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  1. BaneShake

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I've finally managed to pick up all the CMFs except four: Bat-Mite, Huntress, Sinestro (who is being a real pain in the foot to feel for vs Simon), and Bumblebee. Anyone have any tips for finding Sinestro (i.e. where in the box his bags tend to be, feeling his hair, etc.)?
  2. BaneShake

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm not really digging the set, although I will admit, at least the helicopter looks like it could be used for display with other themes as well. Probably the best Black Widow 'fig we've gotten, but Taskmaster looks pretty dull (not really Lego's fault here). That Quad build is absolute garbage.
  3. BaneShake

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    One of my local Walmarts finally stocked the CMFs, but they only had a few out. Bizarrely, after feeling, there were only two Superman, two Metamorpho, and two Stargirl currently out, so I at least grabbed one of each. Sadly, none of my main man Jay. Nicely, though, they were out for the cheap price like before.
  4. BaneShake

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    My dumb local Walmart still has practically nothing new, including the CMFs. Now Walmart’s website is showing $5 on them for me, so I may have missed the opportunity to get them cheaper since local stores never stock Lego on schedule.
  5. BaneShake

    "Yellow-ifying" licensed minifigures

    This is an old photo of mine, but I played around with making a "classic" Superman based on A) Classic Yellow, and B) his younger days Tee-shirt and jeans combo he did in Grant Morrison's Action Comics.
  6. Marketing, fluctuations in prices of raw materials, import/export costs and tariffs, calculating cost vs risk when looking at similar lines such as TLBM CMFs, and such all come to mind. Remember, TLG is a company operating on a MASSIVE scale across the world, and has to have such in-depth considerations that we would never be able to consider them all. Does it suck to have to pay more for these? Yes. But, if we aren't paying more for these, there's such a high chance we wouldn't even have these at all.
  7. Superman's normal face is nice. I'm still surprised I never saw anyone leak his normal face.
  8. It's been almost three years since I made a Brickfilm, and I was legitimately missing it. After several false starts on projects that never took off this year, I have finally made a new film. Enjoy!
  10. You didn't even accuse anyone else of this and I honestly feel so attacked right now.
  11. That's very plausibly Vicki Vale. It looks a lot like her dress from significant scenes in the 1989 movie.
  12. Bat-mite looks like his classic self, which is exactly what he was supposed to be, so I'm satisfied. Joker looks spot-on for TDKR. Definitely glad for the leg printing, and just want to point out that he most definitely was selling poisoned cotton candy in the story, making this our official darkest Easter Egg in the series. Superman's muscle shading is a little odd. I'll need to see better pics before I'm completely sold on it.
  13. Jay Garrick is my favorite Flash, so I'm highly pumped for this figure. With Bat-mite in tow, I am amused how Batman keeps getting his versions of villains based on Superman villains wide-released before Superman's original version (Bat-mite to Mr. Mxysptlk and Batzarro to Bizarro a few years back). TDKR Joker sounds interesting, too, as it is going to be very distinct from our previous Mistah Js. And, of course, a new Superman variant is quite appealing. While it is a shame we don't get a first appearance look, he also hasn't gotten a modern comic look yet, so this is honestly my current preference, as Superman is more likely than anyone else to get his original look than just about anyone.
  14. I'm okay with Mechs only if they get us new versions of characters, or new characters altogether. Minifig scale versions of former bigfigs, like Darkseid or Killer Croc, would be nice. A Polka-Dot Man mech would obviously be ideal. All things considered, though, I don't expect DC mechs. Unlike Mighty Micros, where we knew about both companies getting them simultaneously, we've only heard of Marvel's side, and I suspect they wouldn't stagger a smaller range like this less than 6 months to a year apart, since small items seem to be restocked frequently.
  15. Oh my god. I absolutely need to see a Seppuku Syndicate series out of DC now. Hold on while I go phone Geoff Johns.