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  1. @Aventador2004 No need to excuse from your side, your MOC, your topic, your way how to share. Thank you for sharing your MOC with the community, while some can see the pictures. Well, I don't. i was interested in this MOC, but could never see pictures, that's why I (and only me) was a bit disappointed. So I still think, it's better to use Bricksafe instead of Google Drive folders ... but it's only your choice. Please don't feel personnel criticized.
  2. Please excuse my harsh words, maybe I'm in a bad mood, but ... ... the OP is linking to this threat anywhere he can, but I still haven't seen pictures! If I go to the link, Google Drive tells me to be patient, but nothing happens. No pictures! Creating a Bricksafe folder isn't difficult and I'm still very interested in this MOC. I hope it's an end stadium WIP.
  3. Hi there, i will leave tomorrow this cold weather here and go to a much warmer place or a few weeks. However, I felt a little bit guilty, leaving my Lego collection home ... so I took my mostly white builded Mods and Mocs together, had a view ... and took a last photo. Please excuse the bad quality.
  4. Cool Cabrio! Great idea with the suspension. While I'm not sure if it's still a suspension ... @Richard Dower I'm not sure, if we talk about the same part. On the search ship there are 3x5 curved panels in white and we have it already in blue, yellow and black. We'll get it in grey and transparent with the BMW. But it's not used in the Porsche. I was talking about the 3x11 curved panel, which we have in blue, light green, purple, orange in the Porsche and now dark blue at the search ship. Which is still not useful to build the Porsche in a different color. So I think we have to wait for the next Supercar in 2017 for proper colors for new MOCs.
  5. ... and I really do NOT want to discuss the guidelines. But ... somehow I'm a bit disapointed, that the link to the picture above is gone, because it showed nice color schemes. Not as good as the renders from JunkStyleGio, showed before in this thread, but still nice. Specially the white one did it for me, because mine is white. Build from my own original Lego parts, except the painted curved 3x11 panels, without the great wheel arcs. It's still assembled and I will change the rims from black to red after Christmas, because I will get the Claas . Thanks for the picture that showed the three color variations of the Lego copy brand. Thanks for not supporting copy brands! Thanks for showing recolored original Lego parts, like above f.e. Thanks for showing renders from Lego sets with impossible color variations, like in this thread before. I'm pretty shure I can rebuild the Porsche with original parts, but not in orange and not having the original Set. Because I think we will get the wheel arcs and the curved 3x11 panel in better colors for MOCs in the next few years. Thanks to Lego for supporting my AFOL satisfaction.
  6. Awsome reviews (as ever), thank you very much that you always put that much work in it. First I thought, 42061 would be a good set for parts, but after you review I found out, that 42062 would fit much better for me. Twice.
  7. Hi there, a few pages ago I showed my replica of the BMW, which was build after the first pictures. Meanwhile I found out, that Lego solved the front suspension a little bit different: they used 5L beams and I used 3L beams under the tank. But it doesn't change the main princip. As you can see, the upper wishbone is connected fixed to the frame, same with the steering bar. The lower wishbone can pivot at the frame and is fixed at front fork. So the suspension is done between the fixed upper and pivoting lower wishbone. Too bad, I had only soft springs left, which can't stand the weight of the cycle. The travel of the suspension is about 1 1/2 studs, check the yellow half bush. I saw in the fast build video, that the original set is different, but it should work in the same way. Something for the holidays and for the start of Rogue One: The buildable Star Wars figures fit perfect on Lego motorbikes ....
  8. Wow, what a huge 42063 box! Much bigger than expected and two BI booklets that look very good. They seem to be a little bit like the Porsche or Architecture BIs, with background information and again improved quality. If this will be the new standard, I would be very excited. Great Job TLG! Black rims, new panels in new colors and a bunch of new parts, I can't wait to get my hand on that set! Little bit strange, that you can order the set already from Amazon in Japan but not in Europe ...
  9. Hi there, after the the pictures of the BMW were out last week, I tried to build a replica. As always, I'm limited on parts, specially in the correct colors. But have a look at first: As you can easily see, I used a lot of workarounds caused by missing parts, like the soft dampers in the suspension - which can't stand the weight of the model. Second thing is, that I had to change some colors like the white nose or the black seat. At least I added some minor details like better foot pegs or levers and hand protectors at the steering. Some more poor quality fotos: I hope you enjoy it in the same way as I do, beside the wrong colors. I will leave it assembled until I have an original set. So I still can make some fotos of the ingenious swing arm or the great front Telelever suspension. Robert
  10. I would recommend 8258 B model car. It is quite simple, uses no special parts (suspension, etc.), has already space for a normal BatteryBox, and has axles for propulsion and steering, plus enough space. And you can build it in almost any available color with official LEGO instructions. Pick any motor, M is the cheapest and most available, L is still small but powerful and has good connection points, XL is quite rare for a beginner. Servo motor for steering, less complex and space consuming, easy to attach to any model for steering. Receiver for two different channels, steering and transmission. Controller and a normal BatteryBox.
