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    [WIP/MOC] UCS Ghost, Star Wars Rebels

    The two buzz domes together are 8x9, but the complete pod with the three layers of slopes I have bring the total width to around 11 studs. Adding two curved wedge slopes to the sides will bring it up to 8 studs wide, but because the curved wedge slopes aren't hollow, only allows for four studs of interior space (six if you're clever about it). In order to properly do the interior, I'm going to need at least 8 studs of inside space.
  2. vstarvan

    [WIP/MOC] UCS Ghost, Star Wars Rebels

    something to keep in mind is that the top cockpit's studs won't be parallel to the ground. If you take a look at the actual ship you'll notice starting from the cockpit there's a ~20 degree incline towards the top turret. The Millennium Falcon piece might look nicer at that angle, but there's still a few issues. The biggest issues to consider for the cockpit are 1)If it is wide enough 2)If it allows enough headroom and 3)It doesn't dip into space that should be for the gunner station. Unfortunately, the MF piece still creates problems for all three of these. I've been messing around in LDD and it seems that as of now my only options are using 30536, or building it out of many smaller pieces. That shape was actually my first consideration, but just like the old Millennium Falcon piece, it's too narrow for how big the cockpit is supposed to be.
  3. vstarvan

    [WIP/MOC] UCS Ghost, Star Wars Rebels

    The word for sets like 75105 is "play scale". Most toys are play scale. Action figures are designed to an exact scale, but it's easy to find vehicles for them that are 'too small' for the sake of playability. As I said above, the piece that really inspired the build is the construct-a-buzz dome, which is the perfect size for a 3 stud per meter scale. You seem pretty intent on telling me I won't be able to do this, but in truth only time will tell.
  4. vstarvan

    [WIP/MOC] UCS Ghost, Star Wars Rebels

    "Size does matter and yet it doesn't... Although it is possible to build this ship in minifig-scale, I settled for a half-minifig scale." -DarthTwoShedsJackson While there is no set established "Minifigure scale", what can be called Minifigure scale must lie within the bounds of reason. Darth's Ghost isn't Minifigure scale. In fact, it might even be more appropriately scaled for microfigures, but that doesn't diminish the fact that it's a fantastic build. LEGO seems to have a strong Idea as to what Minifigure scale is to them, since the UCS Falcon, Slave 1, X-Wing, TIE, TIE prototype, etc. are all built almost exactly to 1 meter = 3 studs. The only time they build at a different ratio is when the ship is too big and they size it down (Kylo Ren's shuttle, non-ucs falcons), or too small so they size it up (Rey's speeder, Eta-2 Interceptors, Snowspeeders, etc.). 3 studs/meter is what I personally like to build at for Minifigure scale too, in fact I was using it before I even knew LEGO did.
  5. vstarvan

    [WIP/MOC] UCS Ghost, Star Wars Rebels

    I appreciate the input, but the point is that I want a minifigure scale Ghost. DarthTwoShedsJackson's design is excellent, I agree, but it's not what I want. And it's a bit premature to assume that I don't have any sort of structure planned, since I do. I'm also aware that the scale will make designing the cockpit difficult, but that's part of the challenge!
  6. vstarvan

    [WIP/MOC] UCS Ghost, Star Wars Rebels

    Thanks everyone for the encouraging words. I don't know how often I'll be updating; as the combination of school, job searching, and my collection being an unorganized mess are not in this project's favor. I did take that into consideration, which is why I only have one layer of top slopes as opposed to three layers of slopes on the sides and bottom. There's a ~3x3.5 opening at the top, which I think is appropriate. The piece I'm using for the gunner station is the outer shell from the Contruct-a-Buzz set, which was the only release it had. As for the center corridor, there should be 1x6 light bley tiles and 1x1 orange plates in the red circles. Half of them weren't able to fit, so there are small gaps in the corners. That might be the hardest part of the build, since there really isn't a decent translation in LEGO. Someone in the other Ghost thread suggested using three of these pieces to shape the cockpit. That's the best solution I've heard so far, although that part only comes in trans black when the parts I'm using for the gunner station only come in trans clear. Maybe I'll brick build it like the UCS Falcon. I'll get to that part last, hopefully LEGO will release a decent alternative by then.
  7. Hi all. I've begun a project to build a Minifigure scale Ghost from the show Star Wars Rebels, complete with interior. I've looked online to see if anyone else had attempted the same, but to my surprise I haven't found anything. The closest I've seen is the rather impressive half-Minifigure scale model built by a member of this forum. I'm in the process of organizing/sorting my collection, so build progress will probably be slow until that's complete. So far I've worked out two parts of the ship; the central corridor and the front gunning bubble. I have prototypes of each built in person with mishmash colors, so I remade them in LDD and rendered some images with BlueRender. The front gunner station is the first part I worked out. Sadly, the very piece that inspired this entire build isn't included. The front bubble is supposed to be made of two construct-a-buzz outer shells that plug into the front pegs. The result is an 8x9 dome that perfectly recreates the slightly oblate bubble of the gunner station. I might upload an image of my miscolored mockup later to show how the attached dome looks. Here's the central corridor. In the show, the four doors lead to the ship's lounge, two airlocks, and an elongated corridor that leads to the cockpit. The ladder leads up to the top turret. You may notice that there are gaps in the angled corners. unfortunately, the 1x6 plated that would normally fill the gap is too tight a fit for LDD. The ladder is not yet connected to the room, and as of right now the connection will likely be higher up towards the turret. Thanks for taking a look, I hope you guys like what I've got so far
  8. vstarvan

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    As someone considering building a UCS Millennium Falcon with parts I own/bricklinking the rest, is there a list of the nonvisible parts I can use any color for? Thanks.