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  1. Wow, thank you @gethema!!! That is a great improvement for the doors. I have choosen your solution to be included in Pimp up my Lamborghini v1.1, which I released today. Once working on pimping up the scissor doors, (and to be honest, the scissor doors are for sure one of THE iconic features of the Sian and many other Lamborghinis so far) I added some further MODs to the scissor doors to reinforce their link and guidance. As a result we now have smoothly working scissor doors, that do not wobble any more and stay in place, no matter if they are opened or closed, even if you turn the car upside down to show its nice internals from the bottom.
  2. v1.0 has been published on https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-46782/jb70/42115-pimp-up-my-lamborghini/ Thanks a lot to all of you for your contributions so far!
  3. I have now finished building instructions with v0.17: https://bricksafe.com/pages/jb70/42115-pimp-up-my-lamborghini And I tested all the new features in a real build. And I must say, I am very excited with the results! In my build the new gearbox and the V12 engine run smooth as butter. Even better and smarter to push the car in 1st gear compared to the Pimp up my Bugatti, although we have increased engine speed a little bit (14% more RPM as the Bugatti). @stevenhalim I am sorry, but also happy, that I could not confirm your test results with problems in 1st and 5th gear. If all the other gears run smooth in your build, there must be some problem in your build with the gears involved in 1st and 5th gear. You should check and maybe rebuild that section.
  4. Today I have finished building instructions until end of Box 4 and released v0.16: https://bricksafe.com/pages/jb70/42115-pimp-up-my-lamborghini This MOD has been included. Thanks a lot to @stevenhalim for this clever solution. We always like to reduce friction in any gearboxes, but in case of the rear spoiler I would like to increase friction. The stock design was not able to keep the spoiler in the uplifted position. It always went down a little, when handling and using the car. So this is my simple MOD to increase friction a bit to keep it in place. It is still working fluent to operate the spoiler lift mechanism by the handle before the passenger seat. According to the total gearbox ratio discussed between @stevenhalim and @Didumos69 please be patient. I would like to verify the results in a real build by myself, but that may take another 1 or 2 days. I am busy on finishing the building instructions and verify them step by step with my real build.
  5. Cool, I will change the black 6L axle to red, by that we also can leave out the red bush to avoid potential friction. And re-attach it to the front axle to cause some more friction? I think, we should leave the front axle as it is. Since the small visible grey part of the cardan shaft does not transmit any torque. This 9L-axle is a tricky part of the front axle. It was important for me, that you somehow can pull out the 9L axle before you disassemble the front axle from the chassis. If you don't, you need some brutal force and bend some beams to disassemble it. I will add a text in BI to "warn" the builder. I already suggested to add a 1L beam to the 2L axle sticking inside the top suspension arm. That would have a similar and "sustainable" effect. Can you test and compare it to the 4L lightsaber solution? Yes, I know about that. It was the same issue on the Porsche and Bugatti and every other Lego car, I know. I accepted that to be the Lego rule. To change it only in the Lamborghini would confuse me with my other cars. I am just building back the body and will compare it with my results in the next days. My test with the chassis only was fine also. From the theoretical point of view I do not see any negative issue by just adding weight to the car, unless the additional weight would really bend the structure too much to cause more friction.
  6. I found an easy MOD to be able to remove the seats without bending too much beams and to to easy attach them again. Just remove the dark bluish grey 4L axle with stop and you can easily remove the seat, because the 2nd attachment is now also a 3L axle holding the lime 3L beam. To reattach the seat, plug it into the 3L axle and then plug in the 4L axle with stop to finally fix it. This MOD and some bug fixes are part of v0.15. Fixed! v0.15 is now available with building instructions until page 131. There are no changes afterwards so far, so you may continue with TLG original instructions from that point. https://bricksafe.com/pages/jb70/42115-pimp-up-my-lamborghini
  7. Well observed! The black pin was left over from a previous design. I will delete it with the next release. Thanks for your review!
  8. I would prefer @stevenhalim's first idea for the additional window in the middle. It fits perfectly into the clean design of the underside giving an additional view inside on the "red" cardan shaft between front and rear axle, the yellow knob gears for the shifting mechanism and the 2 CV-transmissions for forward and reverse gear between gearbox and DNR-switch. So thank you @stevenhalim for this idea and a warm welcome to be part of the Pimp Up My Lamborghini project, now. I have updated v0.14 with this MOD, made some better fixing of the two 8t-gear-axles before the DNR switch and completed the digital model. So far the PDF building instructions only contain the chassis with all the MODs until somewhere in the middle of Box 3. There are no changes afterwards, so you may continue build with the original TLG instructions from that point. https://bricksafe.com/pages/jb70/42115-pimp-up-my-lamborghini I am still waiting on the new parts to be published on ldraw.org to complete building instructions and finally publish this MOD on rebrickable.com.
  9. Well spotted and thank you for your review and close look! 4 eyes do see more than 2 eyes. I found the part and will fixed it within the next release. The gear rack limiter is indeed that simple, works also in the stock build. Your solution would also work, but not such a clean build. So I invested the two additional pins.
