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  1. Thanks for the pic, Whitefang. Certainly looks good with the short legs, that car. I had already planned to buy a box, and this review cemented it. so many useful parts.
  2. Incredible!! So many details and clever ideas, well done.
  3. Been looking forward to this!! Great review as always, and the brick suit photo gave me a much needed laugh. I hope to buy a box, and had planned to sell off the spares, but after reading this, I think many will be kept for the accessories if nothing else. The mouse is too cute, and the race cars are the best! Can you please put a photo up with a short leg fig in the car? I am thinking it might work as an old school pedal car. Thanks in advance.
  4. The Incredibles 2 2018: Rumors and Discussion

    On another forum, books from this movie have surfaced, and one title refers to her as Elastigirl. She is in the Incredibles suit.
  5. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I wonder if the frog is meant to be Neville's toad, Trevor? x105, I also hope the candles can move around a little.
  6. Perhaps she has a scared face due to the mouse? Looking at that pic, I love all of them, either for the fig as a whole, or for their parts.
  7. Quite often I will pass judgement when the first photos appear, and then WhiteFang's review goes up and i change my mind and end up buying almost the entire wave, even if just for parts. I would love if the Minifig Collector fig came with a microfig based on someone from wave 1.
  8. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    You took the words right out of my keyboard! Now I am even more hyped for this theme, and will have to hunt down the cave-people CMF figs in anticipation.
  9. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Very welcome news! I would love to see arctic hares, foxes etc. Even if they re-colored the Friends animals, I would be happy.
  10. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Sounds promising and possibly very expensive! Keen to see the new arctic sets... hopefully more winter animals will come along. I bought much of the last range just for the sled dog teams.
  11. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I wonder if the "child-sized suitcase" is similar to the cases some of the Juniors sets came in, as opposed to a brick-build. [cases such as set 10746]
  12. BTTF train, maybe? We can dream, I guess.
  13. Nightmare Before Christmas would be a dream come true. I just hope we get a good variety of characters, not just Jack and Sally. Would love to see the rounded doors with the various holiday themes printed on them, and Jack would see a return of Woody's legs.
  14. A Home Alone set would be great to go alongside the Winter Village. Would love if they could include the party silhouettes that Kevin rigged up, and add gears so they could be rotated. Same goes for Ice Age, but that would need a pile of new moulds. Maybe if Dimensions hadn't been canned, we could have seen Sid, but Manny would have been brickbuilt.
  15. Dio Winter Village 2017

    Very nicely done. Nice and festive, without being crammed so full you can't see whats there. Wish mine was as clean, lol.