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  1. Mine is at home, after only a few thousand miles of travel... .. First mission I think will be to split all the bags into ziplocks, copy the parts list and check it all off, seeing as it could be some time before I build it.. I can report that not only was the picture box in perfect nick, but so was the outer box... and the outer box was packed into a two sectioned box with air-bag packaging and handles... so kudo to Lego, although I was a bit concerned not having signature required on on a $1500 item. I was starting to worry and think I should have paid an extra couple of hundred at checkout for the express freight which I imagine would have been sig... but the buggers often ignore that and self sign anyway..
  2. Mine arrived at our rental house, where my mrs' son and daughter in law to be live. (getting packages to our rural address is a pain)... Funnily enough, the mrs had to take them to hospital as their baby daughter had just been born in their dining room.. , Fortunately their flat-mate who shares the place with them was home.. Seems right to name the Falcon after their daughter, as the name works for the ship (I think at least) ... although the lego delivery will be heavier than the baby delivery..
  3. My shipping status hasn't changed since it made it in to Auckland... and I've realised there is no 'signature required' for it. Yet another reason why I think I'll stick to getting my lego either shipped from Mighty Ape, or bought locally from Toyworld.. Mighty Ape reinforce their packing, and I can request a package not to be left unattended and still not pay anything for shipping. I'm not a great fan of having parcels delivered by the Post Service..
  4. NZ... the tracking number even now appears on NZ Post as well
  5. Mine has finally made it into the country and past customs, after being one of the early successful online purchases... A good sign..
  6. You think that's a painful wait. At this stage I don't know when I'll be able to make mine... could be months, could even be a few years depending on how much of a stalemate the mrs and I have on the matter.. Quick summary of our situation. We currently own our own house (well two if you count her old place, but we'll never move back to that house). Fairly typical 200m2 4 bedroom home. And I have a plan in mind for setting up the least sun exposed of the 3 small bedrooms one day.. But the kicker is, we don't live in it. My work provides me with a rent/power free house to live in, so we rent our place out trying to shorten the mortgage. But the other kicker is, it is a pretty modest 3 bedroom place probably not much more than 100m2. I'm struggling to find places to display even the snowspeeder I just built, and each new sixth scale Hot Toy figure I buy. With two new young kittens also in the mix, I'm just not sure where and how I can find the space to assemble it... .. But there was no way I was going to miss out. So, I'm thinking at least, if it was like the 07 model, I can at least take some pleasure in sorting the peices out.. for the time being.
  7. I'm wondering about the customs charges here myself now too. I buy a few Hot Toys and quarter scale statues, and usually if it's over 500 I get stung. The only quarter scale HT Iron Man figure I've bought cost me an extra couple of hundred for them to release.
  8. Likewise.. International Post can be a drag. I've had CDs take a couple of weeks from Aus, and much longer than that from Amazon. I was given a 3 day freight option with the MF, but the price was pretty high. I agree, but then in saying that, we have friends who buy through a single account who were talking about getting one each. And until I created an account we had talked in the past at home of asking them to order certain UCS from Lego for me.
  9. I was lucky. It was early evening here and the site was one of many I had open, and I was periodically refreshing it, and wham it came up showing "add to cart" and my whole checkout process worked perfectly. Woke up this morning to finally get the very slow Lego confirmation email. And.. Toyworld is my goto place usually. The staff that remember you even know to adult UCS builders that little details like mint boxes are important. Mighty Ape are also good because of their specials and they pack well.. Don't think I'll be queuing up for the new iPhones, but the X is a nice looking phone, albeit an expensive unit..
  10. Same. If I check the site in another browser not logged in it still says Coming Soon on 1 October. Is the stock that is Sold Out, just the early numbers for VIP access?
  11. If it doesn't, they better reimburse my credit card...
  12. Yep.. getting the same "In Warehouse" to the order status, and it's on backorder when you look at it in the Wishlist... a bit like trying to get tickets for the last World Tour that The Eagles did.. probably with equally bad scalping afterwards too.
  13. Can't believe when the orange box refreshed I took ten seconds to check with the mrs... "Do I or don't I?"
  14. No email confirmation yet, but my credit card shows the transaction pending... so that's a step in the right direction :D
  15. I had the checkout option of express delivery in about 3 days, for an extra hundred and something :O .. I'll stick to the free 9-10 delivery thanks..