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    Modular Corner Deli MOC/Mod

    Here's a link to the Flickr of my MOC/Mod of the Corner Deli, as an attempt to Modularize it. I've never done anything close to this before, so be gentle if I've made any blunders! [i just spent about 45 minutes trying to insert photos into this thread, before my computer froze on me, so I'm just linking the gallery for now. I'll add in proper photos when I have a bit more time and patience.] Thanks for looking!
  2. IAmWillGibson

    Modular Corner Deli MOC/Mod

    Here's the post-reno Bob's Kabobs. I took the advice and made it higher. It's still the short guy on the street, but it fits much nicer than before. I raised the whole thing a brick and a plate off the ground, and added at least a brick at each level. The roof is now about the same height as the Detective's Office, on the short side. I'll try to insert photos now. Most of these are from the first version, but the internal details barely changed. The little deli at the end of the street in Bricklyn Heights. The Bobs. Front. Rear. I am fond of my garbage can and banister.
  3. IAmWillGibson

    Modular Corner Deli MOC/Mod

    Very good advice. I was trying to convince myself size variance is a real thing in cities... but it won't be that hard to just add another brick height to the top floor and a few to the bottom. I'll have to tweak the back stairs, but that shouldn't be too bad. I'm also gonna raise the entire building off the baseplate by at least a plate or two. That's an easy cheat.
  4. IAmWillGibson

    Some positive feedback please.

    Yeah, the competitive angle is... weird. I don't know how I feel about it.
  5. IAmWillGibson

    25%(ish) MOC - Corner Deli with a 4th corner

    I'm done it (as much as one can ever really be "done") and now the challenge is decent photography!
  6. IAmWillGibson

    25%(ish) MOC - Corner Deli with a 4th corner

    I really like what you've done inside the place. I'm about... 75% done "modularizing" my deli (my first attempt at a LEGO project of this kind) and I may borrow some inspiration from you!
  7. IAmWillGibson

    What Lego-related thing did you do today?

    I polished up my silly little Radagast's Sled model, and plugged it into LDD, which is the test of legitimacy. And it worked, all legal-like. It's goofy, but I quite like its compact simplicty, considering I've been away from LEGO for nearly a year, and only now got to digging parts out [after a movie] to try building things again.
  8. IAmWillGibson

    Canadian Eh?

    Hey all, it's been a while. I may have missed it if it was discussed already, but has anyone seen the Mirkwood Elf Guard [30212] or Laketown Guard [30216] polybags anywhere? I'm in the GTA, and I've been paying attention locally, but I feel they've both passed me by if they were ever even available. I'd be more than pleased with a single of each of these, although 2 of the Laketown guys feels just about right to me. Anyone local see them? Have a few extra? Know who to talk to? It bums me out to no end that brand stores don't make a point of having these things in stock. Thanks!
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    Miskatonic Valley

    EDIT Full rules and better pictures later on in the thread! I've decided I'm going to devote my empty-brain time to trying to develop a LEGO game that looks nice and is fun to play. That sounds easy, right? Now, most LEGO games are... let's say simplistic. They're really pretty basic, for the most part. But there's a certain charm to that, and I'm not entirely interested in making something complicated for complication's sake. So there's a certain amount of the LEGO Game design ethos I want to maintain. It shouldn't be dumb, but it shouldn't be convoluted either. The theme I want to try and capture is Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos. Sure, there are dozens and hundreds of games out there with this theme. It's not really something that needs another game. But, as I touched on above, I find many of them to be so very complicated. Part of that is the point, I guess, but I want a game that is actually fun and easy to play. Basically, I want to take Heroica, add in a dash of City Alarm [my current favorite LEGO Game], and smother it in the trappings of every other Lovecraft game ever. But here's where I'm asking for input or involvement or help. I have some very loose ideas as to how the game could work, but I'd love a collaborator who's into this sorta thing to aid in the development of the various parts. Here's what I've got so far: basically set up like Heroica, with a character and a Hero pack. Add blue cones for Sanity, 'cause that seems required. The point of the game, such as it currently is, is to travel to various locations collecting pages of the Necronomicon. This would be represented by micro-scale buildings, like this, that may or may not be Miskatonic University. Before the game begins, players would randomly insert tiles into book pieces, and then randomize and place the book pieces either inside the buildings [the roof comes off] or behind them or whatever [they could be simple facades to save on the piece count]. Pieces would either be the Necronomicon page you're after, or something to trigger a monster or somesuch. I haven't quite gotten to that part yet. Perhaps you'd need to collect the right number, or however many you have would help you to battle the final monster... that will require some experimentation. The map would either be all of Lovecraft Country with each stop representing a location [more like City Alarm] or design it more like Heroica, with each location being a smaller map. That would be more work, but could be more fun, and offer more interesting monster options. Monsters themselves could be decorated microfigures, or larger, brick-built things, or more abstract representations: Obviously, there's lots to brainstorm and figure out, but that's the starting point. And so again, I ask if anyone who thinks this isn't a ridiculously terrible idea and wants to help make it the best game it can be, here's your time to chime in!
  10. IAmWillGibson

