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  1. Wow, I'm really stupid! Thank you very much for your assistance!
  2. I'm also having trouble with finding the db.lif file on Mac. I've checked under "/Library/Application Support" but there isn't any "LEGO Company" folder or anything related to LEGO there, and there isn't any result when searching for db.lif in finder. Would anyone perhaps consider taking the trouble of uploading the db.lif file to Dropbox or Google Drive or something similar and sharing the link here? I would be extremely grateful!
  3. JohZan

    MOC:s: The Town Square & Small Park

    You are absolutely right, I'm sorry for the confusion Is it possible to change the name of a topic?
  4. JohZan

    MOC:s: The Town Square & Small Park

    I have thought of that too, unfortunately I couldn't find any sets were you get a grey horse.
  5. Hello all fellow "Eurobricks" members! Please note that this is my first topic, if I, not unlikely, make some mistakes. This is also my first MOC:s ever, which I'm personally quit satisfied with. I should apologize for the disturbing backlight in the pictures. Enjoy! The Town Square Since I have always loved the 7641 "City Corner" as well as the 3661 "Bank and Money Transfer" because of their City-ish look and quit cheap price I have for a long time thought of giving them a more stylish display on the outside as well a bit on the inside. So, after some planning and building in LDD and order from PAB (made possible by "Superkalle" and his awesome LDD Manager) I finally could build this MOC. Overview of the Town Square with two young oaks and some Royal Guards marching. A small plantation box with some lovely flowers and a tree. The inside of the repair shop with a young costumer. The statue of some famous guy, perhaps the founder of the town. The inside of the bank with some fancy wooden floor. The pizzeria have a quit common black and white checkered floor. The Park I have as well made a small, quit romantic park, were all the LEGO-citizens can take a brake from the town's stress. Overview of the park. I have used an oak, a birch tree and another tree which I don't really know what it could be. Here you can see the small fountain from the 40052 "Springtime Scene", a bagpiper testing some new tunes and the evil mafia boss who's probably creating new diabolical plans. Here you can see the low wall that surrounds the park. A romantic couple just entering the park. The two flower boxes give a more rustic look to the MOC This is all for me today thanks for watching and please leave a comment with your thoughts! Either or . You can find some more pictures of these MOC:s here (after they have been made public by Brickshelf), if you are interested.
  6. Extraordinary look, it certainly gives an authentic look to any buildings, thanks for sharing! And lovely interior by the way.
  7. JohZan


    Impressive Apple-store, you have succeeded with creating allot of details without loosing the "clean" look. And the Restaurant-Grill is certainly not bad either. Fabulous work!
  8. I'll buy the Bike Shop and Café as soon as they are released, they are simply great. By the way, does anyone know if these build's roofs are possible to remove. Because if not so, you can't build them on another baseplate and use them in a town as you then wouldn't be able to check the inside. Thank's!
  9. JohZan

    Review: 21020 Trevi Fountain

    This must be the best Architecture set ever! I especially appreciate the detailed windows and realistic water.
  10. JohZan

    Confirmed: 10242 Mini Cooper

    Another truly spectacular car from LEGO! I personally love the detailed-packed front. And the price wasn't bad either, actually.