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  1. Lord David

    [MOC] LEGO Olympic Torch

    Here's an Olympic Torch I made out of Lego. It's not based on any existing torch design, but in the general style of Olympic torches. At 38.1 cm, 47 approx Studs and around 220 grams, we're talking about one of the shortest and lightest torches in the history of the Olympics. The next Olympics will be the 2020 Summer Olympic Games held in Tokyo https://ideas.lego.com/projects/1db0eb3c-2f95-4403-b4d7-4971e364d14f
  2. Lord David

    Discussion: LEGO Architecture 2018

    I don't think Paris will have all of those landmarks. Just 6 or so will be fine. You can replace Notre Dame Cathedral with Centre Pompidou.
  3. Finally, after a couple of years they've accepted my Lego Idea. It's the Late Show with David Letterman. Please support. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/b2d20a00-ab3e-47ad-b77c-114dba01f013
  4. Lord David

    Discussion: LEGO Architecture 2018

    For Paris, I'm guessing: Eiffel Tower Arc d'Triomphe The Louvre La Defense Grand Arch Notre Dame Cathederal Tour Montparnasse San Francisco: Transamerica Pyramid Golden Gate Bridge A row of iconic houses What else?
  5. Nice, but is it possible to make it to the scale of the other Skyline sets, whilst still looking like their iconic buildings? Where 1 plate = 1 level? Is that even possible? I think that would be a neat challenge.
  6. Lord David

    Vote for your favourite Category Mega B entries

    46) Series 12 - Video Game Guy Entry (Build by Graham Gidman) 28) Series 13 - Classic King Entry (Build by durazno33) 67) Series 2 - Skier Entry (Build by Evillemur)
  7. "This inanimate Carbon Rod!" aka "In Rod We Trust!" I'm sure you are all familiar with this opening scene from the Simpsons episode "Deep Space Homer", episode number 96, or the 15th episode of Season 5. You got Mr. Burns on the balcony of his office in the Power Plant awarding the carbon rod with a medal, which Homer of course is outraged because a mere object got one before he did. Thus, he is doing his "I'll show you inanimate!" pose on the grounds of the car park. The primary Collectible Minifigure character used here is of course Charles Montgomery Burns... or was it the inanimate carbon rod?
  8. Lord David

    Eurobricks Mega Building LEGO CMFs Contest 2016

    I think it's simple enough. Category A is a vignette intended for a Series 15 minifigure but you are not allowed to use the minifigure in it. You can still use past minifigures etc.as background characters. Category B is a vignette for past CMF Series minifigures and the other special edition ones mentioned, where you must use your intended minifigure in your entry. You can use other CMF's, but they may only serve as background characters, one minifigure must clearly represent the entry.
  9. Lord David

    Eurobricks Mega Building LEGO CMFs Contest 2016

    Got my idea! Based on an existing Collectible Minifigure I have in my collection! Just waiting for some specialty parts to come in. Which is why digital designs are not allowed. If I have to source for specific parts I currently don't have to make my entry perfect, then so should the rest of you.
  10. Lord David

    Eurobricks Mega Building LEGO CMFs Contest 2016

    For category Mega B, are we allowed to use non collectible minifigures, provided our collectible minifigure is present?
  11. A definite must! But should I get 2? I'd like to get one just to have mint and sealed. But if I were to build one...
  12. Lord David

    MOC: Medieval Market Village Diorama

    Look, Superman's in the background@ But seriously, this is a cool MOC.
  13. Lord David

    Sith Infiltration Battle Pack

    As much as I would like to add a non human Sith, I'm afraid I have no alien SW parts other than Jar Jar! Would you like a Gungan Sith? :P
  14. Lord David

    Sith Infiltration Battle Pack

    Sith Infiltration Battle Pack Well the reason I wanted to make this was due to the fact that there are no current basic Sith/Jedi battle packs out there. This is a nice change of pace from the standard army style battle packs by giving us faceless and nameless Sith to battle out the Jedi. Welcome to the Dark Side of the Force! Join the Sith in their relentless quest to rid the known universe of the Jedi Scum. The Sith Lord's Speeder Bike is ready for action, as are his loyal Sith Knights. Join the Dark Side and use it's power for the greater evil. Set name: Sith Infiltration Battle Pack Set number: 3666 Theme: Star Wars Release Date: 2009 Price: Whatever the RRP is in your country ($19.99 AUD here) Pieces: 55 (Speeder - 47, Accessories - 8) Minifigs: 4 Well that's all, perhaps I'll add more pics later, but this seems sufficient for now.
  15. Lord David

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    I have a question. Are the new battle packs really 442 pieces? Or is that just a typo? It seems awfully a lot for what essentially should be similarly priced as previous battle packs.