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  1. Getting annoyed with the nonsensical debate leading to nowhere, Addok-Zo lets out a sigh. "We should get going."
  2. Addok-Zo nods in agreement to Vindsval. "No, I completely agree with you here. You can't take down a giant without crippling the legs first. We should utilize all advantages as possible."
  3. "Awesome! I think you should - no one dies and we make this a swift job!" He then turns to the rest of the heroes. "What do you guys think?"
  4. "Nevermind." Addok-Zo scowls at him in disgust. He equips his newly acquired Protective Helmet. "Say... Ezeran, buddy! You can sprout plants with your magic, right? Are you able to conjure up one of those plants that makes you have bad diarrhea if you consume it or makes you sleepy?" He then turns to Vindsval. "Didn't you play around with poisons and other tonics a while back? Are you able to make something using the local flora or... unsavory ingredients?"
  5. "Aye. If we can't fight with words, we do it the old fashioned way." Addok-Zo nods. He then turns to the Warden, "I don't suppose you have any armor to spare, something better than the typical leather tunic?"
  6. Addok-Zo sighs. "Why not use the painting as a bargaining chip or something? Surely he'd pay a fortune to get it back... or we give him a fake version of the painting." "My only problem with that is the reason behind it. Wouldn't it raise suspicion if you just waltz on over to their place and offer your services out of the blue? After killing off several of his guards, he's sure to hire a few mercenaries to look into it or increase security."
  7. Addok-Zo rolls his eyes at Vindsval's holy-warrior banter and cringes at Petaldan's suggestion. He then directs his attention to Vindsval again. "So what's the plan, chief? We go in and steal some magical painting?"
  8. AG2 Prologue

    Is there a verdict on new game mechanics as well as changes?
  9. Standing between all the bickering amongst his companions, Addok-Zo is unsure of who to side with. He respects the fact that Ezeran apologized and realized what he had done was too ambitious and dangerous. On the other hand, he agrees with Vindsval that the sorcerer put them at risk and put us in a situation to kill some presumably innocent men. Despite all this, he tries to remain neutral and not add fuel to the fire. "We should move fast, this smoke's not gonna last forever."
  10. Terrified but also intrigued by the half-giant's anger, Addok-Zo slightly raises his brow. Inspecting the large man's mechanical arm as its racket grows louder. He then peers at his own arm, inspecting it as if he had never seen it before. He then finally looks at Vindsval's face. For someone who looks so dangerous, he has the wits of a noble man. He Addok-Zo thinks to himself - that is no monster. Finally he clears his throat, "And how about the guy in the cell... Galedo?"
  11. "Understandable. The world is a harsh, unforgiving place... especially for a child in this line of work." He then peers down at the kid. "Sometimes, you have to do bad things to keep others safe. Hesitation and self-doubt will you get you and your friends killed."
  12. Noticing that the sorcerer apologizes for his actions, Addok-Zo responds. "Just... be more careful next time, yeah?" He then tries to pry the helmet off the dead jailer.
  13. OoC: Since I did not attack anyone last round, I will focus on Guard 2 unless you prefer I target someone else. Addok-Zo shoots Guard 2 from the Back Row.
  14. Angered by the wizard's bigotry, Addok-Zo snaps back. "Shut it, wizard! We wouldn't be in this mess had you thought rationally. Fool." "Then we can't save Galedo. If we leave, he stays locked up and the security intensifies... or they just kill him."