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  1. 1. install LDD 2. copy the script and the lxf to a folder 3. open console 4. navigate to the folder 5. run "python nameofyour.lxf nameoutputobj" 6. now you have nameoutputobj.obj at the folder thats all
  2. Hi bublible, Thanks for your Help. @bublible , @msx80 i have some problems with Flexible Parts. Pipe's and Tube's works good but chain's have not the Bone transformation. Can you help again? jonnysp
  3. hi msx80 & bublible, i hope you can help me? i have converted the src of LibLDD to .net to write a converter from lxf to obj ... it works great. but i have problems with parts with multicolor on sample COCKPIT 6X4X3(45406). on your bluerender it works fine. maybe can you send me a snipped from your source? thanks in advance jonnysp