    Canadian Eh?

    So Fan Expo was this weekend, and LEGO had a large display [the giganto Bag-end was swell]. I got Greg Hyland to do me up a skecth, which has become an annual thing, I guess. I tried to stump him with this one, and it almost worked [he said he never watched the show] but he still pulled of an awesome picture.
  11. IAmWillGibson

    Miskatonic Valley

    I'm resurrecting this thread to keep track of the next phase of this project. As with pretty much all Cuusoo projects, mine has stagnated into a slow, one-supporter-a-month crawl. But I've since disassembled about 99% of my sets, moved houses, started organizing the bits, and have decided that my "big project" is going to be to build a quasi-Minifigure-scale demo version of this game. Which is to say the game itself will function exactly as planned, except each of the players will be Minifigs instead of Microfigs, the locations will be much larger, and the whole thing will eat up a bunch of space. But, ideally, it'll look impressive and would be something I could, perhaps, be proud to bring and play at a local LEGO gathering or convention or what have you. To drum up support, see. But really just for fun. Regardless, it's going to involve designing and building 10 buildings, 2 locations, and a hefty Cthulhu figure. The scale might be a bit wonky, though. Not quite full Minifig scale [there's a hospital, hotel, museum, and university in there] but as large as my skills and parts will allow. Imagine a boardgame where the spaces you land on are all as big as the Haunted House... Regardless, I will begin the process in earnest and will try to keep a record of my many failures [and hopefully few successes] here.
  12. IAmWillGibson

    Special VIP Minifig Keychain?

    One showed up in my mailbox today, so they're going out to Canada as well, it seems.
  13. IAmWillGibson

    Canadian Eh?

    I got the Red Chrome keychain in the mail today! Aahh! LEGO loves me. Anyone else get sent one of these things?
  14. IAmWillGibson

    Canadian Eh?

    So here's a question: I got one of these LEGO Store Holiday Pick-a-Brick boxes from around the Christmas promotion or whenever it was. The one that says you can come in from December to March. Anyway, I got it in a bundle of stuff through this other deal, and was thinking of giving it a go, but now I'm paranoid maybe the box has already been used. Is there some way to know or check? I'd hate to go in there and be told the box had already been filled. Thanks for the insite.
  15. I liked Season 1-8 for the relatively flat rarity. They were easy [and therefor fun] to collect. Series 9 has some oddly shifted rarities in it which are annoying, but hardly a deal-breaker and not that tought to work-around. Adding a chase level figure is gonna kill it for me, though. Or at least kill the completionist thing. I can't reliably expect to get the golden figure [as I'm not buying a case], ergo, why bother getting all of the set at all? There's probably 4 or 5 figures from seasons 1-9 I have simply to finish those sets. Which will become [potentially] an impossibility with a chase figure. So maybe in the long run I like the Golden Guy, 'cause it'll break me of the habit a little bit.
  16. IAmWillGibson

    LOTR Beneficial to Pirates?

