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  1. RexExLiberi

    [WIP] [UCS] Zeta-Class Cargo Shuttle

    To be honest I would love to stick to the first version, I really like the idea that the cargo can be dropped off, it makes much more sense to me this way as a design. On the other hand I would like to make it accurate and the first version just doesn't allow for the interior seen in the movie.. It's a tough call, I'll have to think about it.. that said, I'm leaning towards the latter at the moment.
  2. RexExLiberi

    [WIP] [UCS] Zeta-Class Cargo Shuttle

    Oops sorry! Got it now thanks
  3. RexExLiberi

    [WIP] [UCS] Zeta-Class Cargo Shuttle

    I apologise maybe I have not made myself clear in my previous post, but the two images show completely different structures: The first one shows the that the cargo section (orange) is detachable and therefore separate from the interior of the ship, while the second image clearly show that the interior of the ship extends inside the cargo area meaning that the two images are incompatible... I was simply wondering which one of the two you were planning/have already followed with your model.
  4. RexExLiberi

    [WIP] [UCS] Zeta-Class Cargo Shuttle

    Loved the ship in the movie and can't wait to see your model complete! Actually I am also planning to give this a shot.. Out of curiosity are you basing yours off this version: or this version: