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  1. Pimp up my Ferrari v1.0 has been released on https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-121753/jb70/42143-pimp-up-my-ferrari/#details.
  2. With Pimp up my Ferrari v0.7 I made a few more improvements: Spring-loaded Doors By adding a technic shock absorber the wing doors are now better fixed to keep in either closed or open state. This allows to remove several friction pins in the door mechanism and replace them by non-friction pins or axles. The complete door mechanism works much smoother, now. You can open the door either manually or by pushing the yellow levers underneath the hood. By adding a simple grey 1x1 round tile on top of a technic 1/2 pin the door is now fixed in closed state and allows the moving-to-the-side-part of the door to come back into closed position without colliding with chassis. Foldable Roof Many Thanx to @zonoskar for this cool MOD. I just made minimal changes like adding a technic axle in the middle, adding some 1/2 pins to keep the roof stable in unfolded position and modified the holders on top of the windscreen to keep in black. Some pictures with more details: Here are the links to the PDF instructions and MPD digital model, if you are interested in more details: https://bricksafe.com/files/jb70/42143-pimp-up-my-ferrari/pics/v0.7/42143 - Pimp up my Ferrari_BOOK1.pdf https://bricksafe.com/files/jb70/42143-pimp-up-my-ferrari/pics/v0.7/42143 - Pimp up my Ferrari_BOOK2.pdf https://bricksafe.com/files/jb70/42143-pimp-up-my-ferrari/pics/v0.7/42143 - Pimp up my Ferrari.mpd I am now finalizing release v1.0 to be published on rebrickable.com in the next days.
  3. I have finally completed the building instructions with Pimp up my Ferrari v0.6. There are no more MODs compared to v0.5, so far. Here are the links to the PDF instructions and MPD digital model, if you are interested in more details: https://bricksafe.com/files/jb70/42143-pimp-up-my-ferrari/pics/v0.6/42143 - Pimp up my Ferrari_BOOK1.pdf https://bricksafe.com/files/jb70/42143-pimp-up-my-ferrari/pics/v0.6/42143 - Pimp up my Ferrari_BOOK2.pdf https://bricksafe.com/files/jb70/42143-pimp-up-my-ferrari/pics/v0.6/42143 - Pimp up my Ferrari.mpd
  4. With Pimp up my Ferrari v0.5 I made a few more improvements: An easy removable engine cover with just 3 different parts. Replace 2 blue axle pins by 2 red 2L axles and replace the orange 3L pin with bush by a black 2L pin (stays in the engine when the cover is removed). Now you can easily remove and reattach the engine cover, if you like to see the V12 cylinders working. An very simple but effective MOD on the levers that should hold the rear hood open. Replace the 2 black 2L pins and 1L beams by 2 black ball pins. Now the hood really stays open, until you want to close it. I replaced the yellow 7L axle under the rear hood by a gray one, better fitting to the gray frame around the engine window. Thanks @jbuccino for your review. This has been fixed in v0.5. And finally the PDF instructions have been completed until the end of box 2. This is about 2/3 of the complete build. A few pictures with the latest MODs: Here are the links to the PDF instructions and MPD digital model, if you are interested in more details: https://bricksafe.com/files/jb70/42143-pimp-up-my-ferrari/pics/v0.5/42143 - Pimp up my Ferrari_BOOK1.pdf https://bricksafe.com/files/jb70/42143-pimp-up-my-ferrari/pics/v0.5/42143 - Pimp up my Ferrari_BOOK2.pdf https://bricksafe.com/files/jb70/42143-pimp-up-my-ferrari/pics/v0.5/42143 - Pimp up my Ferrari.mpd
  5. We have a foldable roof instead of a bag to place in the frunk.
  6. With Pimp up my Ferrari v0.4 I made some more improvements: PDF building instructions are now available until end of Box 1. That is about 1/3 of the complete build, but containing all the technical mods and the chassis is ready to drive in that stage. Modified car bottom with some nice open windows, that give a clear look to all relevant technic features inside. Some color changes as well for a clean look. Optimized geartrain: The first gear mesh between differential and gearbox has been reduced from 24/8 to 20/12. Instead the last gear mesh between DNR box and the engine has been speeded up from 20/12 to 24/8. So the final speed of the engine keeps the same, but the gearbox itself runs slower and produces less friction. Some joints between gearbox and DNR needed to be modified as well to allow free run of the new 24t gear behind the DNR box. The knob gears of the gearbox have been swapped, so they do not collide with the U-Joints of the geartrain. The driver's steering wheel is geared down by 8/24 instead of 12/20 before. Some pictures with details: If you are interested in more details, have a closer look to the PDF or the digital model: https://bricksafe.com/files/jb70/42143-pimp-up-my-ferrari/pics/v0.4/42143 - Pimp up my Ferrari_150_DPI.pdf https://bricksafe.com/files/jb70/42143-pimp-up-my-ferrari/pics/v0.4/42143 - Pimp up my Ferrari.mpd Building instructions and part list are still Work in Progress. I am looking forward to include more MODs...
