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  1. Lord Of The Fries

    FS Aussie! Jabba's Palace, Bane's Speeder, GE and PS Modul

    Dang it I just bought JP for $160 in Target......and I live in Victoria too!
  2. Lord Of The Fries

    FS/FT: Star Wars Polybags

    I am interested in 2 star destroyers and a STAP. So do you post to Australia?
  3. Lord Of The Fries

    MOC: Portal Sets

    WOW! Best creation I have ever seen! Portal being my 3rd favourite game this is awesome to see in LEGO style. Great work Team Jigsaw and thanks for sharing it with us Brickthing!
  4. Lord Of The Fries

    Astromech Workplace Contest: Smuggler's Ship

    Great work LEGOman! I really like the design of the walls, looks very neat And those studs on top? Is there a second part to this? Good luck in the contest
  5. Lord Of The Fries

    Sydney Brick Show

    I went yesterday and it was great! I saw your Darth Maul mosaic and it looked awesome in real life Hope eveyone who went had fun
  6. Lord Of The Fries

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    Some pictures of the Sith troopers: Thanks for lookin'!
  7. Lord Of The Fries

    Clone Trooper (Mega-MOOD Scale)

    1st picture = Han Solo pose Great work Moodswim!
  8. Lord Of The Fries

    LEGO Easter Eggs

    It wasn't a random joke because sometime in the movie a worker is caught playing Space Invaders when he is supposed to do his work
  9. Lord Of The Fries

    Need Lego Ninjago figures

    I have Cole if you want to buy him or trade.
  10. Lord Of The Fries

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Excellent Oky! Maybe you could do C-3P0 and the black Death Star Droid Pretty please!
  11. Lord Of The Fries

    LDD: Sandtrooper backpack for LED Trooper

    WOW so much detail Nice concept to!
  12. Lord Of The Fries

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    WOW! These sets look stunning especially Pre Viszla Thanks for the pics GRogall!
  13. Lord Of The Fries

    Vote for your favourite Category B entries

    Here's my votes: 1) All your monuments are belong to us (Lady Liberty) Entry (Build by CamelBoy68)- 1 point 10) My third wish (Genie) Entry (Build by Skafte)- 1 point 15) Through the Wormhole (Celtic Warrior) Entry (Build by Space Terrapin)- 1 point Good luck to everyone who entered!
  14. Lord Of The Fries

    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    Here's my votes: 4) Butcher Entry (Build by Walt)- 1 point 11) Alien Entry (Build by Darth Yogi)- 1 point 42) Minotaur Entry (Build by Mr.Brickman)- 1 point Good luck to all those who entered