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  1. If I take a photo of a lambo, I own the copyright to the photo, not lambo. Why shouldn't I own the copyright to a MOC of a lambo if I make one? Now selling a MOC with the lambo name on it however, that I couldn't due without permission to use the name.
  2. S.I

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Doesn't really matter - the color on your screen may not match how it looks like in person, but if the colors were identical then they would still be identical on your screen. Just not identical between the screen and the real thing.
  3. S.I

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Could always replace the parts - back when monster fighters was out you could order glow in the dark parts off of pick a brick, including the bars.
  4. S.I

    Broken L-Motor

    Customer service is nice. I had a broken M motor once and LEGO sent a replacement and all they asked for was to return the broken one for testing/diagnosis/post mortem pretty please.
  5. S.I

    Lego GBC Double Gear Module

    Looks like a drunken sailor, but I like how well it synchronizes =)
  6. If they are introducing some sort of new system,. maybe they are worried about the existing version being less attractive.
  7. I have seen 42070 for 170-190 fairly regularly on amazon.de / kaufhof / karstadt. This year I'm going to wait before buying the sets, none of them look so appealing that I want them now and not when they are on sale. Others like the bulldozer, excavater, and unimog I couldn't wait.
  8. It would be nice if there was a big surprise lurking under the tree this year. (Watching the various BBC specials with friends is always a nice thing to do at Christmas)
  9. S.I

    Rainbow Wave GBC

    I really like the look of this !
  10. I picked up three mostly complete 8446 sets for 50-60 euros each 3 or 4 years ago... the big tires are unique, but they are also really really heavy. Ended up with a complete A and B model and a small pile of spares. Right now I'm not really looking for any technic sets, I have just about every studless set and a few studded sets (such as the space shuttle). I do regret not buying 2 41999s because I haven't been able to justify opening the one copy I did buy with the insane resale prices, but that doesn't count.
  11. S.I

    Mechanical Chain Counter

    Just because numbers written differently doesn't mean numerals are easier to read in the wrong order.
  12. I'm still hoping for a secret awesome 40th anniversary set.
  13. I was gone a week on a trip, come back, and I won! Yay! Thanks for organizing this CopMike!
  14. I always wake up in the winter and see the snow covered bushes outside my windows and enjoy looking at them, before actually having to get up and walk / ride to work through the cold.
  15. Well, if nobody wants em I'll dump em at the local fleamarket.