  10. I have pimped up the front axle and included this in v0.13 with MPD and PDF instructions: https://bricksafe.com/pages/jb70/42115-pimp-up-my-lamborghini The front axle has been optimized with Ackermann steering based on the design of Didumos69 with 6L steering links moving parallel to the 6L suspension arms reinforced front axle to better keep the huge powers of the pushrod suspension leaving out the broken (and therefore useless) white 4L bars giving even more clearance of the front axle added gear rack limiters to avoid grinding of the rims to the steering arms when steering is fully inclined. That leads to a slightly bigger turning radius of the car, but is still OK and somewhere in the middle between the Porsche and even better as the also 4WD driven Bugatti.
  11. @DataNinja, so far I only have 80% of the build (Box 1-4) in my digital model. So would be difficult to compare. It's better to wait a few days until I finished the digital build. Then I will publish the MOD with part list on rebrickable. @Didumos69, due to my tests in real life It should be in the correct (lower) position for 1st gear in version 0.12. It is already in stock position now, the same as in your pics above. I had it in the upper position in an earlier version (v0.9) in the last days, and corrected it with v0.10.
  12. I think I am finished now with pimping up the gearbox and drive train. I have build and tested it on a real model. Now everything is buildable. The pimped up Lamborghini looks and works very smooth. MPD and PDF building instructions v0.12 are ready for download. Maybe we have the most compact sequential 8+R gearbox with central differential for 4WD and 8-1-gear-block ever designed with LEGO technic. Many thanks to @Didumos69! It works very efficient and looks beautiful in the car: @astyanax Thank you for your review. I have corrected this. Next I will focus on pimping up the front axle. Didumos Ackermann geometry is a good starting point for that: I noticed that the original steering has a little Toe-Out-effect: The wheels are pointing slightly outwards, because the 9L steering links are not parallel to the 6L suspension arms. Another issue are the white 4L bars sticking inside the suspension arms: I think they should limit the suspension from fully extracting. Maybe to lower the front axle compared a bit compared to the rear axle to give the car a more sporty look. But they both suffered their job after only 2,5 weeks mostly standing still without heavy motion. They bended clearly visible under the load of the suspension and are already cracked a little bit. I think, we can leave them out. They don't work anyway. If the front needs to be lowered, we could add a 1L beam to the 3L axle inside the suspension arms.
  13. In the last days I have build the Pimp up my Lamborghini Project in a real model. To be able to build it efficiently I created building instructions for myself and optimized them while building it so far. I changed many small things on the way to go to make it work and satisfy myself (change sequence in the building instructions, modify some colors to get a clean build, optimizing some parts, etc.). Main technical change was in the Hand-Of-God shifting. I added two gear meshes to gear it down. Now the gear indicator only turns about 225 degrees between 1st and 8th gear. In my first solution with the knob gears it turned twice from 1st to 8th gear. On page 95 the chassis with all the technical features for drive, gearbox and steering have been finished making it ready for a TEST DRIVE. I am very satisfied with my TEST DRIVE. All modified features (Gearbox, HOG steering and shifting) work very smart and smooth. If you like, take a look at the digital model (MPD) and building instructions (PDF) so far. The project is still WORK-IN-PROGRESS, but I will upload regular updates on this page: https://bricksafe.com/pages/jb70/42115-pimp-up-my-lamborghini @Didumos69 You really managed it to get all the gears inside the frame? - That's very cool!!! I will have a look on this, test it in my real build and will give feedback to you!
  14. Great work, @Didumos69! That is a very ingenious idea with the inverter. The most compact solution to change direction of the reverse gear. And swapping the DNR gives us more space to connect the reverse gear on the passenger side without colliding with the paddle shifter. Very clever!
  15. The "Pimp up my Lamborghini" project is making progress. Today I reached my second goal: Adding HOG steering! And I also added HOG shifting! Which also works as a gear indicator on the dashboard. By the way I also reversed the paddle shifter, so now you will shift up, when you pull the right paddle towards the driver and shift down, when you pull the left paddle. And another small improvement: Secure the two 2L-liftarms on top of the paddle shifters with two 3L-axles with end stop. I found a loose 2L-liftarm in my Lamborghini at first not knowing where it fell off. After a few days I recognized, they easy fell off from the paddle shifter, if you "pull" them . The gearbox has also been further improved thanks to the very valuable input from @Didumos69. The gear sequences kept the same, but we shifted some axles and gears to make it beautiful symmetrical: And I included the "Removable cylinder head cover" from @DataNinja: So far my digital build only contains Box 1-3. Box 4-6 are still missing and will take some days to complete. And it has not been tested so far in a real build. But, if you are interested in my daily work-in-progress, you will find some regular updates under this link: https://bricksafe.com/files/jb70/42115-pimp-up-my-lamborghini/42115 Pimp up my Lamborghini.mpd