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  1. Nice MOD it blends in very nicely!
  2. nmono

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I totally agree with you, after building both, the Porsche does a much better job at capturing the design of the car. Even though it is less intricate it is very good representation of the design. It has the sleek aerodynamic sports car look. Besides the functions were better in the Porsche. Smoother driving and steering, working suspension, and having an engine that engages immediately when driving. Since I only drive on my dresser where my Chiron is displayed I can't even get the engine to engage, so no use of an 8 speed gearbox. I am also quite disappointed with the Chiron. I think the Porsche was a much better model.
  3. I finished assembling my Chiron, and for some reason I'm liking the Porsche better. It's a simpler design but it really captures the aerodynamic sports car look. Besides it has working front suspension and smoother driving and steering. In addition I can't enjoy the gearbox on the Chiron, since I only drive it on my dresser and the gearbox doesn't engage until after pushing it a few feet (which is too much for my dresser length). With the Porsche I had no problem, it engages the gearbox and engine immediately. Also the steering and shifting mechanism is much easier to reach in the Porsche. If I had to choose between the two models I would definitely go for the Porsche!
  4. nmono

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Hi everyone, I just finished building my Chiron and I see problem with front suspension that everyone is talking about. The ground clearance for the front end is 9mm before pushing down on the suspension, after compressing the suspension the car returns to only 3mm of ground clearance! (you have to manually raise the front end). For comparison the Porsche had 6mm of gound clearance before pushing down on suspension, and after releasing it returned to 5mm, so that's not as bad. Just wondering if one can somehow modify the springs by maybe adding a spacer piece between the spring and the yellow part of the shock to add firmness. I see this concept on Tamiya RC shocks that the firmness of the springs can be adjusted with adding different thicknesses of spacers.
  5. nmono

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Thanks for your feedback! So far my suspension seems quite firm, firmer than the Porsche, but I haven't completed full model.
  6. nmono

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I have just completed the marriage step on my Chiron. I added the wheels to test the functions, and I noticed that when I set it on drive the wheels have to rotate a few full turns before it engages the gear box and engine. When I set it in reverse it engages immediately. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this problem or if I have something wrong with how I built it. I would appreciate some feedback to know if I got anything wrong. Everything else seems to work well.
  7. nmono

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I would identify myself as an average consumer for TLG products. I look for a fun building experience as well as a beautiful display piece. Interesting functions and new building techniques as well as the premium packaging which all enhance the feeling of the build. I am really happy with how this product came out and I bought the Chiron day one of release. I tend to be forgiving of the imperfections of the model which are being discussed. All models in my opinion have flaws. 8880 had too much play in the wheels and couldn't be driven straight, steering wasn't smooth, but I still loved the model as a child. I would be bothered if the front suspension is really sinking to the ground. Hopefully when I finish my model it won't be too bad.
  8. This is a cool model, it looks like a scorpion with the tail raised!
  9. nmono

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    The forklift sticker says MK IV so that is the one from Markus nice and small!
  10. Sticker says MK IV so this must be from Markus Kossman!
  11. I'm in USA and the Lego website says "Out of stock, will ship in 30 days". It is also on the front page as a best seller. So I think they are just really selling out!
  12. One more point. You need to pull the paddle shift all the way and even apply a little extra pressure for the gears to change properly. When you do that the gears seems to switch just fine every single time. However, if you don't pull them all the way the way the gears may get locked up. TLG even designed a special mechanism to pull the paddle shifts a little extra, probably to ensure they don't get locked up. So I am satisfied with this gearbox and would highly recommend getting this set!
  13. Hi, I am new to this forum and I hope I don't offend anybody by adding my comments even though I am not anywhere as experienced as many others on this forum. I am building my model based on the instructions without Blabird's fix and I tried the gear swapping that Jim mentions and did notice more friction to the drivetrain than when building according to the official instructions. Possibly Blakbird's fix on step 5 reduces a lot of the friction so when he finished the gearbox he had less overall friction so the gear swapping didn't affect him. I think that TLG is correct that there is more strain on the drivetrain when you swap the gears. So I intend to stick to their instructions for this round of building.