  7. After Pimping up the Gearbox I am proudly to present the next step in the "Pimp up my Ferrari" project: Slightly modified front axle with Ackermann Steering and better turning radius of the car and gear rack limiters HOG Steering HOG Gear Indicator and Gear Shifter HOG controls are integrated seamless both easy-to-use and nearly invisible into the original cockpit design. Some close-ups to the internals: If you are interested in more details, have a closer look to the digital models: https://bricksafe.com/files/jb70/42143-pimp-up-my-ferrari/pics/v0.2/42143 - Pimp up my Ferrari.mpd https://bricksafe.com/files/jb70/42143-pimp-up-my-ferrari/pics/v0.2/42143 - Pimp up my Ferrari - HOG.mpd Building instructions and part list are still Work in Progress. Also I am looking for some further MODs to be included... So please be inspired for your contributions to this Topic!
  8. I have submitted a OMR digital model of the original set to ldraw.org including all new parts: LDraw.org Discussion Forums › Models and Parts › Official Models > Technic 2022 > 42143 - Ferrari Daytona SP3 I will use this as a base to Pimp up my Ferrari. Who ever likes to use it for your own MOCS, please be free!
  9. @Urbal The next months I am busy with pimping up my 42143 Ferrari. So, whoever likes to try to adapt this compact gearbox to the Defender, just do it!
  10. I have started to pimp up the gearbox. The stock design of the gearbox in 42143 Ferrari is pretty much the same as in the 42115 Lamborghini. Same gear ratios, same design, same footprint. So It was very obvious to start copying the proven gearbox from 42115 Pimp up my Lamborghini in the Ferrari with only a few additional MODs. While the Lamborghini had 4WD drive, the Ferrari has 2WD drive on the rear axle only. So we get rid of the middle differential and keep using the middle axle to connect the reverse gear from the DNR switch to the gearbox. I made a direct connection from the rear axle to the front towards the gearbox, gearing it up with 24:8. So we do not need the gears behind the rear axle and do not need the axles below the differential giving us a free view from the bottom to the differential. Don't worry about the yellow gears in the differential. I faked them by using old gears, because the new gears are not yet available on ldraw.org. I needed to reverse the gearbox compared to the Lamborghini to have the connection between gearbox and DNR for "D" on the right hand side of the car to keep it close to the stock version. Note that the gears inside the DNR have been swapped (20/12 to 12/20) to get the same gear ratio for 1st gear and reverse. The over-all gear ratios from wheel to engine have been kept as in the proven 42115 Pimp up my Lamborghini. The design is comparable clean, compact and efficient: If you like to have a closer look, use these ldraw files: https://bricksafe.com/files/jb70/42143-pimp-up-my-ferrari/pics/v0.1/42143 - Pimp up my Ferrari.mpd https://bricksafe.com/files/jb70/42143-pimp-up-my-ferrari/pics/v0.1/42143 - Pimp up my Ferrari - geartrain.mpd By the way, with this new gearbox you do not need to swap gears in the paddle shifter. Pulling the right paddle will shift down per default, as used to be in a real car.
  11. Yes, i hope so! And I am already watching and listening to your ideas and contributions with curiosity. My Ferrari has been ordered just a few minutes after sales opening and has been shipped today. So I am looking forward to start building next week. I will first build it from stock and create a digital model in parallel. That may take a while. After that I will have a look how to pimp up HOG steering Optimized gearbox with HOG shifting and other things that need to be improved.
  12. You can use the download links in the 1.3.2 section for the 600 DPI. They have been updated to v1.4.
  13. I modified the front axle again. I moved the steering rack behind the front axle. This makes Ackermann geometry easier, because the connectors to the steering links can be moved inside instead of outwards. Some users reported the steering links may rub with the rims in my previous design. This cannot happen any more with the new design. The new front axle is included in MOC - 42110 Pimp up my Land Rover v1.4 on rebrickable.
  14. Pimp up my Titanic has been launched: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-110437/jb70/10294-pimp-up-my-titanic
  15. I am working on these MODs: Putting her on wheels Make her RC controlled with Powered UP controls and motors Needs min. 4 axles to carry the weight of near 10kg 1 straight axle in the front and 3 coordinated steering axles in the back, I think that would come close to a ship maneuvering in water The rudder shall move synchronized to the steering Propellers and steam engines are connected to the drive train and move according to the speed of the ship