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  1. According to the MTS is slightly more than half the size of LKC, which in turn has 2 horses and one cow. MTS is more expensive when you compare the weight. In such a case one cow should be the absolute minimum, without increasing the cost at all. The same applies to shields that are still in production, the amount of figures etc... That's how I see it, it's just not good enough for the asked price.
  2. I still don't understand why Lego had to cut so many corners in a long expected icons set like this in the first place. No big animals, no shields, practically no prints... LKC was a true bow to one of the greatest themes of all time. This could have been the affordable & attractive alternative for many fans but it was willfully downgraded by the management. Even the CMF line is treated with more respect (and has apparently a better budget). I really wonder how this decision will affect future castle releases...
  3. Managed to get 7 random figures at a discount on Amazon (Europe), boxes with small and big QR codes. Checked them online with the numbers given on All but one were exact hits. You can contribute to the database too. I'd love to see the Greek (and Roman) helmets again. I have only the Spartan torsos from the Lego BAM tower.
  4. Magnificent; especially the columns with the red base and the architraves. Thanks for sharing!
  5. brimbolet

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    I really would like to have an official fellbeast with the Angmar witchking but unfortunately the chances are zero. I think we'll get only the Legolas & Gimli BH as an GWP.
  6. brimbolet

    21348 Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons and D&D CMF

    Seems to me the dragon has no movable joints like the ones from Ninjago? But it looks very impressive - if they had made a Smaug at the gates of Erebor set I might have been tempted.
  7. brimbolet

    Lego City 2024

    Great to hear more info on the jungle sets; I'd really like to see some of the new animals. I'm more hyped about this than anything else!
  8. brimbolet

    Lego City 2024

    I see no sense in buying Speed Champions (even as a gift for kids) anymore. Not every shape is recognizable and they rely too heavily on stickers. Bburago cars are far better and even cheaper.
  9. The chessboard seems to be a print. Is it new?
  10. Oh, a true Lego veteran and designer of the fantastic LOTR Uruk-Hai army set!
  11. It's so ridiculous; after many years of big profits (especially during the pandemic) Lego isn't willing to put a bunch of animals into the set but they increase the piece count with tons of 1x1 pieces. No wonder the designer is heartbroken. Cows from other manufacturers cost 3$.
  12. Major disappointment for me personally. I have to see the set in person first but it’s not quite the same level like the modulars though the price is just as high. Really shocking how downscaled the buildings on the left are now compared to last years leak. Did Lego want initially 300$€ in the survey or what? In such a case the market would have been an extremely bad deal next to LKC! The unprinted shields in the workshop are a shame, the web frame in the smaller hut is a great detail. The lack of any farm animals however is the biggest blow. Without them all playability/value is lost. The villagers have just one meager goat to survive a harsh winter but still have to pay taxes! A peasant uprising is inevitable…
  13. brimbolet

    Disney Properties 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    This is a really great set, the only person from the movie missing is the hunter who spares Snow White's life. Shame it is so expensive! I know it has many pieces but a much smaller cottage for 100-150$€ would have been just a good. It even looks a bit too high compared with the source material, but that can be modified.
  14. brimbolet


  15. brimbolet

    [Blacktron] Fighter Bomber

    Looks great!