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  1. Master Builder Academy - availability outside USA?

    To those who find this thread...the sets are in fact available at the Lego Stores in Canada now, but don't appear to be able to be shipped through Shop@Home. As of today, Yorkdale in TO had all sets available, although the first 3 were sold out. Adventure and Invention Designer are available for $99 each (vs. $79 in the US).
  2. Canadian Eh?

    Wal-Mart on Dufferin in Toronto had Series 10 CMF's...but all I found were a partial box of Series 9 with about 50% of the packages ripped open, a ripped open but empty gold Series 10 wrapper, and a price label for the Series 10. Maybe I'll wait until they come to the brand stores and then get my VIP points out of it.
  3. Canadian Eh?

    Mastermind on Mt. Pleasant in Toronto has them too...but after I went through them all that is left is about a third of a box. Apprently they've sold a few boxes fairly quickly. Surprisingly enough, I got all the hard to find ones in multiples too - Plumber, Forest Maiden, Starlet, Tarot Card. I could only find 1 waiter (not a big deal for me)...and lots of police officers, mermaids and knights.
  4. Canadian Eh?

    Was at the Fairview store the other day, and a box of DBG 1x3's went from full to almost empty in about 4 days BEFORE it even hit the PAB walls. So stuff disappears behind the scenes before the "public" even knows about it...which works out well if you're in the know - we get the bricks...the PAB wall maintains colour cache!
  5. Canadian Eh?

    Like Prateek said...these developer's don't go lightly into choosing their new locations so apparently, the numbers add up to a third store. Yorkdale is also very selective about what stores they will allow into the mall and they really do have their choice as many want that location. Star Article on Yorkdale Expansions
  6. Canadian Eh?

    Well here's a funny one...I just ordered the Ninjago Epic Dragon set from with a price of £48.99 hearing it was on sale on Brickset...added it to my cart and checked out to find it cost only £45.78 SHIPPED to Canada!! That's a deal!
  7. Canadian Eh?

    AWESOME...thanks so much for sharing...would love to have been there!!
  8. Canadian Eh?

    Thanks for the news. Congrats indeed to Si-MOCs, Darthnick and Rook. I heard there were over 200 entrants. I saw Graeme's name in a Yahoo mail post...but is he part of this forum at all? Does anybody have any links to galleries from the events? I would love to hear what the challenges and results were beyond the limited 25 pics on Yahoo.
  9. Canadian Eh?

    Sooooo...who won the competition???? I was unable to attend it!!
  10. Hi All, A friend who has a family who are keen Lego builders is also doing her Masters degree in Canada and is using Friends as a starting point for her research concerning sex/gender-based play patterns. She has a survey that she is circulating for input, and I thought this community might give her an opportunity for responses that may be useful given the experience and exposure level of our community. The survey is located here: Please take the time to help her out if you can. Mods, if this is an inappropriate post, please accept my apologies and remove or move as appropriate. Thanks!
  11. What a great idea for a book and a great overview of the contents. To somebody who is recently out of their dark ages there is a huge learning curve for me to learn how to use all the new basic Lego elements that have been produced in the last 30 years...exponentially more effort for technic elements. This reference is a huge timesaving tool. Technic for teh win
  12. PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Thanks for the info. I'll have to make a trip soon...there weren't many of the trans-purple cones yesterday!!
  13. PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I was just at Fairview today...were you able to fit all those windows PLUS the horses and other parts in 2 cups total??
  14. Canadian Eh? that case...I will be coming out with my son to watch at least some of the competition!!! Awesome! On another note...I saw that the Fairview store had some of the new elements on the PAB wall...and a deal for a free PAB Box with a $75 purchase!! I'll update the PAB wall inventory shortly.
  15. [MOC] Crusader-Class Corvette

    This is fantastic. Can you share your technique for building the 6 round ports and the big round gear based section? The colours are a great reference to Classic space...and the scal I terrific.