons. Untitled by brickcity868, on Flickr The plates sticking out of the side will hold a small sink. Stay tuned!
  12. Brick City

    MOC - Godwins Hollow - Godwin Space Center

    Wow! I really like this! The switchboard with the grates is really cool.
  13. Brick City

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That wouldn't surprise me. Most modulars take an unusual piece from other sets (like the unikitty tails from DO) and use them in a new way.
  14. Brick City

    Lego Grocery Store WIP

    Thanks everyone! Yes, a bakery and a butcher are planned for the future-and yes, I do think that the olive green looks great- it has a sort of natural look to it that I feel is great for a grocery store. I'm planning on finishing the roof and fa├žade first. Once I have that to my liking, I'll finish up the interior. Stay tuned :)
  15. Brick City

    [Mod] Dedective Office & Laundry

    Wow! I will say, the colors look far better than the original. I also think that this setup is more realistic, in terms of what you would find nearby a small bar. Anyways, I think that this is really awesome!