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  1. I've always thought that it is because most people can only afford to have one system and people like to think that the choice they made is the correct one. Until the most recent updates,XBox One and Playstation4, we have always purchased one of each, just spaced them out by a year at a time. This time only Playstation 4, and A New 3DS for each person. We always have Nintendo products-they are the only ones that I can play and I do the budget.
  2. Richila

    Lego Elves 2016

    I love the minidolls. I use Legos to play with my Micro ball jointed doll and regular minifigures make her look like a giant. I particularly enjoy playtime with my granddaughter. She recognizes minidolls as dolls. Her favorite minidolls are the Elves, so far.
  3. Richila

    Elves 2015

    Everyone building does not have spatial intelligence. I have trouble seeing the spacing unless I count the studs. As I become more familiar with building, I hope to have a lot less issues. I bought my first set of Lego for me after the Lego Movie came out.
  4. Richila

    Meet the Dark Elves!

    This is so much fun! Good Work!
  5. Richila

    Elves 2015

    I agree! It was fun and makes me smile when i see it on my play mat.
  6. Richila

    Elves 2015

    I have mine and haven't had time to build it- stupid real life and being an adult. Maybe this weekend....
  7. Richila

    LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    The interior of the Tardis is the most important part to me. I have plans! I am horrible at MOC's and have needed a Tardis for ages.
  8. Richila

    LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    Aaaarrrrggghhh! It should be September 1st somewhere!
  9. Richila

    Lego Elves 2016

    I need Dragons!
  10. Richila

    Elves 2015

    I finally get to order my set tomorrow. It's my birthday present to me.
  11. Richila

    Elves 2015

    Has anyone gotten the castle yet?
  12. Richila

    Elves 2015

    Thank you Anachir!
  13. Richila

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I know we are getting the game, just have to decide the platform.