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  1. Trolleke

    HOGWARTS Castle MOC 2017

    I absolutely love it ! Nice little details in every room.
  2. Trolleke

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    I love them all ! Especially the howler ! Keep them coming.
  3. Trolleke

    Addams Family Mansion

    Another one to add to my favorits !
  4. Trolleke

    Helm's Deep- At Dawn, Look to the East.

    I love it ! Especially the broken ladder nice detail.
  5. Trolleke

    [MOC] The Golden Age of Chicken Aviation 3

    Can't wait for the next episode !
  6. Trolleke

    [MOC]s Cylinder Hemisphere Experiments

    Loving the tortoise !
  7. Trolleke

    [MOC] Li'l Vampire's Birthday Party

    I love the little details, like the "bloddy Mary" drinks. Keep up the good work.
  8. The voting will not be that easy ... what a choice of great entries. I wish everyone the best of luck !
  9. Trolleke

    The adventures of Harry Potter

    I will be following this threat. Great work and details !
  10. I have uploaded my pics for A and B. Hopefully they are following the guidelines. If not, let me know. Thanks for the oppertunity.
  11. My entry for the jewel thief Before Theft in progress After
  12. My entry: serie 10 motorcycle mechanic