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  1. Kevin Yoo

    Ford Mustang 1968

    Thanks so much. The side view is my favorite as well. Transparent windows could be done with more parts I think.
  2. Kevin Yoo

    Ford Mustang 1968

    Thanks. It took several attempts to get this right. Glad you liked this rather uncommon scale Moc.
  3. Kevin Yoo

    Ford Mustang 1968

    This is the Mustang from Bullitt (1968) The scale is around 1:43. Features such as doors and regular windows have been sacrificed for better accuracy. Thanks for looking.
  4. Kevin Yoo

    1960s Convertible

    This isn’t based off a real life car, it is a fictional design.
  5. Kevin Yoo

    (MOC) Han’s M-68 Landspeeder

    I made Han’s speeder in 1/43 scale. While vehicles in this scale do not seat minifigs, height wise it is more accurate to the “real thing”.
  6. Kevin Yoo

    [MOC] Mazda Cosmo Sport

    The Cosmo 110S is one of my favorite cars- not as well known but great looking.
  7. Kevin Yoo

    Alpine A310

  8. Kevin Yoo

    [MOC] Tie Silencer

    Thanks for the nice comment and observation, the gray outline of the wings should be thinner, but I think this version works well for the sharp angles and cleaner look. Also the clip connection in the corners of the wings are actually pretty stable.
  9. Kevin Yoo

    [MOC] Tie Silencer

    EDIT: Kylo doesn’t fit inside because of the interior construction.
  10. Kevin Yoo

    [MOC] 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback

    Thanks. I’ll think about adding something on the hood. The windscreen/roof has been moved forward a bit so that the hood is shorter. Maybe this helps with the flat look?
  11. Kevin Yoo

    [MOC] 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback

    I liked the new Mustang set so I completely remade it in my building style.
  12. Kevin Yoo

    [MOC] Datsun 240Z

    Also called the Nissan Fairlady Z.
  13. Kevin Yoo

    Blade Runner Peugeot Spinner

    This is a “spinner”-a ground/air car from the dystopian Blade Runner world. This version is from 2049, and is the primary vehicle featured in the movie. My goals when making this were accuracy and scale. It is 6-wide and lower than a minifig- my preferences when building cars. This isn’t perfect but is the best I can do with Lego pieces.