  11. Like the title says, my name is Robert. I came out of my dark age two years ago, after the kid grew older, tree was plant and the house was build. I was always interested in the technic theme, so I started slow with 42042 Container Truck. This set is still the only one on my shelf unmodded and still assembled (motor is missing and some parts have different colors meanwhile). Then I found 42009 Mobile Crane as a perfect Christmas present for me. But two days before Christmas I saw this wonderful 42025 Cargo Plane which makes me very curious and I had to buy it also. It was build during Christmas Eve in one rush, but I wanted to modify it somehow. Two days later I had two more copies of 42025 and modded the original one to a four motor cargo plane with a wing span of almost one meter! From that point I was hooked on Lego Technic! The build of 42009 had to wait for two more month ... While I'm a motorcycle enthusiast I had to buy 42036 next. Make a long story short: at the moment I owe five copies of 42036, all heavily modded with gearbox, brakes and other things. More motorcycles will come! At the moment I owe about 30.000 pieces and more then 50 sets ... My shelf is changing every month and all of my rooms are crowded with Lego parts. My last big thing was building 42056 Porsche with my own parts in white. Special thanks to Lego for this great hobby and EB and all their nice members for supporting it! This forum is the best and nicest I've ever joined. I just can't say thank you all enough! Robert from Germany P.S. MegaRoi is a nickname from old computer games that I can't forget. Stupid, but easy to remember for me.
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    Thank you for the conversation
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    Hello! My name is ... Robert

    Thanks for being welcome. Somehow I don't understand "You aren't supposed to attach images on EB" The rules say, that EB is not hosting pictures. Clearified. On the reply options you can choose a .jpg (or gif) to be attached if it's not bigger than 100Kb. Do I have to delete the 83Kb file? Really? Somehow I did it earlier in other forums and had no problem with it ...
  14. Thank you very much for this outstanding review Jim! I saw different reviews before and I also saw previous reviews from you, but this one does it! It was really worth waiting for your review, you just nailed it! And I have the feeling, your reviews getting better and better - if possible. Before your review, I wasn't sure if I have to get this set, but somehow my opinion changed after reading. Thank you very much for all the work, the outstanding photos, pointing out interesting things of any model and being so kind all over. I really enjoy your moderation and afford. I hope you can get how thankful I am.
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    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Hi, I have The Sets, one is still sealed, another one I only needed two (!) parts of it for a different MOC, which can be easily disassembled and the third I know which one to disassemble complete. Plus I have a camera with stand and background. Maybe not the most professional, but good enough to take proper pictures. I hope my light setup will do it also, otherwise I have to update it. I'm really interested to become a reviewer and if it's only for my own creation. Can you please sign me in?
  16. These things should be forbidden! Lego made a three years development for this and sharing the instructions for free. Lego is building, building your own or building older and also brand new models or other MOCs (if you have the parts). It's only your own creativity (and wallet). I already builded the Porsche with my own original parts, and I'm pretty shure I will build it again, when the wheel arcs are available in a different color. But I would never buy a copy version like that!
  17. @Blakbird Wow, what a great picture! I really love your renders, but this one made it directly to my desktop. Thank you very much.
  18. Wow, that's packed! Awesome solution for new box arrangement. Congrats to the new GT3 RS ...
  19. @JunkstyleGio Wow! Great pictures, and very good to see the size comparison. Specially with the 24 Hours Racer, you can see how big the Porsche is in reality. I also like your wheel arcs, except they would be way too wide compared to the original. I also don't get how you did it. I think they will only work in LDD? Can you show me a close up of the arcs and how they are attached to the body? Beside that, it would be wonderful if the color schemes could be real. The Martini Porsche looks awesome. Thank you very much for the renders.
  20. Sorry for that, I think I changed it. The curved panels are painted. I had them in purple, but I will never build anything in that color. And as you can see, they are still too bright. It's hard to get the same white color, I have to repaint them again Thank you Jim for great moderation and your comment.
  21. While the Porsche above looks almost red, I wanna show mine in white. As I don't have the set, I had to modify the beautiful wheel arcs and also use different colors, for the interior for example. It looks a bit strange, because the wheels are way to small and one stud to wide. But I'm very satisfied that I could finish it with my own parts. Hope you like it ...
  22. To make it a bit more clear, I added four pictures. Please excuse my mistakes in embedding pictures, I'm still learning ... In the pictures you can see, that I added the MOD mentioned by Jim to correct the shifting sequence. The red axle connector is the input, while it comes from the rear axle, and the yellow axle connector is the output, while it goes to the fake engine. Gear ratio is 1:1,5? Gear ratio is 1,33:1? Gear ratio is 1:1. Gear ratio is 1:1,25? I'm not good in calculating gear ratios, that's why I'm asking. In my opinion picture one is fourth gear, picture two, after using the right paddle shifter, is gear one, followed by sencond gear and finally third gear. As MaxsuperCars mentioned two posts later, I made a mistake (Aaarrrrrrrgh!!!), but now it should be correct. Thanks a lot for the answers, Robert
  23. I don't understand that ... First gear is the slowest, lowest? Of course, but the engine should rotate more than the wheel axle, correct? 4th gear is the highest, in this model, obviously. But which clutch, left or right, and which position in this model? Also the shifting sequence. Can someone tell me the correct gear ratios? Maybe with pictures to make it clear?
  24. I have problems with the shifting sequence and the gear ratios ... I modified the shifting sequence as mentioned by Jim and Crowkillers in Jim''s review, but somehow I think now it has the wrong shifting sequence. To clearify for me: in first gear, when I push the car, the engine should rotate faster than in any other gear, and in fourth gear, the engine should rotate very slow. Correct? In my opinion, this would be realistic. Can a gearbox expert tell me the different gear ratios? Next question is, where is the first gear? In Jim's review, and in a real car, the right paddle shifts up and the left paddle shifts down. But if I apply the mod for the infinite gear on the right side, I think I start in fourth gear and end in the third ... it would be correct, if I would add the small L-beam on the left side. Same with Dimudos69 mod, which works really great.
  25. Please excuse the really bad quality of the photos ... in my last post it was necessary, believe me. I made another photo. Here you can see two solutions for my substitution for the new 7x3 bended panel. And you can also see my added (oo+) part in yellow to give you a better impression what I meant to stiffen the right door better. Usually it is LBG.