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  1. [MOC] Milk Tanker

    The black ‘step’ under the door and the rear wheel mudguards look great.
  2. DeLorean DMC-12

    Here’s my updated version: The length of the front has been reduced a bit so that it looks more like the actual car.
  3. DeLorean DMC-12

    Thank you, I agree that the front needs to be a bit shorter, still trying to find out a way.
  4. DeLorean DMC-12

  5. Blade Runner 2049 Spinner

    The Spinner from the soon-to-be-released movie Blade Runner 2049. I’m a fan of the 1982 Blade Runner, and have wanted to build the new Spinner for a while. What I had in mind while building this was scale. I wanted a Spinner that was accurate and roughly proportionate to the height of a minifig. I looked for various images and videos of the Spinner with people standing next to it and I think this is about the right scale. The bottom. As with the real 2049 Spinner there is a wheel in the back. With what I assume are two LAPD officers. I need to get to work on making an Officer K minifig.
  6. MOCs to Move

    Sorry for not posting these earlier, I could not find a MOCs to Move From this Forum Topic so I posted these here. If possible please move these to the Town forum.
  7. [MOC] Resistance Ski Speeder

    Great MOC, I like the Resistance Skimmers for their stripped down, thrown together design and you’ve captured it nicely here.
  8. [MOC] BTL-A4 Y-Wing

    I’ve tried making a Y-wing MOC in the past and learned that the details of the Y-wing are insane! This looks spot on, loving how the wing areas are made using SNOT techniques.
  9. [MOC] [LDD] Kylo Ren's TIE Silencer

    Amazing build. It must have been hard to make this accurate, as there are conflicting sources regarding the Silencer’s design. Your version seems pretty accurate to the one officially revealed by Star Wars.
  10. [MOC] Toyota 2000GT

    Thank you ER0L for your suggestions. I’m a fan of your car builds and it’s nice to get a comment from you. As for the canopy, I definitely see your point. Some control sticks would do the trick for the A-pillars. However the roof would need to stay the same width because of the curved back. I’ll see what I can do. City mudguards would definitely make the model look better, but in my opinion they are too big in comparison to the size of the car to be accurate.
  11. [MOC] Toyota 2000GT

    This car can easily be modified into a convertible version, as seen in You Only Live Twice.
  12. [MOC] Aston Martin DB5

    Great work, you’ve done a flawless job at capturing the look of the actual car. My only nitpick is that this part(ø4-9-6-4) could better represent the side mirrors than the round 1x1 tiles.
  13. Review: 21310 Old Fishing Store

    I was pretty surprised to see the tires hanging from the chains. It isn’t even a connection. Makes this feel more like a MOC than a Lego set. I like it.
  14. [MOC] Toyota 2000GT

    Here’s my final version:
  15. [MOC] Toyota 2000GT

    Thank you for your comment, I’m actually still working on this car. The windscreen needs to be changed and some of the parts have to be in a different color. This isn’t a hard build, I think you can figure out what parts are needed.