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  1. I think those parts comes from the original LGEO library. They have not been made by me. It is not impossible that some issues exists. You need manually correct the parts or wait until someone correct them.
  2. Brickheadz / 41593 - Captain Jack Sparrow 41593 Errors: None Brickheadz / 41594 - Captain Armando Salazar 41594 Errors: None Brickheadz / 41595 - Belle 41595 Errors: None 41596 - Beast 41596 Errors: None
  3. Yes, you have to copy the parts and the xml file where they should be, and overwrite when prompt. Be aware that if you overwrite the lg_defs.inc file of the AIOI by mine, you might get some trouble with some parts. To avoid this, you’de better edit your existing lg_defs files and add the two statements written on the very first post of this topic. I’m still working to integrate this package to the AIOI to avoid all this unfriendly steps. Let me know if you get some trouble.
  4. What don’t you understand? I can help.
  5. Update: 2018/02/05 Download link on first page. 11209: Tyre 10/32 x 14 11291: Wedge 3 x 4 x 0.666 Cutout 18977: Tyre 11.2/28 x 17.6 Intermediate 2431pz2: Tile 1 x 4 with Black Lines and Medium Azure and White Half Circle Pattern 2431pz3: Tile 1 x 4 with Black Moustache Pattern 25214: Cylinder 2 x 2 Elbow with Axle Holes 2530: Minifig Sword Cutlass 30028: Tyre 8/40 x 8 Slick Smooth 30031: 30031: Minifig Handlebars 3004pz1: Brick 1 x 2 with Collar and Tan Skin Pattern 3010pz4: Brick 1 x 4 with 3 Dark Red Vertical Stripes Pattern 3010pz5: Brick 1 x 4 with Silver Star and 2 Belt Buckles Pattern 3010pz6: Brick 1 x 4 with Black Pectoral Muscles Pattern 3010pz7: Brick 1 x 4 with Black Abdominal Muscles Pattern 3069bpz0: Tile 1 x 2 with Black Lines and Medium Azure and White Circles Pattern 3069bpz1: Tile 1 x 2 with Silver Rectangles and Medium Azure Trapezoid Pattern 3069bpz2: Tile 1 x 2 with 3 Dark Red Waves Pattern 3070bp00: Tile 1 x 1 with White Top Square Pattern 3176: Plate 3 x 2 with Hole 32014: Technic Angle Connector #6 (90 degree) 32015: Technic Angle Connector #5 (112.5 degree) 32016: Technic Angle Connector #3 (157.5 degree) 32034: Technic Angle Connector #2 (180 degree) 32192: Technic Angle Connector #4 (135 degree) 3245a: Brick 1 x 2 x 2 3245b: Brick 1 x 2 x 2 with Inside Axleholder 3245c: Brick 1 x 2 x 2 without Understud 3245cpz0: Brick 1 x 2 x 2 without Understud with Black, Silver and Red Jacket Pattern 3299: Slope Brick 33 2 x 4 Double 3622pz0: Brick 1 x 3 with Dark Red Lines, Brown Belt and Dark Nougat Buckle Pattern 3749: Technic Axle Pin 40379: Animal Tail Section End 4083: Bar 1 x 4 x 2 with Studs 42446: Bracket 1 x 1 - 1 x 1 43720: Wedge 4 x 2 Sloped Right 43721: Wedge 4 x 2 Sloped Left 43857: Technic Beam 2 50946: Car Grille 2 x 2.5 x 3 with Sloped Front 6005: Arch 1 x 3 x 2 with Curved Top 62360: Windscreen 3 x 6 x 1 Curved 6536: Technic Cross Block 1 x 2 (Axle/Pin) 6562: Technic Axle Pin 75902: Minifig Shield Round Bowed 75902p02: Minifig Shield Round Bowed with Bullseye with Star Pattern 87079pz1: Tile 2 x 4 with Groove with White "A" and 4 Black Lines Pattern 88930: Slope Brick Curved 2 x 4 with Underside Studs 88930pz0: Slope Brick Curved 2 x 4 with Black Line and Dark Red Rectangle Pattern
  6. While waiting of Lego to update LDD you would have learnt how to use the ldraw softwares...
  7. You should use ldview to make the screenshot, the image will be much better. It would be nicer for presenting your work.
  8. I've made your parts, you will see them on the next update..
  9. Nice to see people using it because there is not that much download on them...
  10. OK I will make the parts. Stay tuned.
  11. Hi, just give me part numbers you want, and I will model them for next update. Also, could you explain what problem you have with the existing ones ?
  12. Brickheadz / 41589 - Captain America 41589 Errors: None Brickheadz / 41590 - Iron Man 41590 Errors: None Brickheadz / 41591 - Black Widow 41591 Errors: None Brickheadz / 41592 - The Hulk 41592 Errors: None
  13. No worries, I didn't wrote that to you, or even to a particular person. I'm just tired to read people saying ldraw sucks only because they didn't even try to learn... About CCBS parts, all parts available in LDD have already been converted to a ldraw format, they only need (a lot of) cleaning to be officially released. But they are downloadable (http://digital-bricks.de). As those parts are quite complex, and as a few ldraw authors are working on those parts, it takes time to have them available. But it is still possible to add them one day.
  14. Have a look at my renders (in my flickr signature bellow). I wouldn't say they suck... Any renderer can suck if you don't know how to use it. I don't mean to get into this Lego softwares war but the OP was a bit rought with LDD, as other answers where with ldraw. As a ldraw user, I'd like to express my pov: Please, remember that ldraw is a brick library not a renderer. Hundreds of people have put energy to make ldraw what it is today, they deserve a bit of respect. Ldraw started more than 20 years ago and is still alive, I would not say the same for LDD. Mecabricks is quite new but maintained by a few amount of person (if not one), what if the team stop the development... So, yes ldraw is harder, yes ldraw seems complicated and yes ldraw is maybe not meant for beginners. But as soon as you learn the tools, start to author parts yourself, share them to the community, believe me a new lego world will open to you. PovRay is what it is : an outdated renderer, but it's free and quite simple to tweek if you are familiar with programming. Blender also have a ldraw importer, and you can even export ldraw to 3dsMax. Of course, if you want a straight forward soft to built and render: go for LDD or Mecabricks. But if you want to get involved more deeply in a digital lego community, get rid of closed softwares limits: go for ldraw.