    Hrrmm. Maybe I can convince one of you Pirate lads who also happen to have no interest in A] LOTR figures or B] makin' profits to sell me the three ghost figures and Peter Jackson from this set on the cheap. It's a neat looking boat, and a new design for LEGO ships from what I can recall, but I know it's gonna be far too rich [and space-consuming] for my blood.
  17. I'm... confused as to what the Golden Minifig thing means. 8 in the world? Are they actually... gold? Stupid question, as that would make them much more heavy. So gold-plated/chromed, in which case, there must be something else attached to them if there's only 8. Maybe it's a ticket you redeem for an actual gold minifigure. Or are there 16 regular ones, and then 8 gold-variants or somesuch? Gah, as I get older, I find myself less excited by leaks and more nervous instead. I need to stay off the internet until all the info is available.
  18. IAmWillGibson

    Review 70000 Razcal's Glider.

    I just got this guy from the store and built it. It's fun. Very fun. I was initially concerned it was overpriced, but I feel it's worth it having it in hand. Although... correct me if I'm wrong, but did LEGO just sell me a robot bird who's weapon is that it poops missiles?
  19. IAmWillGibson

    Modular Building 10232 Palace Cinema

    I guess my embargo on Modular buildings is over.
  20. IAmWillGibson

    Mirkwood Elf Guard

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed these are gonna show up at TRUs here in Canada. They've been getting way better lately with carrying this stuff, so I remain hopeful. The problem is with this set specifically, as soon as it's out it's gonna be gone 'cause I feel people are gonna hoard it. I just want one! [Or two. Maybe three...] If anyone has one and wants a Ganrash polybag, I can hook you up. Those things are crazy rare!
  21. IAmWillGibson

    Canadian Eh?

    So I was gonna complain that TRU was jacking prices on the TMNT sets, but then I looked on shop.lego, and they're the same there. The Krang set is 5 dollars more in Canada than in the US? For a 12 dollar set? It's crazy, man. I mean, yeah, there's always been the markup, but how come, with the strength of the dollar staying pretty consistent, is the markup getting bigger? And don't get me started on the $50 hike on Arkham Asylum, which means I'm quite likely not getting it outside of a very unlikely trip to a LEGO store in the US. Maybe LEGO coulda funnelled some of the Canadian income into balancing out the rediculous disparity instead of opening that 4th location within 20 minutes of each other. Ach. Just gotta vent about this a few times a year. PS I still love you, LEGO.
  22. The only hope for CUUSOO is in licensing. Everything made so far [sure, only 4 projects] was licensed. Essentially, anything suggested on the site is simple to create on your own if you wanted to. But the appeal of a release from a boutique line like this is the licensed aspect. You're not getting "a grey car." You're getting "the BTTF Time Machine" [not DeLorean, mind you]. With that name on the box. You weren't getting "Random collection of 1x1 plates," you were getting "Minecraft." So Western Town just didn't have that extra oomph. That thing that makes you go "Oh, they made this? Out of LEGO?" [Which, I hafta say, is why I think Space Marines Troopers won't get approved.] Which is why I'm upset by them apparently sticking so hard to the "We're a kid's toy" angle, because it conflicts with what CUUSOO could be, which is the non-kid-focussed arm of LEGO. The place where stuff you never thought LEGO would make would get made. In other news, how did my project lose a supporter? Is that possible? All I wanted was to get to 200, and that's sure as hell not gonna happen now.
  23. IAmWillGibson

    Canadian Eh?

    I got Bag End at the St. Thomas Walmart about a week and a half ago. They had most of the other sets too, from what I recall.
  24. IAmWillGibson

    Review: 79004 Barrel Escape

    I picked this set up the other day, even though I had decided I wasn't gonna get it. But I'm glad I did. It's a really sharp set when it's all put together. Yeah, it's pricey, but, I mean... clearly and unquestionably depicting alcohol consumption and drunkenness? I can't not support that.
  25. IAmWillGibson

    REVIEW: 75013 Umbaran HMC (Mobile Heavy Canon)

    This is the first Star Wars set I've seen in a long time that I think I really want. Maybe because it's so not Star-Warsy to me [having never watched Clone Wars and being an OT snob] but the design of it as a walky spider-tank is really pretty rad. I wanna get this and put the Alien Trooper guy from CMF9 in it.