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    I'm a fairly new AFOL and currently mainly interested in trains. I also like Lego Technic and the Mindstorms kits.


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  1. Crazywater

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    That's handy. Ohhh I better not go into Smyths anytime soon!
  2. Crazywater

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    Looks good. I presume you got that direct from lego and not Smyths.
  3. Crazywater

    PF IR Interference

    It was just a double loop on a 1 * 1.7m table and I was standing right at the table. I hear you. At one point my 60051 took off a full speed and I couldn't stop it. Yep, you can guess what happened next! It's a good suggestion but wouldn't be an option for my case.
  4. Crazywater

    PF IR Interference

    Ah... I think that might be the issue. I thought of that today but unfortunately turning off the lights was not an option. I'll set it up another day and try it with the lights off. Thanks everyone for the comments.
  5. Crazywater

    PF IR Interference

    Have any of you ever had issues with signal interference when controlling your trains? Today I had 60051 and 60052 set up in a classroom environment. I had checked everything at home and all worked fine. (Worked fine at home afterwards also.) Batteries were fully charged (Lego rechargeable) and new batteries in the controller. But during the session signals to the trains were either not getting through or were very significantly delayed. Other (possibly) relevant information: There were a lot of laptops in the room (not close to the trains) but all were off or at least closed and therefore in sleep mode. There are about 6 double fluorescent tube lights on the ceiling and there was wifi in the room. Any suggestions as to probable causes and potential solutions greatly appreciated.
  6. As the good Dr had pointed out the nose job is bit junior. In fact, I would say it is a bit of a cheat. A single moulded piece to complete a major part of a model isn't exactly Lego's finest hour. But on the other hand it does yield a modern looking train that appeals to the target audience (kids). My young fella loves it. If you buy it and sell on what you don't need (PF and tracks) it wouldn't be a big outlay.
  7. Crazywater

    Newbie question on trains.

    David, just FYI, Parcel Motel is a great service if you are buying from the likes of Amazon. Basically, you get it shipped to their UK depot, thus availing of Amazons free shipping. Parcel Motel then bring it to your nominated motel location (there is probably one at your local Topaz station). The motel is essentially a set of lockers. When your package is delivered you will get a text with your locker number and pin. You can then collect when it suits you. So no waiting around for the courier. I forget the exact charge but its very reasonable. Check out The only issue I have found with this is if you buy multiple items from Amazon and they ship separately then you will be charged per package.
  8. Crazywater

    Maersk vs 62052

    I'm sure your are right. That's why I said 'hope' not expectation.
  9. Crazywater

    Maersk vs 62052

    I'd love to get an EN but it has gotten too expensive. I live in hope that Lego will rerelease it!
  10. Crazywater

    New Cargo Train 60052 not working

    Got 60052 at Christmas and 60051 a few days later. Duracells worked in both battery boxes without issue.
  11. Crazywater

    Newbie question on trains.

    It's track that is designed to be compatible with Lego. See and this thread Good photos in the thread
  12. Crazywater

    Newbie question on trains.

    Thanks Phoenix, I hear ya I'll be in the dog house when the next credit card bill comes in
  13. Crazywater

    Newbie question on trains.

    Hi Dave, I'm a newbi to this forum and lego trains but possibly in a similar position to you. The guy in the big red suit brought 60052 for my son. We had good fun with that on Christmas day but it is a bit limited (at least it does have one set of points). Then I got him 7499 (the 8 straight and flex track) that was good because he could make a loop from one side to the other with the one set of points. Then he decided that he wanted to buy 60051. We also discovered (on youtube) how to build a cross track. So now with two trains, cross track and a track from the two sets the fun really began. We were(are) still a bit limited with the layout that we could achieve but without the bit of flex track it would have been much worse. (So a bit of flex track is very handy to have.) I'll try and post a photo tomorrow. So is 60051 worth buying? Well its not much of a building challenge but it does make a good compliment to the cargo train. You get a fair bit of extra track and another set of power functions. The bottom line is that, at the moment, 60052 + 60051 is your cheapest way into multiple trains. To be honest, in my opinion, it's not the best/a great time for getting into Lego trains. 60051/2 are the only sets available. The Horizon Express has just been retired, the Maersk is getting expensive, the Emerald Night is beyond sensible and there are no creator trains currently on the market. That said it hasn't stopped me! I've sprung for a Maersk (off a guy in Athlone) and a Horizon Express. But both will sit unopened for a while till I see if our interest is sustained. Later I hope to start doing some MOCs. But the immediate plan is to acquire more track to make a more interesting layout(s). Hope that is of some help.
  14. Crazywater

    Simple layout and shunting yard

    Great layout Adam, great use of space and so considerate of your kid. Bet he loves it. I hope to set up something similar in a few months time. Thanks for all the photos. I'll definitely be coming back to this thread when I get to this stage.