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  1. Yeah, I meant all the people wishing for a new ISD
  2. Because a flying triangle is more interesting...
  3. UCS Home One! I'd wet myself...
  4. hunpeter12

    [MOC] Game of Thrones Castles

    You should do a stop motion that mimics the opening credits
  5. hunpeter12

    [MOC] A.P.E Defense Mech

    This is really cool!
  6. hunpeter12

    [MOC] Firefly Drone

    Woah, nice alien look
  7. hunpeter12

    WIP feedback thread

    You might find this article I wrote useful: That rear diagonal panel looks like it could be done with 45 degree slopes or plates.
  8. hunpeter12

    WIP feedback thread

    I have little time to reply, but maybe you should check out this article, which was coincidentally written by me:
  9. hunpeter12

    [MOC] Y Soser Hedfan

    Great build, and I love the Hitchiker's Guide reference
  10. hunpeter12

    WIP feedback thread

    Looks like a solid start kyreii! I think you should attach many smaller missiles to the 2 yellow pieces, so it packs a punch :) Put some greebling and armor around the legs, and you're set!
  11. hunpeter12

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant

    This is one of the best ISD's I've ever seen. A match for Jerac's Chimaera :)
  12. hunpeter12

    [MOC] Seldon-class destroyer

    Thanks! Blue&white is pretty common, but I like it too. Thank you! I'm glad you like it. Yup, you're right. I've recently read all the Robot, Empire, and Foundation books one after another (I've already read it in Hungarian, but now in English), and wanted to reference it. My next ship might be named the Hober Mallow, or Olivaw, who knows? (Or maybe Salvor Hardin. I like that guy. "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent!") Thank you for stopping by!
  13. hunpeter12

    [MOC] Seldon-class destroyer

    Hey everyone! A couple days late, but I finally finished my pre-SHIPtember entry. It came out at 115 studs/92 cm, so it's not my biggest SHIP so far. SHIPtember 2015 finished by Péter Ittzés, on Flickr SHIPtember 2015 finished by Péter Ittzés, on Flickr SHIPtember 2015 finished by Péter Ittzés, on Flickr See more photos (WIP pics as well) on my Flickr.
  14. hunpeter12

    [WIP] (Pre-)SHIPtember 2015 spaceship

    I made some progress, but it's still likely that I can't finish in time. With all the things removed: All the removable things by Péter Ittzés, on Flickr The full assembly: Progress so far by Péter Ittzés, on Flickr I hope you like it
  15. hunpeter12

    [WIP] (Pre-)SHIPtember 2015 spaceship

    I'm glad you like it. Sorting is a necessary evil of LEGO building, but once you have everything categorized it will be easier next time you take a MOC apart.