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  1. Redbeards_Rum

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    I think we need Lando (Bespin) perhaps another Bespin set....the other half of the carbon chamber, (entitled Bespin Capture....although that doesn't really sum the set up but could be used along with the line "take the princess and the wookie to my ship....I am thinking aloud) with Vader, Leia and Lando. Another £19.99 set perhaps? Luke (The Force Awakens) perhaps in a polybag exclusive Shmi Skywalker (probably in a Tusken Attack set. With two tusken raiders, a tusken tent and equipment, anakin and his mother) Updated Tarkin. Perhaps in a Rogue One set. Garindan needs to be made as well. Perhaps in a mos Eisley escape set. To go along with the cantina. Admiral Ozzel is needed. Perhaps in a £19.99 Vaders chamber set. With vader, sat in his chamber along with ozzel and perhaps a naval technician
  2. Redbeards_Rum


    This is a nice (stand alone) play set if you look at it from the perspective of Legos target audience. It has a villain, a hero, a standby and some action features. I have to admit, if I were a child, I would enjoy this set. As an AFOL, however, I appreciate it for its Simplicity and appeal as a play set, (display set)
  3. Redbeards_Rum

    Star Wars LEGO Photography
  4. Redbeards_Rum

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    [/img] My battle on takodana display
  5. Redbeards_Rum

    [MOC]Episode VII-The Force Awakens- "Anything Else?"

    Wow. I have to admit this is incredible
  6. Redbeards_Rum

    75092 Naboo Starfighter & 75112 General Grievous

    I recommend the first order transporter! I built this on New Year's Day (with a hangover) and it was great remedy!
  7. Redbeards_Rum

    75092 Naboo Starfighter & 75112 General Grievous

    Welcome back to Lego! Nice photos, good quality. For me this is the kind of collecting in enjoy. Couple of sets, random usually, over the table in front of the tv (often with a beer)
  8. Redbeards_Rum

    FO Heavy Gunner Gun MOCs

    For the glory of the First Order They are the radical imperials. More so even than tarkin
  9. I am loving the takodana set (although it is incredibly over priced) But am making a diorama with the transporter
  10. Redbeards_Rum


    Amazon had some good deals for uk customers in November, let's hope they do again
  11. Redbeards_Rum

    [WIP] Gian 211 patrol craft

    You are not mistaken. The Gian speeder was a repulsorlift vehicle and heavy patrol speeder used by the Royal Guards of Naboo. It was a heavier version of the Flash speeder. (I'll get my anorak....)
  12. Redbeards_Rum

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I received the First Order Transporter for Christmas from my wife and I just grabbed the Resistance Battle Pack whilst out doing the food shop in Tesco! I had to scurry off and hide the box haha. Money is tight but Lego is life
  13. I was very surprised by the details in the cross sections. It made me appreciate the a spotter ten fold
  14. Redbeards_Rum

    One billion - yes, billion - stormtrooper minifigures

    The article didn't specify lego minifigure, but stormtrooper figures over all. A frightening concept.....if they could act upon their masters wishes of coruse
  15. Redbeards_Rum

    Lego Star Wars movie

    I really do enjoy lego Star Wars and am thinking of making a short animation myself along with the new sets